All things Tracy…

As a commited follower and a believer in the Tracy Anderson Method I know that after ploughing your way through all of her dvd’s time and time again, sometimes you just want a lil’ something to spice up your workout…

Below I have compiled all of the free Tracy Anderson videos and organised them into sections…Enjoy!!!

Dance Cardio

-Goop dance cardio-

-Treadmill workout-

Click here


-Goop Legs-

-Iron Man 2 Workout A-

-Iron Man 2 Workout B

-Butt and Thighs Webisode-


-Arm webisode-

-Goop Arms-


-V-Day Abs-


-Abs webisode-

Click Here


All Over Body Workouts

-Hamptons webisode-

Click Here

-10 minute workout-

-Towel Workout-

Click here

-Adidas Workout-

-Kitchen Arms (

Click Here

-Daily Candy Video-

Click Here

Nutrition Plans and Cleanses

How to Lose 20 Pounds in 6 Weeks-

Click Here

-Tracy’s Diet for Gwenyth-

Click Here

-4 Day Nutrient Boost-

Click Here

There are probably many more webisodes that I am yet to find, but I aim to add more as I they come up.  If you know of any that are missing please do not hesitate to comment or email me at:

Happy workout everyone! =D




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8 responses to “All things Tracy…

  1. WOW!! These are amazing!!! I haven’t quite watched all of them…but I already like what I see. Thanks for posting them…she rocks!

  2. I’ve never heard of Tracy Anderson! Looove me a cardio dance workout though 🙂

    • Megan you should give some of these webisodes a go as a kinda of taster. She doesn’t use typical rotations, which she believes bulks up the muscles. Her exercises work the “accessory” muscles or supporting muscles which pulls the major muscle groups in tight. The dance cardion is great…it really makes for a great workout.

  3. Love this! Thanks girl! =)

  4. Thank you so so very much for taking the time to post all these links & videos!!! That was so great of you for people like myself who want to purchase them but are hesitant. I have bought so many videos and didn’t care for them; moreover, I made a promise to myself I would no longer buy on impulse. On 3 different occasions I have gone to the gym disappointed that I made so many poor choices in my past purchases of fitness dvd’s that now I really really WANT Tracy’s and well thanks to you I can start some!!

All of your comments make me smile :-)

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