Energizing Green Smoothies

Hi eveyone!  It’s almost the weekend again, not long to wait now.  So far it has been a really busy and tiring week for me, but still full of some yummy eats.

Yesterday for breakfast I made a huge banana green smoothie with some green tea.  I mean this thing was huge and almost spilled over the lip of the bowl.  It was really delicious though and full of goodness…

This smoothie contained handfuls of spinach, one large banana, acai berry juice, milk thistle, ground flax, xanthan gum, soya milk and whey protein.  I topped it with a sprinkling of Rude Health’s Early Bird Muesli and some dried fruit and nuts.

After that filling breakfast it was time to hit the gym for a killer cardio workout.  I really went for it with a whole 1 hour and a half: 30 minute on the treadmill including a 10 minute incline interval, 30 minutes on the bike, 20 minutes on the step machine and 10 minutes on the cross trainer.  I also did 20 minutes of ab exercises that I was too exhausted to do after my spinning class the day before.

Hungry wasn’t the word after my workout.  I was starving so I ate two oranges and a plum.  For lunch I pulled out some vegetable stew from the freezer (without the millet in the picture)…

Tasty! 😀

Afterwards I ate a lovely sliced mango and purple grapes.  Mangoes have to be my favourite summer fruit.  I really felt ready for the summer after eating this sunshine fruit.

In the afternoon I felt so tired.  I think these early starts at the gym are beginning to catch up with me.  I did have a bit of an energy slump, but recovered slightly after some sweet chilli and raw veggies, brussel sprouts and corgette sticks.

For dinner I made some turkey meatballs in a tomato and vegetable sauce:

I filled up on some more veggies by shredding and steaming some savoy cabbage (stalks removed) and used them as a lighter alternative to pasta.  For dessert I had a plate of sliced fruit, a pear, apple and two oranges with two squares of 85% dark chocolate:

Last  night I went to bed much earlier than normal and this morning I could tell instantly that my body appreciated it.  To sustain my renewed energy levels another green smoothie was in order. 

It included handfuls of kale, a pear, a banana, soya milk, macca powder, acai berry powder, xanthan gum, whey protein, ground flax, milk thistle and topped it with some Tropical Bear Granola…yum!  This smoothie was just what I needed to start the day.

Lunch was a brown rice and mixed vegetable salad topped with some sweet chilli hummus:

It consisted of 1 cup of brown rice, broccoli, red pepper, olives, carrots, and a corgette.  No dressing was needed because of the hummus.  I love a huge bowl of veggies for lunch!  In the afternoon I snacked on two oranges, a plum and a cocoa delight Nakd Bar:

Another triumph from Nakd!!! 😛

When I got home I got ready for my toning workout.  I’m actually finding some of the moves quite challenging, but I’m sure I will get the hang of it soon.  For dinner tonight I made a fab Thai curry using a Thai curry paste and some light coconut milk.  I also included some diced pork, an onion, lot of broccoli, red peppers and mushrooms, topping it with some peanuts. 

I really don’t know why I have been so tired.  To compensate for my early workout sessions in the gym I have been going to bed early and eating regularly too.  I guess I have been eating a lot cleaner since the beginning of the month and haven’t really had any sugar or sweetener except for the dark chocolate I had the night before.  The green smoothies are definitely helping.

Do you suffer from energy slumps?  How do you deal with them?



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10 responses to “Energizing Green Smoothies

  1. I had veggies topped with hummus for lunch! SO Delish. Way better than salad dressing in my opinion.

    Girl, you’re like a cardio maniac!!! Well done 🙂 I bet you’re gonna be sore tomorrow! 🙂

  2. Ooh sweet chilli houmous! Sounds good! Where from! I had a ton of red pepper houmous (my fave) today! 🙂

    Great workout! 1.5 hours of intense cardio AND 20 mins of abs is hardcore! 😀

  3. i hate energy slumps!… i always make sure to take a little nap and keep eating round the hour!

  4. Yeah, I’m definitely going to steal your ‘cabbage as pasta’ idea. I’ve never tried that flavor of Nakd before- what other flavors do you like?

  5. I exercise to give myself more energy. I haven’t made a green monster in so long. Too long . . .

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