Fast Food!

Hey guys!  I hope all of your weeks are going well.  It’s been a busy one for me and exciting, more on that later.  I’m going to have to make this super quick so I can get back to the books.  To be honest this is a lovely welcome break from my mountain of reading. 

So sit back and enjoy the foodie ride!

Wednesday morning started with a mega green smoothie made from spinach, celery, a banana, wheat germ, ground flax, xanthan gum, almond milk, maple syrup, and whey protein.

I topped it with bran flakes, dried cranberries, raw covered raisins and omega mixed seeds.  This was so good!  After guzzling done this I headed to the gym for a cardio session that included 30 minutes of intervals on the treadmill, the 30 minutes across the adaptive motion trainer, stepper and and bike. 

For lunch I had a tasty bowl of my Vegetable and Bean Soup followed by some sliced kiwi and blueberries.

Late afternoon snackage came in the form of a Chocolate Chip Cookie Lara bar an apple.

Since I had my snack really late in the afternoon I had no real appetite for dinner, but thought I should have something.

How could I refuse?

This particular green smoothie contained spinach, celery, a banana, cocoa powder, ground flax, chocolate oat milk, water, wheat germ, whey protein powder, xanthan gum and maple syrup.  I topped it with golgi berries, raw chocolate covered raisins, coconut and omega mixed seeds. 

I followed this with some plantain…

This morning I had the most delicious bowl of oatmeal EVER! 

This heaven in a bowl contained oatmeal, chocolate oat milk, water, a banana, almond mush leftover from the homemade almond milk, maple syrup, wheat germ, ground flax and topped with some Nutella.  Seriously you have to try this it really is that good!

Lunch was a hearty bowl of my Butternut Squash and Lentil Stew (recipe to be posted later) with steamed savoy cabbage.

I also ate an apple, pear and a banana…snack monster!  In the afternoon I also had a snack consisting of my Date and Coconut Slice and a pink lady apple. 

Dinner was two stuffed mushrooms in which I added one of my Lemon Herby Bean and Millet Burgers and goat’s cheese. 

I served them with roasted parsnip chips and kale crisps with sweet chilli sauce for dipping.

For dessert I raided my chocolate stash and ate some Minted raw chocolate and another pink lady apple.

Ok!  You can unbuckle your seat belts now- ride’s over!

I’m so excited!!! I ordered the PB2 that I talked about in my last post.  You guys gave it some amazing recommendations.  It is pricey, but we shall see if it is all worth it when it arrives from America. 

Something even more exciting non food related happed to me today.  I checked my emails this morning to discover that I have won the travel award that I applied for to attend the IBRO World Congress Meeting in Florence in July.  This will be my first international conference and I have never been to Florence either…two big pluses!  I’m so grateful to be awarded the funding-I really wasn’t expecting it.  There will be lots of Neuroscience big wigs and lil’ old me presenting my work.  I’m a little nervous but excited at the same time.  It’s made my day/week/year!!! 😀

Have you ever been to Florence?  It looks absolutely beautiful.  I might stay a few extra days after the conference for a mini break.

Have you ever tried plantain before?  I love plantain, but a lot of people haven’t tried it.  It look like an oversized banana, but you can only eat in cooked.  It can be fried, roasted, grilled used in curries.  So many ways to use it.  It tastes fab!

Remember to check back tomorrow for my Friday Feature Post.  It’s going to be a good one!!! 😀



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26 responses to “Fast Food!

  1. Congrats on getting the funding to go to Florence!! I’ve never been but I love Italy and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. 🙂

    I can’t wait to hear what the PB2 is like. How much did you pay for it?

  2. Wow! Huge congratulations on the conference and the funding: I know how hard both opportunites can be to come by, but it’s simply a reflection of the hard work and dedication to your research that comes through so strongly, even on the blog.

    I’ve never been anywhere abroad apart from France, but I’m sure you’ll have a lovely time in Italy because everyone I know that has been has had nothing but good things to say about it.

