SUPERfood Salad

Hey y’all!  I have been unbelievably lazy today.  The only thing worth noting is my trip to the gym this morning.  Otherwise I’ve been reading my new book, watching TV and sleeping.  I don’t intend to change this theme however, more reading and movie watching is planned for later.  Yayyy for the holidays! 😀

Yesterday was slightly more productive with my trip to the farm shop, but before my short time out of town I whipped up a green smoothie…

This one filled my smoothie glass 2 and a half times…gulp!  I ate it all too, greedy me!  It included 1 banana, 1 apple, handfuls of spinach, rice milk, water, xanthan gum, ground flax, maple syrup, mesquite, cinnamon and ginger.  I topped it with copious amount of vanilla pumpkin and choccy seeds courtesy of Munchy Seeds.

Once I made it back from the farm shop I headed up to the park near my house for some more sun loving.  I decided to pack my lunch and take it with me.  It consisted of some of the left over salad from my Easter BBQ, some Sweet Chilli Hummus and some vegetable crisps…

After the park it was time to get my workout on.  I did 25 minutes of Yoga for Runners and an upper body workout with abs.  Super hungry wasn’t the word after working out.  Dinner last night and lunch today was this…

This salad is seriously delicious and full of nutritious goodies and marks the arrival of salad number 4 in my Sex Up Your Salad Challenge.

 *SUPERfood Salad*


  • 2 cups of cooked quinoa
  • 1 cup of cooked aubergine
  • 1/2 cup of courgette
  • 1/2 cup of diced red pepper
  • 1/3 cup of whole almonds
  • 1/4 cupof goji berries
  • 1/4 cup of omega mixed seeds (I used Munchy Seeds)
  • half an avocado diced
  • 2 tbsps of fresh lemon juice
  • 1 tbsp of honey (I used my new local honey)
  • 1 tbsp of red wine vinegar
  • 4 tbsps of of canola oil
  • seasonings

Now this is the kind of food that I love because it’s just a case of mixing all of the ingredients in a bowl and serving it up.  This recipe makes 2 large or 3 small portions and can be eaten both warm or cold.

It would also be great as a side to any meat, fish or vegetable dish.  I love quinoa for it’s amazing nutritional profile and it acts as a great vehicle for different flavours, as lets be honest it’s not the most exciting of flavours by itself.

Enjoy!!! 🙂

Breakfast this morning was a delcious bowl of warm oats  The temperatures have dipped and it was much chillier this morning, so oats was the perfect choice.

A simple bowl containing oats, a banana, chia seeds, rice milk, honey, peanut flour and topped with omega mixed seeds and Meridian morello cherry jam.

I did manage to move my butt from the sofa today for a workout at the gym that included 1 hour of cross country intervals on the cross trainer, adaptive motion trainer and the bike followed by some ab work.  My only really activity of the day…doncha just love sofa days?!?!

Sofa day or not, a girl needs to eat.  For dinner tonight I made a socca pizza which I topped with roasted buffy squash (no kabocha at Asda again!), black eyed beans, goat’s cheese and spinach.

I’m hoping for a more productive day tomorrow my wardrobe seriously needs a sorting out.  It looks like a bomb went off- my mama would be ashamed!!! 😛  I’ve also got some reading to keep me busy of the PhD variety and  a workout planned in the morning.

Well I better get-a-moving, movies to watch, nails to paint…life is so busy round about now. 

How do you like to spend your sofa days?  What are your favourite eats when watching movies?



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31 responses to “SUPERfood Salad

  1. Woah that salad looks DELICIOUS!! Seriously, I have to try that!!

    Aaah lucky you on your sofa day!! Sofa days= chick flicks (Miss Congeniality!!) and cookies!! 😀

  2. that is SUCH A superfood salad!! YUMMY!

    ahh i need to make socca- its been TOO LONG!

  3. I want that green smoothie and that salad! They look so delicious!

  4. Oh how I long for a sofa day! x x

  5. All your food looks ah-mazing!!! especially that salad 🙂

  6. Yay for black eyed peas prepared in a light, fun way. Great photos. Love the recipes.

  7. I love quinoa but I’ve never had it with avocado before. Gotta give that a try. That cherry jam looks delicious too 😀

  8. I’ve actually never heard of aubergine, is it some type of grain? But this superfood salad seriously looks AMAZEBALLS! And I’m def. getting ingredients to make it on thursday when I hit up whole foods! Thanks for the recipe:)

  9. I like being lazy for a little while, but I get bored very easily! Talking of sorting out wardrobes, I decided enough was enough with mine at 10:30 last night and stayed up really late tidying it!

    I love quinoa – I love the texture and I don’t eevn mind the flavour on it’s own.

  10. That is a major salad! When I watch movies, I like to eat both sweet and savory. So popcorn with Reeses Pieces are a fave!

  11. Oooh wow that salad looks so good!! I love sofa days but I get bored and fidgety so I never really have whole days of them haha! I love curling up and watching a good chick flick with a huge bowl of cereal and yogurt though 🙂

  12. That socca pizza is definitely the most delicious one I’ve ever seen! What is buffy squash? Is that the same as butternut?!

  13. fab superfood salad! So nutritious! Looks like you’re having a wonderful break – enjoy 🙂

  14. Awesome superfood salad!! delicious and nutritious!
    Aw I love sofa days! popcorn is the ultimate movie food for me 🙂

  15. Monday was more of a sofa day for me – we watched 5 movies! I love home made popcorn and chopped fruit for movie snacks 🙂

  16. Wow that’s a serious salad! Well done!

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