Normal Service Resumed…

Hi Everyone! It’s seems like forever ago that I last posted.  I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! 🙂

I left you on Christmas Eve, which included a mad dash around the town before to buy last minutes gifts before we headed to Alfie’s family home where we stayed for Christmas.  I kicked off Christmas Eve with a very festive sweet mince meat protein smoothie…

I included mince meat, soya milk, cinnamon, a banana, xanthan gum, macca powder and pea protein.  It was topped with trail mix, granola and silver and gold decorations.  This was possibly the best smoothie I have ever made!  It was so creamy and very filling.  My mid morning snack included an apple and some clementines.

Before we set out on our shopping trip I made a huge salad for lunch, which contained edamame beans, grated carrot, bean sprouts, savoy cabbage, red pepper and goat’s cheese.  On the side I had two sweet onion Ryvita crackers and some berry conserve.  

To try and maintain some of my healthy eating at Alfie’s mum’s house whilst packing I raided my stash of energy bars and also took some oats and green tea with me.  Despite my efforts the meals over the next few days, including Christmas day were very heavy.  Although I didn’t over eat most of the food I consume was Ghanaian…delicious but very heavy compared to my norm.  There was lots of chicken and rice, chicken and rice, more rice and a bit more chicken.   Not a vegetable in site, well not until we went to a family friends house on Boxing Day for a traditional English Christmas dinner.  I totally loaded up in the veggies here as I knew I wouldn’t be seeing any until I got home.

I had such an amazing Christmas! Alfie’s family always make me feel so welcome and at home.   The day was filled with lots of fun, food and laughter.  And lots of presents of course.  I have been so spoilt this year…AGAIN! 


I also got a beautiful bath robe and pajama set from Topshop that is still waiting to be delivered…

I also got some vouchers and money, which I have been busily spending in the sales and on goodness direct, but more on that tomorrow.   I am extremely lucky and grateful and to say thank you I have invited some of my family (those that could make it) around for a New Year’s Day feast.  I can’t wait to get in the kitchen!!!  I’m currently putting together a group of dishes for the meal and I’m hoping to get some nice bits and pieces to decorate my dining table tomorrow.  I love cooking for my family! 😀

Now back to my eats…

As you can imagine after all of that heavy food when I got home on Monday evening all I wanted was something light. I made a yoghurt bowl of coconut yoghurt, passion fruit and pomegranate seeds and juice…

Tuesday morning was a quick breakfast of banana oats with chopped dates and walnuts to give me some energy before I hit the sales…

During my 5 hour shopping spree at Bicester Village there was simply no time to stop and eat so I snacked on a Vanilla Luna Bar, 2 clementines and an apple to keep me going.  I didn’t get home until 7.30 so I went straight on to a salad for dinner…

I mixed salad leaves, quinoa, basil tofu, carrots, red pepper, olives and goat’s cheese to make a very tasty and filling salad.  I later made up a plate of a selection of chocolate, including Green and Black’s Maya Gold and Dark Chocolate and Cherry and Lindt Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt and some fruit…yum!

As you can see there is no exercise detailed in this post and the reason: I haven’t done any!  I’m not going to get upset about it though.  I’m joining the gym tomorrow and have some lovely new workout gear to get me started.   Well I haven’t read any one’s blog in ages so it’s catch up time.  Have a lovely evening everyone! 🙂



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13 responses to “Normal Service Resumed…

  1. Love all your pressies – we got several of the same things! I also got Nigella, those slipper boots and that big box of thornton choccies, our gift givers obviously have amazing taste!

  2. i LOVE Bicester village! i always go there with my mommy-cute tradition!

  3. aww i am so glad to hear that his family makes you feel warm and welcome 🙂
    looks like you had a very successful christmas 🙂 love the nail polish!!

  4. Great christmas presents! Love those slipper boots… I’m a huge slipper boot fan haha

  5. Tons of awesome presents! Is it weird that I love the underwear…? It’s really pretty! 🙂

  6. Lucky you- you have clearly been a good girl this year 🙂
    Love the slipper boots – warm things are such nice gifts !

  7. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas! Love ya Kath Kidston goodies, the bowl I got indeed is one of hers x x

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