I *HEART* March!

It’s approaching the very end of the month already!  Where does the time go seriously?!? March was another amazing month for me and I have so many things to be grateful for.

1.  This was the month that I managed to run my first 10K.


I didn’t think I would be able to run that far, but I proved myself wrong and have since ran 6.98 miles.  This leads me on to reason two…

2.  I signed up to run the Race for Life 10K. 


This will be my first official race and I cannot wait.  I hope to train and run further distances so eventually, one day I will be able to run a marathon

3. When I baked the Black Bean Brownies from the Happy Herbivore I knew that I was on to a healthy deliciously decadent dessert.

4.  I finally discovered Google Reader.


Now I can stalk my favourite blogs even more closely…muhahahahaha! (*EVIL laugh!*)

5. Laura’s 7 Day Green Smoothie Challenge…

…however this really isn’t a challenge, more of a perfect indulgence!

6. The start of Spring and the beautiful warm weather that we have been having lately.


7.  I went to my first ever blogging event, boyfriend in toe- The Vitality Show!

I had such an amazing time, met so many amazing people and picked up some amazing freebies…

8.  It was a total unexpected surprise to be awarded the IBRO travel grant to attend the IBRO World Congress Meeting 2011 set in beautiful Florence.


I still cannot believe it, but I’m going to work my damn hardest to make sure that my poster presentation is the best one there!

9.  I got to go to the most best place in the whole wide world…


10.  Becky wrote an amazing guest post for my blog…

Thanks girl!  So many great tips and an great journey to healthy living.

11. My world wide giveaway…

…and there is still lots of time for you to enter.

12.  I got my first taste of Hummingbird cupcakes…

…these babies are good!

13.  I turned 25!

I’m one year older, but as always I don’t think I’m any wiser-must work on that!

What did you love about March?  Did anything significant happen?



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18 responses to “I *HEART* March!

  1. Congrats on a very productive month! 🙂 I just discovered Google Reader too, it’s SOOO much easier I can’t believe I waited so long to use it!

  2. Looks like you’ve had a great March! I’ve had some very exciting news – check out my blog!

  3. Congrats on all the running! So awesome! I love my Google Reader too! I don’t know what I’d do without it!

  4. It sounds like you’ve had an AMAZING month! Wooo that you’ve decided to sign up for Race For Life! I might be doing it too! 😀

  5. great job runnin’ Jemma! 😀 haha i still don’t know what Googreader is~ 😛 how cool is that?! is anybody allowed to go to blogging events? or do you have to do something extra to go?

  6. Yay I love March too! And also Heart is now in the dictionary to be used that way, not just as a noun! woohoo!
    I ran 16 miles this month (in one go)- mental! And after being ill in feb I am feeling healthy and on plan for my marathon.

  7. Wow looks like you’ve had a FAB March! Roll on April hey?!
    My March has been good as I have expanded my diet more and I am totally loving trying all these amazing new foods and working towards a more healthy life. I have also been loving seeing the sun more!! xx

  8. HOLY CRAP BEST MONTH EVER!!1 congrats on your running!!!!!! i love 10k races!!!!!!!!!! and DANG i forgot how amazing your WF haul was!!!

  9. Wow what a great month you’ve had, I can’t even remember what I’ve done……is it the end of March already!? Jeez where did the month go!!!!!!! x x

  10. Wow you really did have a great month!

    I guess the best thing for me about March was passing the half-way point in my writing up. *Just*

    Rock and roll eh!

  11. March was a good month. I also discovered Google Reader, but I’m not sure it’s such a good idea. I’ve increased the amount of time spent stalking (ahem – reading) blogs has multiplied many times!

  12. I discovered Google Reader a few months ago and I don’t know what I did before it! Isn’t it amazing?!

  13. CONGRATS… on everything haha!
    You had quite the productive month girl. I am jealous about the 10K… and well everything else too 😉

  14. Rebecca

    You got so much accomplished, good for you!! 🙂 I did my first triathalon, ran 3 miles straight( haven’t done that since last summer!), started rowing club (crew) and much more! It feels so good

  15. Rebecca

    oh and google reader is a god.. use it everyday on my druid! Without it, I’d have to take so much time by looking on the internet

  16. Sounds like you had an amazing march!!! So much accomplished!!

  17. Isn’t Whole Foods the best?! And hummingbird cupcakes sound amazing!!

  18. March has definitely been an eventful month for me. It marked the one month countdown until graduation, I had a great trip to Las Vegas (woo!), and I found out I’m being flown to Rhode Island for a job interview! I’m going to have to agree with you and say I ❤ March too! 😉 I'm so glad you enjoyed my guest post today! I'm glad Carrie let me write a guest post because now I've discovered so many more amazing blogs like yours to follow in the future 🙂

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