Keep Calm and Carry and On…

It’s days like today that make me wish that I still lived at home, everything was so much easier.  This week has been stress upon stress for me with lots of different errands and bits and pieces to finish off plus a PhD and all those things that come with running a house.  All this stress and tiredness came to a head today when I mindlessly left the garage door open after taking the rubbish out! DOH! A sure sign that I need to slowwwww down.

Thankfully I have the best and most sweetest neighbours in the world-seriously they are heaven sent!  Once they noticed the door was left open they called the police, thinking someone had broken in.  Then they called Alfie to let him know what was going on.  That was when Alfie called me to let me know of my major blunder.  Geeez!  I’ve never done anything like that before, and I hope I don’t do anything like it again.

Since I’ve been a busy lil’ bee my eats have been a little hit and miss, but still tasty! 😀

Yesterday started with an awesome 30 minute ab and upper body workout, which was followed by a huge bowl of Rude Heath early bird Muesli topped with a chopped pear and coconut.  I didn’t take a pic because it sure as hell didn’t look very exciting I assure you.  For lunch I had the last of my Carrot and Lentil Soup with lots of fruit.

This has to be one of my favourite soups.  The texture is so rich and velvety because of the lentils that you would actually think that it had cream in it.

Since I had lunch quite late I really didn’t feel like a pre-workout snack.  So, I headed over to the gym geared up for a serious cardio session only to realise after changing that I had left my gym shoes at home.  Bah! So tired and brain fried I head home and went out for a quick run instead.  I managed 3 miles in just under 31 minutes, not bad, not bad.

For dinner I made stir fried veggies including mange tout, yellow pepper, pak choi, bean sprouts and courgettes in a broth made from Thai Taste red curry paste, vegetable stock, fish sauce.  To go with it I pan fried a salmon fillet that had been coated in the curry paste and fine polenta to get a yummy crispy coating.

Now yah all should know by now that I love a huge plate of veggies and this I lurrrrrved lots!

After last nights run I needed to stretch out those muscles so this morning I fitted it the yoga for runners podcast from Yoga and followed it up with a gigantic squash smoothie…

I mixed buffy squash, peanut butter, cinnamon, maple syrup, xanthan gum, Kara coconut milk, water, lucuma powder, mesquite meal and ground flax.  This beast was topped with dried cranberries, choccy seeds, vanilla pumpkin seeds and peanut flour sauce.  Holy yum!

Lunch today was my Spinach Dahl with wholemeal pita and my pre-workout snack consisted of a small carton of rice milk and sliced kiwis.

At the gym I had another amazing 50 minute Tour de France style spin class and 10 minutes cross country on the cross trainer. I’m loving this style of spinning at the moment.  Its more road based rather than the free-style stuff that I’m used to.  Swapping and changing between the two stops the boredom setting in. 

Dinner tonight was another Thai Taste love fest in the form of a vegetable coconut curry with buckwheat soba noodles…

…all sprinkled with some chilli mix seeds. 

I even had time for some dessert in the form of Yeo Valley strawberry frozen yoghurt topped with figs, vanilla pumpkin seeds and a well deserved grating of Lindt ginger chocolate ‘cos every girl needs some chocolate in her time of need.

Chocolate always makes everything taste so much better!

I may be having a hellish week and the weekend cannot come quick enough, but there has been little rays of sunshine in the form of deliveries…many deliveries!


*Vita Coco*


*Clipper* …well I actually got these a while back but forgot to post them up on the blog.  There are two boxes missing from this pic as Alfie has already worked his way through the Blackcurrant and Acai and I’m working my way through the green tea.

I’m so excited to try and review all of these new and amazing products.  I also received another amazing delivery, but you will find out about that tomorrow…giveaway anyone?

How do you deal with stress and being pulled in every direction? I always find that yoga or a run can help.  Also, I think a good nights sleep is a great way to deal with stress, which is where I’m off to now.

Good night peeps!



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14 responses to “Keep Calm and Carry and On…

  1. I love those Neuro drinks – not sure if I’m convinced by the “science” behind them but they taste nice! A good night’s sleep always seems to do the trick for me and I found yoga really helpful during my finals at uni as it forced me to concentrate on something other than work for just an hour a week 🙂 x

  2. When I am stressed out I usually try to make it to a yoga class to clear my head but if I can’t I will at least try to put a yoga tape in at home and practice myself. I get really stressed during exam period so i usually try yoga, than have a hot glass of almond milk and go to sleep (I am not the “all nighter” cramming type girl”) haha!

  3. So sorry that it’s been such a stressful week for you so far 😦 I have no idea how I would cope with a PhD unless I lived at home, because I barely cope now!

    I agree that sleep is the best solution for stress, otherwise racing and negative thoughts tend to pile up due to tiredness. I hope you get some well-earned shut-eye!


  4. Sorry to hear things are stressful for you at the moment 😦 I’m finding things a bit tough, too. But I have a day off tomorrow so i’m going to use it to look after myself and get my ‘to do’ list done (which, believe me, is a MILLION miles long. woops)!
    All your food looks gorgeous, as always! Your stir fries are so colourful and pretty.
    OHH and I got sent Vita Coco samples too! I can’t wait to hear what you think as i’m a big fan.

  5. Your food is calling to me… looks amazing, especially that smoothie…could totally drink that right now. I think I’m a bit dehydrated!

  6. Sorry you feel so stressed out. I’m entering my Masters program soon so I’ll have to go through all the school stress all over again. Luckily I live at home so it’s not too bad. I think sleep and working out definitely help me

  7. Sorry you are so stressed:( Glad you were able to get some exciting eats to calm ya down a bit! Can’t wait for the giveaway!

  8. Sorry to hear you’re having a rough time 😦 I hope things get better soon!

  9. WOAH that smoothie is overflowing!! ugh i hate stressful times… i just try to organize and keep a schedule- feels good to have everything in place! hope it gts better soon for you!

  10. Wow, the pictures of that squash smoothie are amazing!

    And I’m sorry you’re having such a stressful week. I have to admit that sometimes the only thing that will fix it is a glass of wine and a bubble bath. Like you say though, the better long-term strategy is exercise, sleep, and fitting in little fun treats to keep life enjoyable 🙂

  11. I hope you get some time to relax soon!

  12. Sorry you’ve been so stressed too, I think there must be something in the air this week. Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend planned x

  13. Faye

    I came across those neuro drinks in selfridges last week. I can’t wait to see what people make of them.. let me know if they really will make me zoom through essays!

  14. When I am stressed out I usually try to pop a cd in my player and dance away all the blues… to clear my head and more often than not it works 🙂

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