Booja-Booja Chocolate Review

A little while ago I received a generous package from the very nice people at Booja Booja.

A luxury box of Champagne Truffles! 

Booja Booja is a UK company founded in 1999 by Colin Mace.  It was created as a way of providing quality and decadent chocolate for everyone, including those with wheat and dairy allergies.  This health conscious chocolate company has won over 25 awards, which includes the 2005 award for the best 100% vegetarian box of chocolates.  Booja Booja make a wide variety of products that use organically grown ingredients that a void of gluten, wheat and dairy products.

Booja Booja’s award winning Champagne Truffles come beautifully packaged…

There luxury boxes are painstakingly hand made and painted to provide a beautiful artisan design…

These aren’t just any truffles. They’re organic, gluten, wheat, dairy and cholesterol free.  They are also perfect for vegans and vegetarians. 

Now on to the more important topic: taste! 

They are truly delicious.  They’re luxurious chocolate truffles, how else could they taste?   However these small pillows of deliciousness are not subtle.  As soon as you bite into one you are first hit by the bitterness on the cocoa coating, followed by a deep shot of chocolate and then the lingering taste of French Champagne…yum! 

The inside is smooth and has that melting sensation as soon as it hits your tongue. 

However, don’t be fooled by the cholesterol free label they should still be approached as a treat.  These small chocolaty squares contain 72 calories each and 5.2g of fat.  So the calorie content is really no different from other high end chocolates.  Also, they are sold on Goodness Direct at £8.50.  At first this may sound a little pricey but as a luxury chocolate I personally feel that the price is just right.  You are definitely getting what you pay for.  They would make a great Christmas gift too…(hint hint to my boyfriend!)

Booja Booja is fast becoming more accessible.  I have seen them in Selfridges, various health food sites and stores.  If you like these you may want to try some of their other award winning chocolates such as the Hazelnut Crunch Truffles, Cognac Flambéed Banana Truffles or the Around Midnight Espresso Truffles.  They all sound so good.  

I have a few left in my box , but I am definitely wanting to try some more!

Have you tried Booja-Booja chocolates before? What did you think?



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9 responses to “Booja-Booja Chocolate Review

  1. These look really tempting, I love champagne truffles!

  2. Yummy they sound fab x x

  3. i;ve never heard of these! i make my own little fudgy balls that look just like them
    i must check out goodnessdirect though! ive never heard of it!

  4. I’ve never had those before but I really want some, they look amazing!

  5. I love booja booja truffles, they do the best ice cream too. Made with cashew nuts and agave, sooo nice!

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