Green and Black’s Chocolate Review

So my giveaway has now ended!  Thank you so much for the amazing response.  I can see there is a lot of Nakd lovin’ going on out there.  The  winner will be announced in tomorrow’s post as promised. 😛

Talking of giveaways I have just won my first ever blog giveaway that was hosted by the lovely Carrie.  I’m so excited as I never win anything…thank you Carrie! 😀

I can’t wait to get my hands on all of those  American goodies.  And that’s the same feeling I had when I received this lovely package from Green and Blacks to review for my blog.

Now I was already a huge fan of G & B’s so when this little lot made it’s way through my front door I was a very happy lady! 😀

I received the following:

  • 100g of organic chocolate, including white chocolate, 70% dark chocolate and 60% dark chocolate with cherries
  • 17% Milk  Cooks Chocolate x 1
  • Green & Blacks Cocoa x 1

I sampled this G & B stash a hell of a lot when baking…

…and snacking…

There is also a whole host of recipes on their website.

Green and Black’s is a relatively new company founded in 1991.  The company prides itself on making organic luxury chocolate made from the finest ethically sourced ingredients.  The range began with a simple dark chocolate bar with 70% cocoa solids, which later expanded to a whole range of different flavours.

Green and Black’s is available in all major supermarkets across the UK.  Considering that this chocolate is organic and really good quality I think it’s price point is spot on.  You can pick up a bar of Green and Black’s for around £2.08 and it is often on some kind of offer.

I personally really enjoyed all of the flavours I received and the Cherry and Dark Chocolate flavour is now my one of my favourite chocolates.  Chunks of sweet dried cherries in smooth dark chocolate…yes please! I have already bought another bar to add to my stash and recently tried the Maya Gold flavor too…really good!

Have you tried Green & Blacks products before?  Did you use them to bake? What did you think?

And I will let you in on a little secret…shhhhhhhhhhhh!

I have another fab giveaway coming up and it involves chocolate…so stay tuned! 😀



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17 responses to “Green and Black’s Chocolate Review

  1. i love Green and Blacks! i use their cocoa powder!! i love all your creative chocolaty creations!! let me know when you get the package 😀

  2. I heart Green and Blacks – my mouth is watering looking at the photographs! Dark Chocolate Cherry is my favourite too – a combination of tangy and sweet – lush.
    I’m definitely entering a chocolatey giveaway – can’t wait.

  3. I used to love G+B’s chocolate (the dark one + Maya Gold) until they started putting milk in them. I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive them for that!

    I do use the cocoa powder though, and I think it’s one of the best quality ones on the market.

  4. I love their cocoa powder the most! The maya gold is amazing- such a unique flavour with the spices. 🙂

  5. Green and Blacks are one of my favourite chocolate brands, and have been for a few years. Delicious stuff and good quality too!

  6. I used to always buy green and blacks but then they started adding milk to their bars when it was sold to cadbury………bad times : (

  7. I’m the same as Jess- I used to love it until they put milk in it! But I still use and love their cocoa powder! 😀

    Congats on winning Carrie’s giveaway btw!! My fingers are crossed for yours tomorrow! 😛

    P.S. Your comment on my sad post meant a lot- thank you! 🙂

  8. Hey, do you have the recipe for any of the things you made posted above they all look so good I need to try making them at home!

  9. I bought a bar of the Maya Gold favour yesterday- most of its gone now, ooopps!

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