January is over, so what next?

This has been such a long month, but it has finally come to an end.  At the beginning of this month I set out some monthly goals which mainly consisted of cleaner eating and a fitness over haul. 

Just to remind you…

  • carry on with my healthy eating and exercise
  • incorporate a variety of exercises in to my weekly workout regime.  I have joined the gym now and I am looking forward to taking advantage of all of the classes such as yoga, spinning, body pump and maybe a little aerobics.  Who knows?!? But I am willing to give them all a try.
  • I really want to run a marathon this year, whether it be a 1K run or a 10K run.  I’m signing up and cannot wait for the challenge!
  • I want to blog more quality over quantity.  Sometimes I feel pressured to blog every day or every other day even if nothing exciting has happened.  I really don’t want to bore you.
  • my photography skills are not great…lets be honest!  I would love to be able to take pics that are not dark and full of shadows.  I have already put in a request for a new camera for my birthday in March.  Here’s hoping! ;D
  • Throw everything I have in to my studies.  I have fallen into a bit of a lazy rut of late, but I am really going to apply myself when I go back next week.
  • Plan and organise!  Since I will be spending more time in the lab I need to be more organised and actually plan my days and food so I can fit everything in.  Even if it means writing everything down.

So these were the goals that I set- how did I do?

My eating before January wasn’t really too bad, full of fresh fruit and vegetables and healthy fats and oils.  However, I always feel that there is room for improvement.  I have been trying to eat organic food wherever possible especially when dairy is concerned.  I eat a lot of yoghurt and used to buy Total Greek yoghurt all the time (which I love), but unfortunately its not organic.  I have since switched and have been trying Yeo Valley yoghurts and compotes, which are all organic and come in a whole host of flavours.  These are delicious so I think I will be buying these most of the time and buy the Total Greek yoghurt as a treat as you cannot beat that creamy thick texture. 

The most noticeable difference is the dramatic change in the amount of meat that I eat.  I probably eat meat twice a week if that, and sometimes I try to avoid it completely.  My whole mindset where meat is concerned has changed.  All of my evening meals consisted of meat in some form as that is what I have always been used to.  Growing up there was a stigma attached to vegetarian dishes and people would comment “what on earth so vegetarians eat?”  Although I am not a vegetarian at the moment I think I could easily could be, but right now I don’t think I am ready to make such a commitment.  I am currently happy eating a plant based diet with a little meat here and there.  I have enjoyed so many meat free dishes of late:

I’ve also been eating lots and lots of green smoothies:

I’m really happy with my eating at the moment and cannot wait to introduce some new ingredients into my diet, especially as the season is beginning to change.

My fitness habits have also seen a turn around.  I used to run a lot and there wasn’t that much variety in my routine.  However, since joining the gym I have configured a work out plan, my own toning routine and an ab work out too.  Not only that I went to my first fitness class too.  I decided to try spinning first and I love it and always look forward to my next class.  Although I love running, I also like variety which is what my former work out routine was lacking.  Shaking up my workout routine has helped keep my interest and enjoyment levels up.  I am hoping to change it up again in two weeks, but all of that will be in another post. 

As for my other goals some are still work in progress and others are under way.  I am really putting more effort into my PhD now as just before Christmas I had become too complacent.  Being self motivated is a major part of studying for a PhD and now I have more self motivation than ever.  I have some conferences that I will presenting at in the summer and I will be writing up my work for publication too.  All good things to look forward to and lots of hard work needed.  It’s going to be tiring but worth it!

Organisation is key to getting things done with my busy schedule.  I have been batch cooking at the weekend, freezing food and planning ahead.  This has really helped me out on busy and tiring days.  My photography is…well I will leave that for you to decide but I have been trying to make more of an effort.  I’ve also been dropping hints for a camera for my birthday-fingers crossed.

I have yet to look at marathons as I am a little scared about which ones to choose.  It will be my first ever marathon so I’m thinking of just a short distance to start me off.  I’m definitely looking for a summer date to give me plenty of time to train and get prepared for it.  How do you choose which marathons to run in?

Well that is that!


  • I would like to introduce more fish into my diet and eat it at least once a week as an alternative to meat.  Its so rich in healthy fats and oils.
  • Eat more raw chocolate-after seeing it on Laura’s blog I am hooked.
  • eat more homemade sauces and dips rather than buying them in, especially salad dressings, bean dips and hummus.
  • try another exercise class- maybe body pump or yoga
  • choose a marathon to take part in
  • introduce more specialised ingredients into my diet like chia seeds and spirulina- full of anti-oxidising goodness.
  • eat even more fruit and veg, if that is even humanly possible!

Did you make any goals for January?  How did it go?



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16 responses to “January is over, so what next?

  1. Good for you fpr sticking with your goals!

  2. You win some you lose some is how i would explain my goals! Well done with yours x x

  3. wow you did pretty darn well!! I think i did pretty good on my goals, but they are more long term… so i need to wait it out!! my goals for feb though are to eat a more vegan diet… besides greek yogurt….thats my only love (HELLO CREAMY PROTEIN!) and i am so with you on making more dips and sauces like hummus!

  4. When I started running I did a 5k race for life, which at 3.1 miles I felt was an achievable distance. Plus it is a well supported event, people walk it so I would feel no pressure from other people to run only from myself. So I would recomend those as a great place to start 🙂

  5. Well done on sticking with your goals. I would agree with Maria, a 5k would be a nice first distance race to run, I jumped straight into a half marathon and probably could have done with a shorter distance first. I know what you mean about the total greek yoghurt, such a shame they don’t do an organic version, but for occassional treats its delicious!

  6. Love’d seeing all of your goals for January, great job keeping up with them fairly well! I’ve been eating vegetarian for about 2 months now and I can’t even begin to describe how much better I feel! I honestly have not missed meat at all, and just eating it (like I tried some last night) is so unappetizing. Anyways, I’ve never seen those yogurts before, where have you bought them? I love Fage too, it’s sooo creamy! But I too have been trying to eat mostly all organics.

    • I feel way better after cutting down my meat intake. It’s quite amazing the difference it can make! The pic is of the Yeo Valley fruit compotes I was sent to review. There are really delicious. They are available in some of the larger supermarkets.

  7. I didn’t make any goals for January because it is too long a month as it is! It sounds like you have done a great job with yours though. 🙂

  8. Great that you’re doing so well with your goals! 🙂

    Out of interest, what exactly do you mean by ‘run a marathon this year, whether it be a 1K run or a 10K run’? Do you mean a race, or an actual marathon? I ran a Cancer Research Run 10k as my first, and loved the experience! Highly recommended for a race beginner! 😀

All of your comments make me smile :-)

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