Fighting back!

Yesterday I felt really inspired and could empathise with Lisa’s post, especially in reference to the impact that celebrities and the media can have on our body image.

Do you love who is staring back at you in the mirror?

The fashion, movie and music industries and not forgetting the media, insist on bombarding our everyday lifes with celebrity diets, quick fixes and how they think we should look.  Their idealised visions are often unttainable for most and make us believe that our bodies are inadequate and need serious reconstrcution.

Many of the women posing on the front covers of magazines have been airbrushed and tweaked to an unfathomable extent.  We have to remember that these women are also real women.  Despite the jet set lifestyle and 24 hour glamour I’m sure they suffer from cellulite, gaining weight and days when they just don’t feel that good about themselves.

Women and girls around the world spend millions of pounds on magazines, diet pills, fashion and cosmetics all year round.  I’m not petitioning against the fashion industries or media at all.  Like many women I have invested a lot of time and money in these industries searching for some kind of release from my “inadequate self.”  What I do believe is that these industries cannot use untainable body images to sell their products without us fuelling the fire.

As beautiful and intelligent women, we can fight back!

Just be you and love you and remember to smile when your reflection is smiling back at you.

Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. ~Kahlil Gibran



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4 responses to “Fighting back!

  1. Chesca

    Love this post Jemma! It’s a shame that we all have to compare ourselves to celebrities…I’m guilty as charged.

  2. aw thanks Jemma for posting about my post!

    Its so hard these days to not compare ourselves, because were constantly bombarded with so many messages about diet and weight!

    You couldnt have put this better. WE NEED TO FIGHT BACK, no matter how much of a struggle it is!

  3. Well said! We have to view the media images we are bombarded with in a critical way and remember that these are being used to try and make us feel like we aren’t good enough when we are!

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