Supporting YOU!

Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement yesterday.  I read every one of them as always and found them all very motivational.   I’m going to give it my best shot and someway, somehow I’m going to get myself a PhD!! 😀

I’ve been seriously impressed with Laura and Sophia in their efforts to support small businesses and other blogs.  I really want to introduce blog sponsorship to my blog and get involved in helping others in this way.  However, I’m going to stay true to my blog and only consider working with businesses that I truly believe in and whom I share the same values with.  All the proceeds from sponsorship opportunities will be reinvested back into the blog…giveaways anyone?

Since the precedent has been set sponsorships will be restricted to a monthly basis at very little cost.  If you are interested in discussing sponsoring Celery and Cupcakes then drop me an email at

I’m so excited to announce that Pulsin’ are my first ever blog sponsor.  I’ve worked with Pulsin’ a lot recently and really enjoyed reviewing their products. Pulsin’ have been very generous and offered a 10% discount to all my readers when you enter celeryandcupcakes when paying for your goods at their online store.

Go check it out!!! 😀

This morning I woke up bright and early to start my day with the yoga for runners podcast and an ab and core workout.  It has been few days since I had a lovely bowl of warm oats and the cravings had set in when I woke,  so I made a variation of my Apple Strudel Oats.

This was amazing!  I added dates and dried cranberries to the mix and sprinkled it with raw almonds…YUM!

Lunch was a very sexy Asparagus Panzanella  salad leftover from the night before.  I love this salad- it’s so simple and fresh.  I was wishing that I was in the Mediterranean when I was eating it today. 

After finishing up in the lab I headed over to the gym for an awesome 50 minute spinning class.  Again I went to a road cycling spinning class rather than the more freestyle classes that I usually attend.  The road cycling classes are great fun as we always do a section of a cycling competition.  I also did 10 minutes of interval training on the cross trainer.

Dinner tonight was a super quick and super tasty stir fry.  I mixed broccoli florets, baby corn, baby carrots, and mange tout with some marinated tofu and served it with brown rice, cashew nuts and some crunchy bites from Munchy Seeds.

I marinated the tofu in soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce and some rice wine vinegar and left it for a few hours in the fridge.  The remaining marinade was used to make the sauce for the rest of the stir fry.  If you didn’t know by now, I do love my stir fries!

I’m going now to finish up some reading and make some chai tea-it’s a little but chilly tonight…brrrrrrrrrr!  I will be back tomorrow with a rather deep Friday Feature Post so I will see you then.

Have a great night! x



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10 responses to “Supporting YOU!

  1. i LOVE your stir fries too!! umm thats so cool about having sponsorships!!! i wnt some!! how does it work?

    i love pulsin!

  2. Oh it’s so weird reading your posts right when they come out because it’s nighttime for you, but only 4:00 for me, here!! Love the stirfry though! You always have such great fresh produce filled meals that I want to GOBBLE GOBBLE UP! Have a great night and enjoy your chai tea!

  3. I haven”t eaten oats for AGES! Yours look so good I may have to get back to porridge lovin!

  4. Your stir frys always look delicious 🙂

  5. The sponsorship idea sounds great! Go for it!

  6. czechvegan

    I love stir fries as well, they are great:) and those apple-streudel oats look tasty! I like apples in my morning oatmeal:)

  7. I love stir fries. They are quick easy and they are so many ways to change up the flavors:)

  8. Oooh that’s so cool about your sponsorship! I think I may be making use of that discount 😉
    Your stir fry looks amaaazing!! i haven’t had one in AGES!! you’ve given me the craving 😀

  9. You’ve got me craving a stir fry now…that’s dinner sorted!

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