Green Smoothie Monster!

Howdy!  The weekend is almost over, I hope you all had some fun!  It always comes and goes way too fast.  I’ve had a pretty good weekend, quite chilled out with some baking and a bit of studying. 

Saturday got off to a great start with my new toning workout.  It’s a toughie, but I persevered and just got on with it.  Afterwards I made my favourite oaty bowl of blueberries, pear and peanut butter.

The best! 😀

It was my first day back at work after a two weeks holiday and it really dragged.  Having gotten used to having my whole weekends free it was kind of depressing to be back.  I guess it’s only for a few months more.  Once my thesis is submitted and I have my first job in my chosen career, I will no longer be part of the fun world that is retail.  For my lunch I packed a simple but tasty salad made from mixed leaves, red peeper, red cabbage, celery and smoked tofu.

I also got stuck into a bowl of pineapple, mango and strawberries:

Whilst on my second break I discovered a new health food shop called Currant Affairs.  It’s a cute and small place that has recently been taken over my new management.  Whilst raiding the shelves I got talking to the lady working there (the daughter of the owner) and she was so helpful.  She’s going to try and source chia seeds and coconut flour for me and I got so lost in conversation talking about and suggesting health foods to stock I was her shop for a good 20 minutes!  Ahhh…the joys of health foods.  I could talk about them all day. 

In the shop I spotted a discounted basket of products they ware trying to clear to make room for new products I spotted a bag of Suma Bran Flakes discounted to 90p.  All because the bag had a small hole in it.

Said hole…

Of course I had to give this poor broken bag of bran flakes home.  I snacked on a Peanut and Oat Trek Bar and an apple during my bargain shopping.  When I got home it was quite late so the blender came out and so did the spinach and the Green Smoothie Monster in me came out to play…

…I also added beetroot, celery, soya milk, xanthan gum and ground flax.  This was so good!  I’m addicted to these at the moment and because I load them up with so much produce they are really filling.  I went topping crazy with some Rude Health Early Bird Muesli, omega mixed seeds and dried cranberries.  This was followed by some RAWR Intensity Dark Chocolate and some Thornton’s chocolate.

This morning started with a mid morning run of 4.5 miles in 40 minutes.  I was battling against the heavy wind and a right eye that wouldn’t stop watering, but somehow I managed to make it.  My pace is still quite slow and is definitely something I want to work on.  I think I am going to do the same distance next week and try and beat this weeks time, and keep doing this until my pace is below 10 miles/minute.  When I’ve done this I’m going to increase the mileage and work on my speed again. Do you think this is a good idea?  How would you tackle trying to increase your running endurance?

After my run I had an attack of the Green Monster again and whipped up another yumfest of a smoothie.  This one contained a banana, a truck load of spinach, half a sweet potato, agave nectar, xanthan gum, ground flax, whey protein powder, peanut butter and soya milk.

This was fab!  The sweet potato added even more creaminess to the smoothie and made  it even more filling.  I topped this one with golgi berries, dried mango, coconut and bran flakes. 

I’ve spent most of the day ploughing through the pile of undergraduate marking that I have been given by a lecturer, but I did find some time for some baking and cooking.  I’ve soaked some almonds to my first batch of almond milk, made some Sweet Chilli Hummus, my Healthy Chilli, a Lentil and Squash Stew and I experimented with some Date and Coconut Slices (gluten free and could be vegan).

As I had breakfast really late I wasn’t really hungry this afternoon, so I snacked on a Date and Coconut Slice and a sliced pear.

This slice is seriously good.  I saw them in the health food shop yesterday and knew that I had to try and make up my own version-recipe to be posted this week!  Despite doing all of that cooking earlier today I really don’t have an appetite to eat anything.  Alfie is having some Healthy Chilli on some nacho chips so maybe I will steal some of that. 

I’m so excited!!!  To get me in the racing mindset I’m going to do a 5k Park Run in 2 weeks time.  I’ve also just registered to run a 10k in July for Race For Life!!! 🙂 If that goes well there is the Coventry Half Marathon that has caught my eye too.  I’m really looking forward to getting serious about running with a proper training program.  I’m actually smiling from ear to ear as I write this.  Wohoooooooo!

Just one question: Green Smoothies, how do you like yours?



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21 responses to “Green Smoothie Monster!

  1. I’ve never actually had a green smoothie, but I’m obsessed by spinach so I think I probably would like them. I’m just very lazy at the thought of having to wash the blender.

  2. woohoo!! i signed up for a 10k in july too!! but the london one and then the royal park half in oct- eep!.. i LOVE that smoked tofu you had in your salad- i ate some today in a pita!

  3. Woah that sweet chili hummus looks good!

    I’m signed up for a 10k next month! I’m excited!

  4. I am a sucker for health food shops too I can spend hours in them just reading product information! I usually put loads of spinach in mine but I have a big bag of organic kale for this weeks and I can’t wait to get stuck in! x x

  5. I love frozen cherries in my green monsters, and spinach is my favourite ‘green,’ although I’ve just discovered romaine lettuce in them which is really refreshing. I’ve been having so many lately though…I think I’m getting a bit burnt out on them!

    With the running, is it endurance you’re looking to increase or speed? If it’s just the latter then intervals at your current distance would be best, but if it’s the former then I’d suggest looking up a training plan on Runners for whichever distance you’re tackling first, or long term (shorter, sooner races can be incorporated into the training plan).


  6. I’m on a huge smoothie thing too, can’t live without those green monsters! Unfortunately I used my blender so much that it just broke…

  7. I utterly adore green smoothies! I like them in numerous ways and love adding different greens and frozen fruits, liquids and superfoods. Far too many variations to list really. I always feel full, healthy and alive when I have them 🙂

  8. Like Jess said, knowing whether to work on speed or endurance depends on what your goals are. If you want to concentrate on your 10k time, then running that distance (and not much over) and adding in speedowork and shorter tempo runs will increase your speed. Given that you’re not sure about the half yet, I’d suggest that approach I think. If you have a look at runners world you can find some 10k training programmes that give you an idea of the sorts of speedwork session you can do. You’re absolutely right not to work on both at the same time though 🙂

  9. I love bargains 😀 Also, can you post the sweet chilli hummus recipe?!

  10. Yay so exciting about the races 🙂
    There are so many training plans (eg runners world as others have suggested) that you will be sure to find one that suits you 🙂

  11. Dashayla

    How Do You Make The Date And Coconut Slice

All of your comments make me smile :-)

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