An early visit from Santa!

Happy Monday!!! 

I hope everyone has had a great start to their week.  I definitely have and all will be explained below.  For now lets get down to some tasty eats:

For breakfast this morning I made a huge bowl of a Choco Berry Green Smoothie…

I mixed frozen berries, chocolate soya milk, a pear, spinach, xanthan gum and macca powder together in a blender, topping this bowl of goodness with a little granola.  I love having a green smoothie for breakfast.  They are so energising, such a great way to start a busy week.  I was a little hungry mid morning so I grabbed one of the boiled eggs that I batch cooked yesterday and an orange.

Lunch was another dose of orange goodness in the form of more pumpkin soup with an orange and a pear…

In the afternoon I had my first try of Bear Granola Tropical Crunch.  I’m a big fan of granola, but can go a little over board with my portion sizes sometimes.  I love that these packets are already portioned out for you and only contain 98 calories..perfect!  

I also ate a plum and a banana.

Today when I got home I found a very special package awaiting my arrival.  When I saw it I knew exactly what it was.  A few weeks back the very lovely Laura organised a Secret Santa between us UK bloggers and mine arrived today!

Tamzin was my Secret Santa!

Here’s a peek of the goodies that I received…

I now have no excuse for over boiling my eggs or burning anything as I now have a funky egg timer…

I’m definitely going to use the snowman cookie cutter to make my next batch of ginger bread cookies.  They are going to look way more festive than my mini ginger bread men.

Thank you so much Tamzin!  I will definitely find all of these gifts useful and I can’t wait to try the golgi berry energy ball and the Electromix drink to fuel my workouts and runs.

I would also like to say a BIG thank you to Laura for organising the Secret Santa.  It was so much fun!  You can definitely sign me up for next year! 😀

It was a great feeling to get home and not have to cook tonight.  I had some of the shepherd’s pie that I made yesterday.  I used turkey mince instead of the usual lamb or beef mince traditionally used in this dish.  I also packed it full of veggies too, such as carrots, onions, mushrooms and peppers and topped it with a mash made from roasted swede and parsnips.

I served it with steamed broccoli and savoy cabbage…that’s a lot of veg!

For dessert I had an apple and made a small pumpkin smoothie and stirred in some pumpkin butter, topping it with pistachio nuts and granola.

I’m hoping to get some Christmas cards written tonight and get in some yoga before I go to sleep. 

What kind of start to the week have you had?  Was it full of any nice surprises?



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14 responses to “An early visit from Santa!

  1. Bear granola is great! Have you tried the chocolate+cherry one yet? That’s my favourite 🙂
    All that stuff from your secret santa looks amazing! This UK secret santa totally passed me by! Aah well, there’s always next year! 😀

  2. I have a pack of the chocolate and cherry granola in my stash of goodies. I can’t wait to try that one.
    It’s a shame that you missed out on the secret santa it was really fun, but you should definitely take part next year!

  3. Yay! Glad you liked your gifts, I’m glad they will be useful to you. I must write up my post for mine! Have a good Tuesday x x

  4. That little egg timer is so cute!! And I love the “orange themed” lunch 🙂

  5. aw man i wish I could have been in this secret Santa thing!!

  6. Your secret santa pressie is fab! So glad you’ve enjoyed taking part, I can’t wait to do it again next year!

  7. Mmmmm! Your smoothie sounds wonderful. I’m making one today of water, organic mango, spinach, and cinnamon. 🙂

  8. I love Secret Santa exchanges! This is my week of final exams, so it’s been significantly less exciting that yours. Sigh… I’m just looking forward to a month of break!

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