Zombie R’ Us

Hey guys!  I hope everyone is having a great evening.  I’m so happy it’s Friday tomorrow!  I have been really busy all week and today it has caught up with me.  The word zombie doesn’t even cover it, so this is going to be a very quick post of today’s eats so I can go and catch some Z’s.

After this morning’s interval workout I enjoyed a huge bowl of warm oats topped with cottage cheese, dates and the fantasy forest mix from my graze box. 

Lunch was just the remainder of the butternut squash and sweet potato soup along with two rice cakes topped with sunflower seed butter.  I have tried this butter once before and wasn’t too sure about it, but on the rice cakes it was actually quite delicious.

I then ate a really weird looking pear.  I have never seen this type of pear before so when I saw it I just had to buy a few.

Despite my curiosity it tasted just like an ordinary pear! 🙂

Later I snacked on some yummy hummus and raw cauliflower and carrots.

By the time I got home tonight I was way too tired to get creative in the kitchen so I decided to keep it basic and baked half a sweet potato topped with a mix of cottage cheese and tuna.

I was still starving after this so I made one of my favourite and healthy desserts…

Vanilla Tofu!!!! 🙂

I’m looking for ideas for more quick and healthy desserts like this.  What are your favourite healthy desserts?



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6 responses to “Zombie R’ Us

  1. I am a protein ice cream addict! x x

  2. Chesca

    I love your vanilla tofu dessert. I love Greek yoghurt topped with fruit and nuts.

  3. I’m with Tam on the protein ice cream! I also love chocolate avocado pudding, tofu pudding (I’m guessing just like your vanilla tofu but I use cocoa powder and peppermint or orange flavour), greek yoghurt, fruit, frozen berries blended with cocoa powder and a little non diary milk to make a chocolate berry sorbet, I could go on and on!

All of your comments make me smile :-)

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