26 miles in food!

Hi Everyone!  What a great weekend it has been.  I hope you’ve all had an amazing time.

I’ve had an amazing weekend with my family and I’ve also had some amazing eats over the past few days.  Here’s a few, well actually a lot of favourites for Thursday to today:


Blackberries, spinach, celery, frozen banana, brazil nut milk, ground flax, wheat germ, acai berry juice, maca powder, xanthan gum.  I topped this green smoothie with Yeo Valley fat free vanilla yoghurt, dried cranberries and Dorset Cereals simply tasty muesli.

Oat bran, soya milk, Yeo Valley lemon curd yoghurt, ground flax, wheat germ, blueberries, topped with maple syrup, goji berries, brazil nuts.  I loved this!  It was like eating a fluffy lemon dessert for breakfast. 😀

For this particular green smoothie I mixed mixed salad leaves, spinach, a banana, blackberries, blueberries, soya milk, water, maca powder, wheat germ, xanthan gum, maple syrup and ground flax topped with puffed wheat, cranberries and coconut.  This thing was huge so a very large and deep bowl was required…

So you can imagine how full I was after this huge smoothie, although I wasn’t complaining as I love my green smoothies!


Spinach, tomatoes, olives, courgette, red pepper, quinoa and Sweet Chilli Hummus.

This soup is brimming with healthy goodness and is really quick to make.  I mixed leeks, kale, butter beans and vegetable stock…EASY!


These mushrooms were huge almost as big as my face- no joke!  I stuffed them with spinach, sundried tomatoes, sweet potato, olives and vegan pesto.

Sides included steamed savoy cabbage with coconut oil and roasted parsnip chips…Hello, total yumfest!

I haven’t had whole wheat pasta for a while so I thought it was about time to break my unintentional fast.  This pasta bowl included courgette, flageolet beans, red pepper, onion, diced carrots, mushrooms, chilli in a tasty tomato sauce and topped with Engervita flakes.  This was seriously filling-no need for dessert here!


As you can see I couldn’t wait to dive into this and helped myself before taking the pic! 😀 I took a Black Bean Brownie and thawed it a little, just enough so it was still fudgy and topped it with Nutella.  A pink lady apple was also involved in this deliciousness!

My workouts have also been fab, despite me taking it a little easy because of my knee.  On Thursday I did the arms and abs section of my usual toning workout twice and a 20 minute yoga for runners download.  I haven’t done any yoga for a while and even though I only did 20 minutes the DOMS set in the next day.  My muscles felt super stretched afterwards too.  On Friday I did 1 hour of interval training on the cross trainer, step machine and the bike, avoiding the treadmill. 

The weather was beautiful this morning, so sunny and bright.  So I woke up bright and early on my weekend run.  I took it steady and at a slower pace and ran 6.68 miles in 1 hour and 10 minutes.  Last week wasn’t a fluke after all!  I felt great afterwards and my knee held up just fine.  Lots of stretching ensued afterwards and some serious refueling was required:

I haven’t had banana oats for a while and this was amazing.  Add-ins included organic cocoa powder, ground flax and wheat germ and topped with goji berries, omega mixed seeds and peanut butter naturally. 😀

Since breakfast was quit late I wasn’t really hungry come lunch time, rather than a typical meal I craved another green smoothie.

This blitzed up heaven included butternut squash, spinach, a banana, pumpkin butter, xanthan gum, oat milk, water, wheat germ, ground flax and maca powder, topped with puffed wheat and coconut.  I was so full after this as I had made enough to fill my smoothie glass twice.

Dinner tonight was a very comforting cottage pie made with turkey mince and packed full of veggies, beans and red lentils.  I made a fluffy celeriac mash and steamed purple sprouting broccoli to go with it.

Woah!  That was a major foodie marathon.  I’m off now to enjoy the rest of what is left of the weekend.  I have quite a busy week a head. 

What did you get up to this weekend?  What is the best thing you ate this weekend?

Have a fantastic week all! x



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27 responses to “26 miles in food!

  1. I went really simple this weekend when it comes to eats. I even had a Chinese take-out, but this wasn’t the best thing. The best were a home-made hummus and carrot pitta and several of my housemate’s home-made bran muffins (both savoury and sweet)

  2. Those black bean brownies look so good 🙂
    Gosh the best thing I ate this weekend? Tricky! Think I might have to choose my clif bloks as they are tasty, and also kept me going during my long run. Perhaps they were best in terms of being essential?? The tastiest thing I think was the cinnamon raisin bread I made, that was pretty amazing 🙂

  3. omg awesome run! and WOW nandos has peas!! gettin that next time!!.. best thin i ate were my oats for dinner tonight– SO SO GOOD.. tasted like cake batter

  4. Yum, lots of good eats! This might be a dumb question but what is celeriac mash? Looks like potatoes, mmm! I also haven’t heard of the purple sprouting broccoli but it looks a lot like broccoli rabe, what does it taste like? Haha I feel like I learn something new every day from reading healthy blogs!

    • Celeriac is a root vegetable and has the same texture as a yam. It’s really ugly to look at, but delicious in stews, roasted or mashed. Purple sprouting broccoli is a variation of traditional broccoli, except that it is purple, has much longer stems and looks like a flower. Its much more tender and sweet too.

  5. Everything in this post looks delicious, particularly the green monsters in all their variations, and that wonderfully colourful spring/summery quinoa salad.

    My own GM this morning was probably the best thing I’ve eaten, although spiralized veggies with squash/miso/nooch sauce on Sat night were pretty amazing too.


  6. My pumpkin protein cake was pretty damn good! Met up with my favorite American buddy x x x

  7. Ahh I love the look of EVERYTHING! Your smoothies look amaaaaazing (as always!!) and that quinoa salad looks great! I’ve been on a quinoa kick recentl y 😀
    Plus, I have been wanting to try that Nandos pitta for aaaages, I love me some haloumi 😀

  8. I love your salad beast! And those mushrooms look amazing too… the best thing I ate was Katie’s mushroom stroganoff – twice!

  9. Hmm, best thing I ate… Probably the dark chocolate and peanut butter that I had for dessert this evening! My food wasn’t very creative this weekend.

    Great news on the run too! It’s amazing what a li’l bit of taking it easy and stretching can do 🙂

  10. Best thing I ate this weekend? Probably the quesadilla my friend made me saturday night… because it was consumed with lots of wine, hehe

  11. Well done on your run! My fave thing I ate this weekend was my sunday morning green smoothie – you think your bowls big and deep you should see mine!

  12. Katy Aubrey

    Yum, your food always sounds so delish!!! Do you pretty much make everything from scratch?! I’d love to do this, but I just don’t always have the time!! Best thing I ate this weekend … lemon and lime cheesecake ice cream! Naughty, but a nice tasty treat! Your mushrooms look tres yummy, I may attempt them tonight for dinner! x

  13. All that food looks amazing! The best thing I had was def vegan cupcakes-my fav!

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