Sweet Tooth Runner Guest Post!!!

Hey guys! I’m Emma from Sweet Tooth Runner!

Jemma kindly asked me if I was interested in doing a guest post on her blog about running, and of course I jumped at the chance because this blog is AMAZING! So thanks Jemma! Open-mouthed smile

So basically, I started running last year to raise money for Cancer Research UK. I went from being someone who couldn’t run for 2 minutes to someone who ran 10k, and I couldn’t believe it! You can read more about my story here.


Now I’m addicted. I LOVE RUNNING!!


That 10k race was the only race I’ve done so far- mainly because of the hugely expensive race entry fees for longer races! However, I have been saving up and trying not to spend all my money on food as I usually do, and this year I have 2 half marathons coming up, as well as some other shorter races, and possibly a full marathon next year. I’m very excited! I’m shooting for a sub 1.40 half, so we’ll have to see how that goes! Smile with tongue out 

Enough about me! So here are some of my training tips. (*Disclaimer*: Please note that I am NOT a professional. Everything here is learned through my own personal experiences and through research.)

 My Top Ten Training Tips for races:

1. Follow a plan. Especially if this is your first race, it is a very good idea to find a plan and stick to it. If you’re a new runner, I recommend the Couch to 5k program, which is how I started. Hal Higdon has some great training programs for all distances and all levels (beginner to advanced), from 5ks to Marathons.intermediate-1-training-plan1

2. Know the importance of good nutrition for running! As well as a good diet generally (enough carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins, etc.), fuelling well before runs, as well as good recovery foods afterwards is very important. Good pre-run foods includes banana oatmeal…


…and PB on toast with banana:DSC06586

An example of a good ‘recovery’ food is (surprisingly!) chocolate milk, as it has sugars and protein needed for recovery. (I use non-dairy as I’m a vegan.)

chocolate-milk (source)

3. Fuelling during runs. If you are running any distance longer than about 10k/6miles, you should fuel during the run. You will need to experiment to see what works for you fuel-wise. I’m personally a huge fan of dates– they’re like rocket fuel for me! Open-mouthed smile


Shot bloks, sweets and energy gels are other examples of running fuel. The golden rule is to NEVER try anything new on race day! Experiment during training, and then STICK WITH THAT!

4. Hydration! SO important! Water is obviously key, and you need to replace what you sweat out, on top of the recommended 2 litres a day.DSC06356

Replenishing lost salts is also important for staying hydrated, so sports recovery drinks (such as as Powerade Ion4 or the natural option of coconut water are good drinks for replenishing salts.DSC06198

5. Utilise race pace calculators. If you are shooting for a certain target time in a race, then I recommend using this calculator to work out the required paces and other details. I’ll stress that this isn’t essential at all, but it has helped me with setting realistic targets.


6. Work on injury prevention! It is pretty inevitable that you will, as a runner, get injured at some point. But a good diet, proper warm-ups and cool-downs and stretching thoroughly can help prevent this.



7. The right shoes! Having the wrong shoes can affect your performance and can even cause injury. I would REALLY recommend going to a running specialist shop like Sweatshop or Runner’s Need and having your gait analysed. It’s free, so you have no excuse! Smile with tongue out


8. Be careful not to over train. Overtraining is really common, can cause injury or physical/mental burnout. This part of the reason why training plans are so good, because you can’t over train! An important rule is to not increase mileage by  more than 10% a week. So if you averaged 20 miles one week, don’t do any more than 22 the next! Know the importance of rest days, and the benefits of cross-training. For my cross training, I go to exercise classes like spinning or Body Pump, do yoga, and use cardio machines at the gym.


9. Read around the subject! Okay, so this isn’t essential, and is my geeky side coming out, but it has definitely benefited my training and running! I’ve learned SO MUCH MORE through reading running material, and definitely recommend it!


It doesn’t have to be books– magazines are just as good in many ways! Except the price of them…! THAT’S where my race entry fee money goes! Smile with tongue out


My fave running material includes:

10. Most importantly, ENJOY it!DSC05784

Remember WHY you are running and make the most of it! Try not to get too caught up in the numbers, stats and goals and just enjoy running! SmileDSC06829

If anyone has any questions or you wanna comment/chat/whatever, you can email me at: sweet_tooth_runner@hotmail.co.uk.

Thanks again Jemma for letting me ramble away on your blog!! Open-mouthed smile



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11 responses to “Sweet Tooth Runner Guest Post!!!

  1. YAY!! I LOVE EMMA! great post too- you have got all the essentials COVERED!

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  3. Great post Emma! I love your goofy photos. And I especially stand behind the injury prevention and overtraining points. It’s always so annoying to look back and realise that you wouldn’t have been in this hobbling position if only you had trained smarter!

  4. Aww, love ya, Emma! Great tips here, chica!

  5. Ah, so much younger than me yet so much wiser!

    Fabulous tips that I would have done well to follow when I first started running.

    1:40 half is totally achievable for you with your speedy workouts and depth of knowledge ~ go for your dreams!


  6. runyogarepeat

    Awesome tips! You have such passion for running, I love it!

  7. Excellent post! Thanks for the links to Hal Higgins and the pace calculator I’m going to find these both extremely helpful 🙂

  8. Great tips – I’ve only just got into running regularly so this is all great advice. x

  9. Ok I totally loved this post! Emma, you definitely covered all the basics, I can not BELIEVE you only started running last year! I knew that but I definitely forgot…omg you are so super fast for only running a year’s worth!

  10. I love running too (love love LOVE it!) so I can totally relate to your enthusiasm!

    Great tips for someone starting out!

  11. Great post Emma 🙂
    Thanks for the link to the pace calculator- very useful indeed.

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