I’m a Carb girl!

So it’s the end of another day and another shopping day for moi! 🙂 Before I show you my bags of goodies after rummaging around in the sales, first things first, FOOD!

Yesterday started with a a carb loaded breakfast containing the last of my Rude Health Super Fruity Muesli and extra oats mixed with warm soya milk.  I topped this with some chopped banana and some organic peanut butter…yum!

For lunch I had a delicious plate of sweet onion Ryvita Crackers topped with some soft roulade cheese.  On two of them I decided to experiment by adding some blackcurrant conserve.  It sounds like some kind of weird pregnancy craving, but it was actually really good. I also ate two clemintines and a plum. 

In the afternoon I snacked on some low fat natural yoghurt mixed with some pomegranate seeds and granola…

For dinner I made a lovely oriental soup based on a recipe on the Good Food Channel website, although I bought the paste from the Chinese supermarket…

It was really tasty!  I also added some sliced chicken breast and some bean curd.

This morning was a an early start and a mad dash to the market as soon as it opened to pick up the food for my New Years Day meal.  I think I have everything that I need food wise, but more on that later.  Before I left for the market I was in a I was in a major smoothie mood for breakfast and this one was quite huge.  I blended two bananas, mixed berries, pea protein, macca powder, xanthan gum, cocoa and nut ground flax and some almond extract.  This was topped with a scattering of peanuts.

After getting back from the market it was time to step out again to hit the sales on the high street with the boyfriend.  It was still really busy in the shops even though the sales have been on for a few days now. Whilst out I needed to refuel and found a place called Naturally Good Food, so of course I went in…

I chose broccoli and cauliflower cheese with a selection of three salads: mixed bean salad, an apple salad and a cucumber salad.  Although there was no meat or carbs involved in this meal I was totally stuffed after eating it.  Speaking of carbs after not having any all day 5 hours into the shopping trip I started to feel lethargic, nauseous, miserable and started to be really snappy!  Lesson learnt…my body needs carbs to function and to keep me in high spirits… 

No carbs —–> Nasty Jemma!

Healthy Carbs ——> Nice Jemma!

It’s quite simple, but for some reason not that often anymore I always slip back (like an old bad habit) and forget to eat my carbohydrates.  This is a problem that I have suffered with for a few years now had was diagnosed with a slight form of hypoglycemia, which can be easily controlled with a good healthy diet which includes slow releasing foods.  A diet without carbs is really not for me. I know that now.  Have you ever discovered something about your body after restricting your diet?

As soon as I got home I loaded up on carb filled snack of Ryvita crackers and fruit.  Sorry for the repetition but this cheese and conserve combo is a delight!

I also had to pop out again to pick up some table linen and ingredients for my dessert for New Years Day.  I’m going to attempt a Lemon Meringue Pie.  We will see how it goes.  I am going to bake it tomorrow and luckily the shops are open tomorrow just in case it doesn’t go to plan.  When I got back it was time for dinner and Alfie quickly whipped up some Swedish meatballs.  I served mine with a healthy portion of broccoli and two pieces of potato…

Ok! So I have been doing a spot of shopping recently.  It is that time of year where the shops have some amazing offers in the sales. So here it goes:

Pajama set from Accessorize £25 down to £12.50…

Lumber Jack shirt from Topshop £50 down to £15

Basic jumpers from GAP- Pink £35 down to £12.99, Grey down to £9.99…

Nike jogging £22.99 Nike vest £8 from Sports Direct…

Dress £50 down to £25 from Miss Selfridges…

Ralph Lauren cable knit cardigan £64.99 down to £39.99 from Bicester Village…

Le Creuset whistling kettle £59 down to £45 from Bicester Village…

I love all of my purchases especially the red kettle. I love the novelty of the fact that it whistles when the water has boiled! 😀

I have a busy day of food preparation tomorrow and a 5 mile run.  I haven’t even planned what I am going to do to see in the new year yet.  Have you made any plans for New Years Eve?



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4 responses to “I’m a Carb girl!

  1. I am SUCH a carb girl!!! So we can totally relate 😉

    I love those Nike workout pants! Super cute!

  2. Oooh if you love conserve with your cheese and crackers you might like it with your meatballs too. We get lingonberry jam and have that on the side whenever we have them and it’s so delish (idea totally stolen from IKEA cafe as well!).

    Amazing bargains in the sale, by the way; i love love love the kettle especially.

    Love, Ruby

  3. I did a very low carb diet once, it worked very well but I felt terrible, its only recently that I’ve started eating wholegrains again and my body has responded so well when I was worried I would pile the weight on and in fact its been the opposite! Love your sale buys, we have such similar taste, I have the same pjs as those but as a camisole and shorts set! Hope you have a fab new year, I’m meeting friends for drinks, food then hope with the hubby for midnight. Have a great one!

  4. I love the sound of the blackcurrant and cheese combo 🙂 I am a carb girl too! Otherwise I get very grumpy!

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