TOTAL Greek Yoghurt Review

A little while ago the very generous people at TOTAL Greek Yoghurt, sent be a huge selection of their delicious range to review.  This included 2 large cartons each of 0%, 2% and full fat greek yoghurt,  and a few 200g cartons of full fat and 0% greek yoghurt with honey.

All the yoghurts in the range are so versatile and I used them in many different ways:

with banana, almond butter and Rude Health Granola

Very Berry Hot Oats Smoothie

Cinnamon Berry Oats

Chicken and Olive Salad

with apples, strawberries, Rude Health Granola and almond butter

Pumpkin Soup

mixed with a banana and Rude Health Museli

Spiced Pumpkin Cookies

Quinoa and Roasted Vegetable Risotto

simply as a snack

 There are also a lot of recipes listed for you to try on their site.

The yoghurts are made from cow’s milk and live active cultures and contain no aadditives.  I have never tried the full fat or 2% versions of the yoghurt as I am always immeadiately drawn to the low fat 0% variety.  Nutrtionally the full fat version is a  is a little high in saturated fat for me (contains 7.9g of saturated fat per 100g) and is 130 cals per 100g.   Although high in saturated fat this yoghurt is beautifully rich and creamy and would great for cooking and baking as an alternative to cream. 

I think I will continue to buy the 0% fat version, which only contains 52 cals per 100g.  The fact that is fat-free is a major bonus.  With like other yoghurts that I have tried in the past fat-free usually means a massive compromise on the taste and the quality of the product, but not here.  I may still purchase a 200g snack pot of the full fat or 2% variety for baking or cooking as the higher fat content ensures that it will not split.

These yoghurts are available nationwide and I habe seen them in all the major supermarkets.  They are a little expensive as I have recently bought a 500g pot of 0% TOTAL Greek Yoghurt for £2.86, which was on promotion.  Irrespective of price this probably the best Greek Yoghurt available outside the Greek Islands. 

What is your favourite way to eat TOTAL Greek Yoghurt? 



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6 responses to “TOTAL Greek Yoghurt Review

  1. Ah I miss Greek Yogurt! It’s so tangy and yummy! My favorite was the 0% plain one, mixed with a packet of truvia, blueberries and granola. YUM!

  2. I am obsessed with greek yogurt. You can use it for anything. I’ve always heard you can use it for sour cream, by just adding salt. I heard its good, but I just cannot imagine doing that! Haha.

  3. Chesca

    All of this food looks great!

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