Booja-Booja Magic!

It’s the beginning of a new month and I know many of you have been working hard to try and achieve you goals.  For all of that hard work I have a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ up my sleeves as a well deserved reward.  So keep reading!

A few months back I was sent a very generous package from the lovely people at Booja-Booja.

A delicious box of Champagne Truffles to review for the blog.  These were very tasty and you can read my review here.   When I was given the opportunity to review another Booja Booja product you can safely assume that I jumped at the chance.

Isn’t it cute! 🙂

This my friends is Booja Booja’s Hazlenut Crunch Truffles in a beautiful handmade and hand painted luxury box all ready for Easter.  This is so exciting as this Easter Egg isn’t even available on their website to buy yet!

What’s inside????

This mini egg contains three chocolaty pillows brimming with a creamy soft centre and hazelnut crunch.

As soon as you open the box you are hit with the rich chocolaty scent of the truffles…yum! The truffles themselves are dusted with cocoa powder to provide an initial bitterness to the truffles.  As you take your first bite you will find a smooth and dense centre, which melts in your mouth.  Not forgetting the addition of the hazelnuts to add a different texture.  The nuts work perfectly with the rich chocolate.  These truffles are small but flavoursome.  They are so rich and creamy that you only need one to satisfy any sweet tooth- it means more for later!

I’m in love! 🙂

The Hazelnut Crunch Truffles are also available in a box of 25g, 80g or 220g.  The 80g size retailing at £4.98 at

All of Booja-Booja’s products are organic, dairy free, gluten free, vegan and cholesterol free, so they are suitable for most diets.  You wouldn’t even know that they are dairy free as they are just as decadent as any other luxury brand of chocolate.  I’m a big fan of Booja-Booja chocolate and these are definitely something that I will be looking to buy again.

I have one of these little lovelies left, which I am saving as a special treat.  I know I am going to savour every last mouthful…

…and so could you! 😀

Yes!  The kind people at Booja-Booja are going to host a giveaway on my blog.  One lucky winner will win one of these sweet little Easter Eggs filled with some kick ass chocolate!

To enter…

Each one of these actions will be considered as a separate entry:

  • Leave a comment explaining what makes you the biggest chocolate lover in the whole entire world;
  • Tweet about the giveaway making sure that @celery_cupcakes is in the tweet;
  • Link back to this giveaway in your upcoming blog post;
  • Follow the blog on Twitter or subscribe to my blog.

Please leave a comment below for each of the actions that you carry out to ensure that each of your entries is noted.  I wouldn’t want to miss any!

Unfortunately, this particular giveaway is only applicable to UK residents only.  I am putting my own giveaway together that I will announce late next month, which will be open to everybody world wide, so stay tuned.

Booja-Booja would also like to put everyone who enters the competition on to their mailing list, to receive their BoojaBubble emails, but please state if you would like to opt out.

The giveaway closes at 1pm GMT on Tuesday  8th February and the winner will be announced on Wednesday.  The winner will be picked at random using the random number generator.

Good luck!


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42 responses to “Booja-Booja Magic!

  1. I’m the biggest booja booja fan! And hazelnut is my favourite of their chocolates! Yum

  2. and I follow your twitter… I’ll try remember to blog about this but I’ll come back and let you know

  3. Fab giveaway! I love booja booja! I’m a massive chocolate fan just because it is the most delicious food in existence! I’m also a blog follower and twitter follower and will do a tweet in a mo x

  4. Emma1982

    Have re tweeted 🙂

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  6. Wow what a fab giveaway! Their hazelnut chocolates are the best- amazing 🙂
    I love love love chocolate 🙂 That is all I have to say on the matter!

  7. Wow, this looks gorgeous. I’m a chocolate lover because it’s so yummy and can actually be good for you! I’m a follower on Twitter. x

  8. Ohhh my gosh that looks DIVINE!!!! I love love love chocolate. Seriously, a day without chocolate is like day without sunshine.

    Today I volunteered to run the “snack cart” at work, and I took chocolate all around the office, spreading cheer to my co-workers. I’m a die hard chocolate lover!

  9. Rachel's Cottage House

    I am the biggest chocolate lover because I will eat ANYTHING chocolate. I was so desperate for chocolate one time I literally ate some of the Hershey’s Extra Dark Hershey’s Cocoa Powder! I know, that sounds crazy, and it is, but I just love chocolate.

  10. AhhH! OMG! Yum! I love chocolate and I’m definitely the biggest fan ever because I eat it every day, after almost every meal and snack! NO joke:) Those look Sooooo yummy, plus their organic-win win!

