This is England…

Hello peeps!  I hope you have had a lovely Easter Monday.  I thought I would take it easy today after yesterdays festivities and head out and soak up some more sun.

Taking inspiration from the lovely and stylish Laura my first outfit of the day:

On my quiet day I thought I would try and hunt out some local honey.  As a hay fever sufferer I’m willing to try anything to keep my sniffling nose and streaming eyes at bay.  Apparently eating local honey is supposed to help with the symptoms as the local pollen is already in your system and is meant to suppress any immune response.  In my quest I decided to head to my local farm shop- Malt Kiln Farm Shop.

I love this place.  It’s full of local, fresh and homemade produce. They even have fields where they allow to go go an pick strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, currants, gooseberries, asparagus and various other fruits and veggies.

Whilst I was there I also had to say HELLO to the cute and furry friends in the nearby fields…

Obviously I walked away with a few goodies too…

I couldn’t resist checking out there home grown flowers and purchasing a few too…

It was hard to believe that this farm shop was only a 15 minute drive from my house.  It was set in the most beautiful village that is worlds apart from the city.

There were rolling green fields…

…winding country roads…

…vintage cars…

…chocolate box houses…

…and historical buildings…

…this is England, and it is beautiful.

We all moan about taxes, politics and high petrol prices in England and really do forget how beautiful our country is.  I love England in the spring and even more in the summer when I think it looks gorgeous.  Long British summers are the best!  Full of history and culture, perfect and picturesque scenery, this is the real England.  So my international readers you better come over here and visit to see our beautiful country, ok!?!?

And no before you ask I haven’t taken up a position with the UK tourist board- I just love England! 🙂

What do you love about your country? Have you visited England before?



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27 responses to “This is England…

  1. it IIS BeautifuL!!!! wow ! those sheep are SO CUTE! and that top looks gREAT on you!!!! what i love about london isthat there is ALWAYS something to do in the city! and you can get around so easily!

  2. Wow the scenery is absolutely beautiful! And what a great outfit, you look super cute 😀

  3. I’m with you every word of this! England is a stunning country and there’s nothing to compare with the countryside in late spring; it makes me happy to go outside every day ay the moment – woop for England!
    You look gorgeous in that outfit too 🙂

  4. So beautiful!!! England looks amazing, I hope I’ll be able to go someday! What do I love about the US? Ummm…Obama. That might be it. Haha! No I love the mountains here in Virginia and I love the diversity in cities like New York and Atlanta.

  5. I love your outfit! That’s really interesting about the honey, i suffer from hayfever too so I might give that a go!
    I love England! but being from Ireland I have to side with the homeland 😉

  6. I’ve always wanted to visit England 🙂 It seems a beautiful place!!!

  7. So pretty! I want to go to that place to shop and pet the animals! 🙂 The weather looks fantastic! Jealous…


  8. You look so great in your outfit! I do think that you can not beat a summers day in England. I know its nice to go abroad sometimes but if you hit on good weather down in Brighton for example, well I just love it!

  9. That looks like my kinda shop!!

  10. czechvegan

    Oh I love England. I´ve been to England only once. I saw London, Stratford, Oxford, not much, but what I saw was all so pretty! I hope to come back soon:)

  11. I think what I love about Wales is the wild green-ness, if that makes sense…it’s beautiful (:
    Glad you managed to track down some honey!
    Oooooh, and I really like your outfit (: xx

  12. Yeah I love England too!

  13. that scenery is seriously breathtaking! and I love your hair soo pretty 🙂

  14. Great post! The pictures are all so pretty – I love England too 🙂

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  16. So pretty! Hope to visit England someday soon 🙂
    I like the sheep! Reminds me of when I was in Norway.

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