Eats, Tea and a November Review!

Not only can I not believe that it is Friday already, but OMG how did December creep up on us all so fast???

I’ve been so busy that I forgot to set my new resolutions for this month and review November, but first lets look at some eats…

Yesterday for breakfast I had to make something quick and easy because I had to take my car back to the mechanic before I went to university.  Just my luck that the new exhaust that they fitted only the day before was shaking all over the place.  It sounded like an old tin can.  I decided to to go back to an old favourite of mine that I haven’t ate in months, peanut butter and chopped banana on whole meal bread with green tea.

I don’t know why I haven’t made this in so long.  It was so delicious and kept me full for hours.

I waited for the mechanic to look at my exhaust for what seemed like forever.  Apparently the parts that hold the exhaust in place were not positioned correctly, but it’s all sorted now.  The rattling tin can is no more.  By the time I made it to uni I was ready for lunch and heated up some of my Butternut Squash, Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup.

As with most soups this is really quick and simple to make.  I simply roasted half a butternut squash, one sweet potato and three carrots.  Once cooked I added them to a blender filled with 1 litre of vegetable stock (adjust depending on how thick/thin you like your soups) and some hot madras powder.  Blitz away and then you are done!

This soup tastes great and is so good for you.  The hot madras powder gives it an extra kick too.  I also ate three rice cakes and an apple.

I needed a small pick me up in the afternoon at nothing else would do, but a soya chai latte.  I’m not that keen on coffee so I always ask for steamed soya milk with chai, I get a few strange looks, but its alright because this drink is a-maz-ing!

They were also selling some new homemade cookies in the coffee bar at uni so I just had to have one.  They all looked to die for but at £1.50 each I thought it was best I only had one, so the pecan cookie it was…

Sorry I couldn’t resist getting stuck in before I took the pic! 🙂

Dinner was pretty much a repeat of the night before…

For dessert I was dying to try Laura’s apple slices with cinnamon.  I also added some pumpkin butter…I’m addicted to the stuff!

Thanks Laura this was delicious! 😀

I have feeling a bit under the weather recently with a cold and it’s really caught up with me the last few days.  I didn’t do any exercise yesterday or today.  I’m going to see how I feel in the morning though and try again. Do you guys still exercise when you are ill?  Do you feel guilty if you don’t?

This morning for breakfast I made a lovely bowl of vanilla oats made with water and soya milk.  I stirred in a grated pear, agave nectar and topped it with TOTAL Greek Yoghurt and mixed dried nuts and fruit.

Lunch was a serving of hummus with a chopped pepper, carrots and cucumber for dipping.  I also ate a plum and a banana.

I love having a huge bunch of veggies as my meal.  I hate it when people refer it as “rabbit food,” call me a rabbit if you want but I love my veggies!

Snackage came in the form of a rice cake sandwich, filled with peanut butter and raspberry jam.  I also had a clementine and another soya chai latte…yum!!!

For dinner tonight I wanted something to help fight this cold.  I had my heart set on a broth type dish so I decided to use the broth mix that I picked up whilst I was shopping this morning. 

This broth mix is perfect for soups and casseroles.  It was a mix of red lentils, green and yellow split peas, pearl barley and peas.  I cooked them in some vegetable stock and added tomatoes, butternut squash, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, paprika, cumin, balsamic vinegar and some Habanero Tabasco Sauce.  I sprinkled on some goat’s cheese too.

For dessert I had another dose of sliced apple and cinnamon with some chocolate. 

Whilst I was stocking up my cupboards this morning I picked up an amazing deal on some Twining’s tea in Asda.  Each of their flavoured teas are currently 97p…bargain!  I picked up four boxes to add to my never ending stash of tea: Strawberry and Mango, Lemon and Ginger, Camomile and Spiced Apple and Cranberry, Raspberry and Elderflower.

Unfortunately the Green Tea and Chai Tea are not included. 😦

I still can’t believe how fast November zoomed by.  It was a good month for me health and fitness wise…

  • For 3 weeks I kept up with my 20k running distance a week (snow and a cold set me back this week)
  • I’ve ate clean wholesome foods with the odd treat here and there
  • My meat intake has dramatically reduced and I can already see the benefits of eating a more plant based diet.
  • I’ve also kept up with my 10 day rotations of the Tracy Anderson Method muscular structure work.

I decided to take my measurements at the beginning of November too as a way to track my progress…eek!

Bust: 33 inches

Waist: 27 inches

Hips: 37 inches

Today I re-took my measurements and I have lost 1.5 inches…wohoo! 

Bust: 33 inches

Waist: 26 inches

Hips: 36.5 inches

I’m not sure what this loss equates to in actual weight as I don’t own a pair of scales.  I am tempted to buy some though.  I think this loss is due to me eating less meat than before and replacing that with fruit and vegetables.  Even if it’s just water loss I’m quite pleased 😀

I’m going to keep my aims for November the same for December and review my workout and diet in January, when I am hoping to re-join the gym.  The only thing I will change is that I want to incorporate some yoga into my routine.  I think it’s such a great exercise for stretching and lengthening the muscles.

What goals have you set for December? Did you achieve your November goals?

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4 responses to “Eats, Tea and a November Review!

  1. wow congrats! and you’ve achieved all that with purely good and yummy food! my december goal is to stay motivated to workout even while its SNOWING outside haaha

  2. I am always amazed at how you fit in the planning and exercise and cooking etc around uni. I work full-time and have a 30-45min commute each way. There just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Any tips?

    Amy x

  3. Glad you enjoyed the apple and cinnamon! Hope you start feeling better soon. I tend stick to the following when it comes to exercise if I’m feeling unwell – if its above the neck -i.e. head cold then I still do some exercise at a reduced intensity as I actually find it makes me feel better. If its a chesty cold or sickness bug then rest is needed! I think the most important thing is to listen to your body x

  4. T really need to review my goals but just haven’t had the time! Fab eats lady x x

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