  11. I’m subscribed to your blog!! 🙂

  12. I am the biggest chocolate fan because I don’t think there has been a single day where I haven’t had any in some form! 😛

    I just Tweeted, I already follow you on Twitter, and I’ll put this in my next blog post! 🙂

  13. Bex

    Biggest choc lover because I love all sorts of them, milk, dark, white, flavoured, etc 🙂

  14. Aaah I love Booja Booja chocolate! I first tried some about a year or so ago and was so very happy 😀 in fact, my mum bought me a big selection box of their stuff instead of an easter egg last year 😛
    Why am i a big chocolate fan…cos I add chocolate flavour to everything – savoury peanut butter sauces, with tomatoes and beetroot, with soy sauce…:)

  15. sarah

    I’m the biggest chocolate lover because I cannot remember a day where I haven’t had any!
    I’d LOVE to try these

  16. im the biggest chocolate lover because i literally have a whole pantry dedicated to it!

  17. im following you on twitter!!! (cant believe i wasn’t already !!) and im already subscribed cuz i LOVE your blog 😀

  18. Rachel

    mmmmmm chocolate!!!! i love it-in any form and not much makes me happier!! its the only think i cant cut back on when im dieting!!! i would love to try the Booja-Booja!!!

  19. Gill (snaxandthecity)

    i’ve tweeted!

  20. Gill (snaxandthecity)

    and i follow you on Twitter already 🙂 (that is such a creepy phrase!)

  21. Gill (snaxandthecity)

    aaaaand the thing that makes me the biggest chocolate lover ever is that i cannot, literally, remember a day that there hasn’t been some in my fridge that i jealously guard like a crazy person. Last Easter, we bought so much chocolate that we STILL have some left over!! haha that’s sick, isn’t it!?
    PS Booja Booja is srsly some of the best chocolate i’ve ever tried. have you tried the ice cream? equally good!

  22. Ooh, fab giveaway! I’ve never tried these kind of chocolates before but they sound DIVINE from the way you describe them!

    I’m the biggest chocolate lover because I literally have a WHOLE kitchen cupboard dedicated to my chocolate stash, but I still can’t stop myself from buying more when I see a new variety I haven’t tried! Luckily I’m quite good at limiting myself and only enjoying a few squares at a time, but there’s something about having a mini-chocolate shop in my own kitchen that just makes me happy, haha 🙂

  23. Cosmic

    I’m the biggest choccie enthusiast as I feel it really helps with flexibility for Yoga(that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it:). I’ve abstained from choccie for a whole month so those gorgeous Booja Booja chocs would make a wellcome indulgent Easter treat(love Booja Booja:). I’ve already subscribed to your blog(best perk of subsribing I say:), Thank-you Gemma and Booja Booja!

  24. Oh my gosh, I am the biggest lover of chocolate ever! I eat it all the time (everyday??!!) so it would be great to have a slightly healthier version to indulge in!

    I have tweeted and linked in my blog post. I also follow you on Twitter. 🙂

  25. I said this to Laura at KSGS the other day. I bought some of these for a friend for her birthday recently and she has been frantically trying to find them in Wales ever since! I must tell them she can get from from Goodness Direct.

    Awesome giveaway! (Though I’d rather not be added to the mailing list, ta..)

  26. GaryWG

    Those Booja dudes are the best ever.
    I must win these chocolates.

  27. Giles Meehan

    Booja-Booja do actually make the most heavenly chocolates in the known universe – my friends are jealous of my gluten free dairy free diet!! I’ve tweeted about the giveaway @GilesMeehan

  28. Janie P

    Chocolate really is the food of the Divine, and Booja Booja is as blissfully heavenly as it comes. I like to feed my inner Goddess as much as I can 😉 ♥♥♥

  29. Macey


    Everytime I pop to the shops I ALWAYS get chocolate! 😀

  30. I love chocolate, it always makes the world seem like a better place when I’m in a grump!! 😀 sadly I’ve never tried Booja Booja chocolates, fingers crossed I win so I can see what I’ve been missing out on!!

  31. BoojaBooja are a cut and a half above the rest!! We so surprised that more people haven’t heard about them!! If you haven’t tried their organic vegan ice cream range then you are totally missing out!! We LOVE this company 🙂 We’re now following you on twitter and we’ve re-tweeted your BoojaBooja blog! Keep up the gorgeous work 🙂
    From all of us at xx

  32. nikki

    well- booja booja chocolate is the best- and my All Time favourite- it’s the only one i buy- the only one i get for friends who are coming over for dinner- and it is the one i’ve gotten for both my daughters – and shipped them round the world! yummy, beautiful and good for you too! what more could you ask for in a desert!

  33. I’ve been following your blog for quite a long time, and my love boojabooja has led me to comment! One of my favourite chocolates without a doubt!
    Hmm, why am I the biggest chocolate lover? …it makes me happy, no matter what (:
    I have some AT LEAST once a day…and I love making chocolate from scratch, too!
    FANTASTIC giveaway! xxxx

  34. nik

    I am a chocomonster! I mix it into my oatmeal, stir it into my chili, bake with it, barbecue with it, bartend with it and would brush my teeth with it if I could. Life is better with chocolate!

  35. Krystal

    Hiya, a newbie to your blog but absolutely loving it!!!

    Chocolate is my biggest love…I swear, if I could get away with it I’d have chocolate as part of every meal!! But alas, age is catching up with me and I can no longer indulge quite so much…down to once a day now!

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