Getting started on 2011…

Hi all!  How are your goals for 2011 going?  So far I seem to be making some head way with some of my goals, especially on the clean eating and exercise front. 

I kick started my Sunday with a 3 mile run and a killer abs workout.  For breakfast I made a simple bowl of oats using water, a chopped banana and some dried fruit.

Even though this contained no sweetener or soya milk it was still lovely and creamy and sweet.  Just goes to show that a bowl of oats can be so simple yet enjoyable too. 

I spent the whole of Sunday visiting my dad, which was nice as I hadn’t seen him for a few weeks.  Since we were going out for dinner in the evening I didn’t want to over eat during the day.  Before I left my house I packed a few snacks to take with me:

I picked up the Trek protein bar a few days ago form Holland and Barratt and because they were on offer I bought five.  Obviously! 😀  This was my first experience with these bars and it was really yummy.  It kept me full for the whole day so I never actually ended up eating the fruit in the picture.  We ended up going to a Chinese buffet restaurant…Oh no!!!  Actually it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t eat any rice or noodles and just stuck to the veggie dishes.  I had one plate of food from the buffet and then picked out some dim sum from the menu, which was made fresh.  For dessert I pigged out on some diced melon.  I was quite pleased with myself! 😀

When I got home I had a huge mug of detox tea and some clementines.  Well actually five clementines.  I don’t know why?  I was just in a clementine kinda mood I guess.

This morning for breakfast I had a bit of a dilemma.  In one mind I wanted to make a green smoothie and in the other I wanted to make up some banana oats.  What is a girl to do?!?

Have both of course!

This was a complete experiment but it turned out great…

Chocolate Green Smoothie Oats


  • spinach
  • 1 tsp pea protein
  • 1 tsp macca powder
  • 2 tsps of ground flax seeds
  • one banana
  • 250 ml of chocolate soya milk
  • 3 dates
  • 1/3 cup of oats

I first made the green smoothie by blending the dates, pea protein, macca powder, flax, soya milk and spinach together in a blender.  I then poured this over the oats in a bowl and microwaved them like I was making normal oats and topped it with some peanut butter. 

This was really delicious and a great way to eat a green smoothie, which I also had with some detox tea.

I had a few errands to take care of in town and snacked on a pear whilst I was rushing about.  By the time I got home it was lunch time.  I made use of the left over vegetables from my New Years Day meal and added some sliced basil tofu and some savoy cabbage and red pepper slices that were stir fried in coconut oil.  I also added some apple chutney for good measure. 

I had a bit of a lazy afternoon and watched some movies whilst snacking on a bowl of lychees and I later had some fat free vanilla yoghurt with some granola…

After the movie marathon I decided to get in the kitchen to make up some Roasted Garlic, Rosemary and Pumpkin Soup, Almond and Piquante Pepper Pesto and some Butter Bean Dip.  I will be posting the recipes during this week.  I wasn’t really hungry tonight so I just snacked on a selection of fruit.

It’s back to uni for me tomorrow so I think I will be getting an early night.  I have also decided to join my uni gym as opposed to the independent gym I was going to join last week.  It will be more convenient for me to use as it’s right on campus.  It means that I can finish my work and literally make the 2 minute walk to the gym or visa versa…yay!!!  So I’m signing up early tomorrow morning. 

Have any of you chopped and changed your minds about which gym to join?  What are your favourite fitness classes? 



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11 responses to “Getting started on 2011…

  1. I work in a gym and its a great one so I’m pretty lucky, fav classes spin of course and pump. Well done great start to the year x x

  2. What exactly IS maca powder? I’ve been looking to try a green monster smoothie, and I think a chocolate-y one would be perfect!

  3. My favourite class is BodyPump, hands down! But I’m currently trying out new classes, and tried out BodyCombat today, which I posted about. It was really fun, and definitely makes you work up a sweat, but isn’t as good as pump. Still, I recommend you give it a go if you’re interested! 🙂

  4. haah i love your green smoothie oats! great idea-!

  5. Happy New Year!

    For me, the gym to join was an easy choicest- whatever was cheapest and nearest. That said, i’m lucky because my gym does have lots to offer. Fave classes are spinning, aerobics and body balance. xxx

  6. The only gym class I do is spinning but I love it. Sounds really good that your gym is right on campus. My gym is just a two minute drive away so I would have to be really lazy not to go!

  7. Body pump is my fave class 🙂 But joining a gym so close is ideal as you save so much time and cant have excuses! I did join a gym, as the classes were all free, but I started running more and so it worked out cheaper to pay on the night for the classes, which is what I do now.
    I love those cherry flapjacks too- so yummy!

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