Wednesday to Thursaday…

On Wednesday…

For breakfast I ate a huge bowl of warm vanilla oats topped with a few favourites of mine…

a chopped banana, macadamia nuts, cranberries, raisons and cocoa nibs.  Totally yummy!

Lunch consisted of a healthy salad made from spinach, shredded cabbage leaves, sweet cherry tomatoes, cucumber, adzuki and black eyed beans.  After the salad I also ate a pear and an orange. 

Snackage was a a cocoa orange Nakd bar minus the banana…old picture sorry!.  The Nakd bar tasted so unhealthy to eat with its rich chocolaty flavour, but of course it was the perfect low fat afternoon snack.  Delicious! 🙂

Left over’s are the best thing in the world.  So for dinner I had a bowl of my Red Lentil and Vegetable Stew.

For dessert I made was Pumpkin Tofu.

Its simply silken tofu blended with canned pumpkin.  I also topped mine with Rude Health Muesli and 2 melted 70% Green and Black’s dark chocolate.  This definitely my favourite tofu dessert so far!

In reference to the email that I received about psychologist Graham W. Price’s ability to make you loose weight.  I was so shocked and disappointed by this email.  I believe that it is true that you need motivation and resilience in your quest to loose weight as it is so much hard work.  What I don’t agree with is a qualified person using their power to prey on vulnerable individual’s to line their pockets.  In all honesty how can a psychologist you loose weight? 

Wednesday actually marked the start of my weekend.  I have Thursday and Friday off from university as my supervisor is away at a conference in San Diego and said I can take a few days off from my experiments.  I love long weekends, but unfortunately Alfie (the boyfriend) still has to work at the hospital.  He’s a final year med student so he rarely gets time off.

On Thursday…

It is very rare that I get a week day off so I decided to have a bit of a lie in an catch up on some sleep.  As it’s the first day of my long weekend I decided to take it easy and just relax.  Although as the lady of the house the cleaning and house chores were calling my name, but before all that for breakfast I had a beautifully vibrant green smoothie made from spinach, cucumber, an apple, vanilla soya milk and grapes.

I topped it with cranberries, coconut, pistachio nuts and granola.  It was really energising and just what I needed to kick start what became a very lazy morning. 

After finishing up the cleaning I decided to get my work out in.  I did up to 30 to 40 reps of Tracy Anderson’s Post Pregnancy DVD.  Even though I don’t have children this particular DVD has a great ab section whether you have had children or not.

This was followed by 25 minutes of the treadmill workout and some yoga positions to cool down.

For lunch I made a quick brown rice and vegetable risotto using Greek Yoghurt to make a creamy sauce.

The vegetables included: spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, butternut squash and savoy cabbage.  It very tasty but a little too gloopy for me so maybe next time I will add only one tablespoon of Greek yoghurt and not two.

My snack was a slice of my Cinnamon Fruit and Nut Quick Bread with chai tea.

Dinner was a huge bowl of mixed steamed vegetables with basil tofu and apple chutney. 

I also ate an apple and had half a mug full of hot chocolate made with vanilla rice milk.  The perfect accompaniment to my new book that a friend demanded that I read…

The reviews for this book are amazing and I can’t wait to get stuck in.  Have any of you guys read Shantaram?

Thank you so much for your advice and suggestions on my veggie box dilemma.  I think I have figured it out!  A lot of you gave great reviews for Riverford, so I decided to try them out.  My box will be delivered on Wednesday.  I went for a medium size box and I’m just starting with a monthly delivery at first to see how it fits around my other food shopping and how long the veggies last etc.  I can’t wait!   I have never done anything like this before. 

Box contents for week beginning 22nd November 2010

  • cavalo nero  UK
  • perpetual spinach  UK
  • loose carrots  UK
  • parsnips  UK
  • leeks  UK
  • brussels sprouts  UK
  • white potatoes  UK
  • onions  UK
  • ramiro peppers  ES
  • swede  UK

I’m thinking about swapping the brussel sprouts and perhaps the swede for something else though as I have just bought a huge bag of sprouts and a swede today from the market (more on that tomorrow!).

I’m working tomorrow I know it’s going to be manic with Christmas shoppers…arrrrrrrrrgh! I will hopefully be visiting family on Sunday and cooking up some soups and treats.  I really want to squeeze in the new Harry Potter movie too.  Have any of you seen it yet?

Enjoy your weekends everyone!



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4 responses to “Wednesday to Thursaday…

  1. I’ve only seen the first 2 of the harry potter series, way way behind! Pumpkin tofu pud yummy! x x

  2. Hope you get on well with Riverford, I got my box yesterday and the produce is great, I really do think the organic stuff is worth a little extra. Have a great weekend!

  3. Cat

    Shantaram is great! It’s one of those books that is really daunting at the start because of how long it is, but it’s such a captivating and well written tale that the pages just fly by. I heard they were making a movie of it with Johnny Depp a few years back but I don’t think anything came of it.

  4. You always have such fresh and delicious food! I definitely admire your healthy eating. Its so clean!

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