    I’ve also never tried plaintain. I bought one once but had no idea how to cook it, or how ripe it should be! I’d love a tutorial on how to prepare/cook them if you have the time at some point.

    I think those two days have to be my favourite of all of your days of eats so far, particularly the double green monsters. I’ll have to buy some more raw chocolate covered fruit now…


    • Thanks Jess! 😀 I will happily do a tutorial for you on how to cook plantain when I have the time. I wil let you know when I do. It’s really simple. The raw chocolate covered fruit is lovely. It;s very expensive though. I think i’m going to have to slow down a little.

  3. Congratulations on getting the funding to go to Florence. I’ve never been, but I love Italy and I’ve heard that Florence is really nice 🙂
    I’ve not tried plaintain, but it looks yummy the way you’ve cooked it.

  4. Congrats on the funding — that’s really exciting! Florence is lovely 🙂

    Also, I made your date and coconut bars today and they are amazing! I think I messed the conversion of the wet ingredients up a bit as they were a bit crumbly — though that might also have been because I added rather a lot more desiccated coconut than you used.. Anyway, great pre-gym snack, thanks!

  5. i LOVE PLANTAIN and i LOVE florence! and i LOVE YOUR BEAN and parsnip fry dinner!!!!!!!

  6. PB2 is totally worth it! I eat it every morning on my oats or my banana soft serve. I like to mix 2 tbsp of PB2 with 1 tbsp of water, and then stir in 1 tbsp of REAL peanut butter. That way you get a huge serving, for about half the calories!

  7. littlehealthjunkie

    I’ve never been to Florence, but my best friend lives there and she talks about how gorgeous and fun it is ALL the time! I’m so jealous that you get to go there!! 😉 Oh and all these foodie pics make me so hungry haha I love it!

  8. Congratulations on the trip 🙂
    I have not been to Florence, but it looks lovely- Italy is packed with interesting buildings etc to see (and of course the best ice creams).
    I have never tried plantain. Love the look of the date and coconut bars too.

  9. Wow, the Florence trip sounds brilliant – congratulations and good luck in advance!
    I’ve just stuffed down so many chocolate raisins I’m full to the brim – but your gorgeous food pictures are tempting me anyway (I think I always mention how good your food pics look – but they always do!)
    And, weirdly, I bought some plantain for the first time today; looking forward to trying it 🙂

  10. Ahhh congrats on Florence! I am sooo jealous! As I said on twitter, I lived an hour from there last year, so I spent a lot of time in Florence. You should most definitely extend your trip. Although I will warn you, it will be HAWT in July! Seriously! When in July are you going? I am in Italy, Siena (an hr from Florence) at the beginning of July. If you stay an extra few days you should take the time to see Florence – so many art museums, beautiful buildings, views, gardens. Wow, and the food!!! Also, near Florence is in the heart of Chianti wine region so a winetasting is good to do for the day. Or take a trip to Siena, it’s absolutely beautiful. Trust me!!!!


  11. Congratulations on your trip! I’ve been away twice with work, first to Brussels and then to Copenhagen, it was just the best, you’ll enjoy it so much! Two green monsters in one day sounds good to me!

  12. Congratulations on the funding! I’ve never been to Florence… but my parents loved it, hence why I’m named after it 😉 (well… Florence Rose… but call me Flo please ;-))
    As for the plantain… i’ve never tried it but I love bananas so it looks delicious! And I love Carribean food!

  13. The buttenut squash lentil stew looks delicious, cannot wait for the recipe.

  14. Everything looks amazing, this post has me seriously drooling. That bowl of oats does sound heavenly! I have not tried oat milk, but I’ve heard it’s really good, I can imagine that it makes your oats really creamy.

  15. I’ve had plantain at a restaurant before and loved it, but I’v never tried cooking it myself! If I see some in the shop I might pick one up as a challenge!

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