Lazy days!

I can’t believe that there is only 4 days till Christmas!!!!  I have now officially finished university until the 3rd of January and I don’t have to go back to work until the 8th of January…lucky me :D! 

As you can imagine I have been taking full advantage of my first few days off with lazy mornings and movies galore.

Well when it looks like this outside…

(Yes the snow is back with a vengeance people!)

…what more is a girl to do but have a duvet day and take things a little more slowly than normal. 

I also managed to watch my first Christmas movie too:

Ok! I know that I am 24 years old, but every Christmas since I was a small child I have watched this movie.  Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without it.  It may not be the best Christmas movie out there, but a part of me refuses to let go of this Kermit and Miss Piggy fest.  I’m dying to watch Elf though, I think I may make it a last minute Christmas gift.  Do you have any movies (childish or not) that you just have to watch at Christmas?

Ok, so now its time for a bit of a foodie marathon from the past few days…ready, set, GO!


My favourite breakfast of the past few days has to be yesterdays, which used generous helpings of Vanilla Rice Milk…yum!

with it I made this…

Vanilla Oats with warm mixed berries and some trail mix.  This was really tasty and simple to make.  The Vanilla Rice milk does all of the work for you and with this particular milk you don’t need any added sweetener. 


Yesterday Alfie and I pooped out to do some Christmas shopping, which was utter chaos as Alfie has left all of his shopping till the last minute…Ha!  In the midst of all of that I had to grab a pre-packed egg and mayonnaise sandwich on whole meal bread (not pictured).  It was actually really tasty, but it also reminded me how much I love my home made lunches.


I’m loving raw veggies at the moment…a new addiction to add to my many others I think!


Last night I had an amazingly delicious green smoothie for dinner…

I blended two pairs, spinach, macca powder, xanthan gum and Vanilla Rice Milk and topped it with chopped dates, cranberries and a little Rude Health Super Fruity Muesli.  I loved this and it was seriously filling.  Nothing beats a delicious green smoothie!

Desserts have been pretty much been a snacking affair on raw carrots, fruit and dark chocolate.  Nothing exciting to report here!

Due to my shear laziness and the snow I haven’t done any exercise for 3 days.  Although I am back on it today though with a mammoth Tracy Anderson workout including cardio and muscular work. 

Well my lazy days have come to an end.  I’m off to do my Christmas food shopping, where I’m sure I will pick up some more Vanilla Rice Milk, carrots and other goodies.  I also have a whole lot of baking to do today too…busy me!

Do have any new food addictions?  What did you put in your trolley whilst doing your Christmas food shop?



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5 responses to “Lazy days!

  1. oo those melted berries on your oats look amazing! YEs i am addicted to nut butters, oats, fudgies, brussel sprouts, greek yog… lots of sweet tastes!

  2. I’m with you on the raw veggies and green monsters at the moment, my body just seems to be craving them! I have a feeling I’ll be developing a few new food addictions over Christmas as I have so many ideas for yummy meals and tasty treats. In a strange way I’m also looking forward to the January detox too as an opportunity for trying out some new foods. Hope the shops aren’t too busy!

  3. Muppets Christmas Carol is one of my favourite christmas movies! I love it, and actually find it a bit emotional! (and I’m 28!!)

  4. I’m on a total oaty kick recently- it’s impossible for me to go one day without oats in some form! Or dark chocolate for that matter…! 😛

  5. Your eats look delicious, favorite christmas movies have to be Home Alone and Elf! x x

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