Vegetarian Enchiladas!

My run this morning was so much fun!  I tried out the high intensity interval method, whereby I alternated between jogging for 2 minutes, sprinting for 1 minute and then walking at a fast pace for 1 minute.  This was done over a 3 mile distance and boy did I feel it after.  I felt so much better after this run than if I had just ran at the same pace for the 3 miles.  My body was not at all tired.  I felt energized and ready to start the day! 🙂

High intensity training has some great benefits over conventional training.  Due to the high intensity level that your body is working at it means that you don’t have to work out for hours on end.  Also, the intensity of the workouts can enhance the rate of your metabolism for many hours after your workout.  The high intensity bursts are a little uncomfortable as you are pushing your body to near its limit, but recovery occurs during the lower intensity periods. 

After that awesome workout my body needed to refuel.  I was a little pushed for time so I quickly whipped up some banana and strawberry hot oats topped with almonds. 

Lunch was a healthy portion of the butternut squash and sweet potato soup that I made on Sunday.  Its simply roasted butternut squash blended with half a sweet potato and vegetable stock.   So so simple and so so tasty! 

I also munched on 2 Clementine’s and a small plum. Clementine’s have to be my favourite oranges.  Not only do they remind me that Christmas is on it’s way (big cheer!), but they are deliciously sweet and very easy to peel.  Peel-ability is important when eating an orange!  Sometimes it can be a workout just to get the skin off or maybe that’s just me?

In the afternoon I needed some brain fuel.  I snacked on some low fat cottage cheese (only 53 calories in 75g) topped with the Strawberries and Cream snack that I received in my Graze box this week. 

Dinner tonight consisted of vegetarian enchiladas made from three types of legume and using whole wheat tortillas.

First fry off onions, diced carrot, and a sliced red pepper in a little canola oil until tender.

Then add a selection of your favourite beans/legumes.  I used kidney beans, chick peas and edamame beans.

Next mix a jar of organic passata with some enchilada seasoning and stir half of the sauce into the the beans and vegetables.  Portion the mixture into whole wheat tortillas.

Roll up the tortillas and place into a non-stick or lightly greased baking tray.  Pour the remaining tomato sauce over the prepared tortilla wraps and top with grated cheese.

Cook in the oven at gas mark 5 until the cheese is melted and bubbling.

Enjoy! x



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5 responses to “Vegetarian Enchiladas!

  1. Great intervals, I love speedwork (and hate it at the same time)! I want to make enchiladas now.. I think I have the ingredients in too.. That might be my tea tomorrow night 🙂

  2. I love doing interval sessions – so much more effective than going at a steady pace, especially over a shorter distance like 3 miles – hence why I don’t mind the treadmill every so often! Your enchiladas look fab! I love the sound of all those beans – yum!

  3. OOOOOOO yummy day of eats x x

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