Baking fun!

I’ve had so much fun this weekend.  Although I didn’t do anything extravagant it was jammed packed with people and things I love. 


For breakfast I made a delicious bowl of chocolate cherry and banana oats.  I mixed a mashed banana, oats, water, using chocolate soya milk, frozen cherries and topped it with mixed fruit and nuts.

Friday was a really busy day for me so lunch was a snackage affair…

I later had my first Ginger Bread Nakd bar. 

Sorry, but I had devoured this tasty bar before I managed to take a pic.  I saved the wrapper for you though! 🙂  I snapped up this flavour of Nakd bar as soon as I saw it in a health food shop.  I had never seen it before now.  It was delicious and perfect for the festive season…yum!

Dinner was a chicken enchilada with steamed savoy cabbage and roasted pumpkin wedges seasoned with cumin.

I also had a sneaky two squares of Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt. 

We had fun putting the Christmas tree up Friday night.  It took a while to untangle the wires to the fairy lights and decide which bauble was going where- yes I did just write that! 

Alfie feigns that he is not interested in decorating the tree, but really he’s very obsessed and OCD about it.  At one point he was actually directing me on where to put certain bauble baubles because there was too much silver in one area than another.  Ha!!!! 🙂

Anyways this is what we came up with…

I’m quite happy with the way it’s turned out!


Yesterday started with an early morning 3 mile run.  I was running low on time but I was still determined to get a workout in before I started work.  Although it did mean that I ended up running a little late, so breakfast was on the go.  I grabbed a packet of Benovita breakfast biscuits and some fruit.

For lunch I had a huge portion of Pumpkin soup with some plain Rivita crackers topped with low fat cheese and fruit.

My mum was doing some Christmas shopping so she came in to work to say hello and I met her on my break for a bit of a catch up.  We also managed to select a gift from my mum to Alfie that I know he is going to lurrrrrve!!! 

I was starving when I got home and made a quick Thai coconut vegetable curry served with brown rice…


This morning started bright and early (for a Sunday anyway!) with some cleaning and a trip to the supermarket to pick up some supplies.  When I got back I ate a yoghurt bowl for breakfast.  I used TOTAL 0% Greek yoghurt topped with pecan and treacle granola, mashed banana and peanut butter.

After dinner I got started on my Christmas baking…

I also made possibly the smallest ginger bread men cookies ever made…

This was a test batch of cookies that I wanted to try out to give out as foodie gifts and as part of a hamper that I want to make up for my Nan.  These turned out really well so I think I will be sticking with this recipe!  I will post the recipe in a later post. 

I also made some Chocolate Fudge and some Chocolate and Pistachio Fudge based on a recipe by Nigella.  Not at all healthy, but as I always say: “everything in moderation!” Most of it will be given out as part of gift packages and my Nan’s hamper.  I will keep a few pieces back for me of course…it would be rude not too! 

The fudge is still in the fridge setting, so I will post a pic when its ready. 🙂

In between all of that baking I managed to make some lunch.  I decided to finally cook the tempeh that I picked up a little while ago.  To be honest I was a little dubious, because to me it looks a little bit like polystyrene…

I marinated it in soy sauce, oyster sauce and Chinese 5 spice powder and served it with some grated carrots mixed with cashew nuts and chopped dates. 

It’s actually not that bad, but I do agree with Emma.  It doesn’t beat tofu!

I also cooked up some more pumpkin soup, roasted some potatoes, baked some parsnips in agave nectar, boiled some eggs, cooked a cottage pie with swede and parsnip mash.  I have a busy week planned so preparing some things ahead for the week will really help me out.  I also made a red lentil and chickpea stew that was tonight’s dinner…

I think I spent most of the day in the kitchen, which now looks like a bomb has just hit it.  So I better go and clean up! 😦

Are you giving any foodie gifts this year?  What are your favourite things to bake for Christmas?



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7 responses to “Baking fun!

  1. did you like the pumpkin seed butter?! i tried it once but it doesnt beat nut butter for me!… i love baking cookies and decorating them all festive-like!

  2. It looks like everyone has been having a good bake up this weekend! Everything looks delish! The only foodie gifts I’ve been giving this year are to myself 🙂 – I am getting chocolate for a few people though!

  3. I’ve never really done any Christmas baking, but this year I did make snickerdoodles. I also plan to make some Christmas cookie dough balls. Yummy.

  4. Your Christmas tree decorations are lovely!
    Haha my kitchen always looks like that after a day spent in it! 😛
    I’m getting my Christmas bake on later this week, and can’t wait! I always make gingerbread cookies to hang on my tree, as well as a ton of other yummy goodies! 😀

  5. Your tree looks gorgeous and I’m loving all the christmassy baking!

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