Just Food…

My food over the last couple of days have been both healthy and tasty!

From filling and yummy breakfasts…

This last one has to be my favourite.  It deserves another pic, no?

I blended half a pack silken tofu, vanilla extract, soya milk and xanthan gum to make a yummy mousse like texture. This made two servings so I have plenty left over for tomorrows snack.  I’m loving xanthan gum at the moment.  It adds a great thick and creamy texture to everything.

Xanthan gum where have you been all my life? 🙂

To some delicious lunches…

I also enjoyed some satisfying snacks…

Dinner’s were also delicious…

And some super delish desserts…

I’ve also been eating lots of fresh fruit for dessert too.  Tonight I decided to have hot chocolate soya milk with a pear.  I’m now a huge fan of chocolate soya milk especially heated like a hot chocolate.  It’s also great warmed with fruit too.

I think the eats I most enjoyed over the last few days are the pumpkin green smoothie,  veggies on toast and the chick pea casserole.  The spicy root vegetable stew was also great, I will be posting the recipe tomorrow.

My organic veg box is coming tomorrow…I can’t wait! 🙂

What are some of your favourite meals of the last few days?  Are they something that you have tried and tested before?



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8 responses to “Just Food…

  1. Mmm I like the look of everything, especially the chickpea casserole! And you’re right, xanthan gum is brilliant! 😀

  2. wow! what awesome photography!!!! you made everything look absolutely wonderful, which I’m sure it was. I think I’m going grocery shopping sometime very, very soon.

  3. That veggie stew does look spicy! And I love all your toppings. So cute!

    Today I made another batch of the curry veggie stew I made last week. It was so good I just couldn’t wait to make it again.

  4. my favorite meals have been all the things ive been baking! including raw choc chip cookie dough balls! i really want to try that tofu pudding/mousse!

  5. Oh my that all looks delicious! As I have a few late nights working this week my meals haven’t been the most inspired unfortunately! I tend to go for tried and tested when I have little time – hummus and veggies, tofu salad and soups from the freezer see me over until I can get creative in the kitchen again. Hope you enjoy your organic box, I have mine due on Friday and I can’t wait!

  6. Your food looks frickin’ amazing, so delicious! My favourite meals of the last few days are prawn jambalaya and turkey meatballs with spaghetti – both amazing!

  7. EVERY single thing there looks so tempting and tasty!

    One of my fave eats this week has to be a batch of butter chicken I made at the weekend. I’d never made it before and it was SO tomato-y! Yum 🙂

  8. I’ve got xanthan gum but have only ever used it as a gluren replacer in baking… might have to try is in other ways! Great photos 🙂

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