One Great Invention!

My boyfriend is watching the Manchester City v Juventus football match…totally hogging the television, so I thought I would blog about todays eats to save my sanity!

Breakfast consisted of Rude Health Museli  and TOTAL Greek Yoghurt (reviews pending!), mixed with a banana, honey and ground flax seeds… 

Lunch was left over Pumpkin Soup with two oatcakes and fruit.  I am totally obssessed with all things pumpkin at the moment and want to try some more adventurous recipes.  Any ideas people???

My afternoon snack was a very delicious 9-bar loaded with hemp and seeds with a refreshing mug of Lemon and Ginger tea courtesy of Tea Pigs.  I will be posting my reviews on these items very soon…PROMISE!

For dinner I challenged myself to try and use my TOTAL Greek Yoghurt stash as an ingredient in a savoury dish.  Usually I just use it as a topping for my fruit and soups or mixed with honey and granola for breakfast. 

So I took some chicken, olives, a green onion, smoked garlic, mint, tomatoes and cucumber, added some seasonings and came up with this…

…in came the 2% TOTAL Greek Yoghurt and a dash of chilli powder…

…and as its fall/autumn the obligatory sweet potato had to make an appearance…

It was totally thrown together but this genuine invention was dreamily good! 

What ingredients have you thrown together to make a fabulous dish?  Did you think it would taste good whilst in the process of making it?



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2 responses to “One Great Invention!

  1. I loveeeeee pumpkin so much! GO to and search pumpkin and there are thousands of great recipes! One of my favorites is the pumpkin loaf (which is on my blog) and the pumpkin soufflee!

    Thanks also Jemma for reaching out to me on my blog. It is so nice to have the support. That was so VERY kind of you! =)

All of your comments make me smile :-)

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