Friday Feature: BE YOU! LOVE YOU!

Before I begin  this post I wanted to warn those who are recovering from an eating disorder or are suffering from anything similar then this post focuses on body image.  You may or may not find this  triggering, but I thought I should make you all aware.

This really peeved me off…


Another obviously photo shopped picture on the front of a magazine, in this case Grazia magazine.  Not only did they doctor the original image (right)by removing Prince William and doctor the way Kate Middleton is holding the bouquet, they also went as far a making her very tiny waist even more tiny!

I think it is about time that the media paid attention to the negative impact that such images can have on their audiences body image.  This made me want to revisit and expand on a previous post


The fashion, movie and music industries and not forgetting the media, insist on bombarding our everyday life’s with celebrity diets, quick fixes and how they think we should look.  Their idealised visions are often unattainable for most and make us believe that our bodies are inadequate and need a serious over haul.

Practically most of the women and men posing on the front covers of magazines have been airbrushed and tweaked to an unfathomable extent.  We have to remember that these women are also real women.  Despite their apparent 24 hour glamour I’m sure they suffer from cellulite, gaining weight and days when they just don’t feel that good about themselves.

Arrows and big red circles of shame highlighting the fact that celebrities are human, just like the rest of us…

Women and girls around the world spend millions of pounds on magazines, diet pills, fashion and cosmetics all year round.  I’m not petitioning against the fashion industries or media at all.  Like many women I have invested a lot of time and money in these industries searching for some kind of release from my “inadequate self.”  What I do believe is that these industries cannot use unattainable body images to sell their products without us fuelling the fire.

As beautiful and intelligent women, we can fight back!

So when you look in the mirror each morning or catch a glimpse of your reflection, always, always, always ALWAYS

…because she is beautiful.  And that she is YOU!

What are your thoughts about how the media portrays celebrities on the covers of magazines?  Does the media have a negative impact on you in reference to your own body image?  Would you like the media to change it’s ways?



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21 responses to “Friday Feature: BE YOU! LOVE YOU!

  1. czechvegan

    Lovely post on such an important topic!! Thanks for this:)

  2. Great post. I can’t believe that Grazia made Kate’s waist smaller – she’s so slim anyway! Photoshopping really annoys me, it makes it so hard to have any concept of what is “real” or “normal”.
    And it’s not just magazines and celebrities, “teeth whitening” and “skin enhancements” were options for my graduation pictures which I thought was just awful, what’s wrong with a picture of me actually looking like me?! x

  3. YES YES YES!! the media has a HUGE impact on me.. well it used to.. sitll does a bit though- it seriously needs to change becuz it really hinders people’s self esteems!..
    GREAT POSt- so glad you touched up on this!

  4. runyogarepeat

    Awesome post! One thing that annoys me is when the media will make comments on celebs that put on 5 or so lbs and call them “chunky,” even though they’re a normal weight. Everyone goes through weight fluctuations!

  5. Great post! What worries me is that I’m fully aware that the media manipulates images (that picture of Kate is just ridiculous) and they still influence me, but what about younger girls who perhaps don’t realise that they are fake.

    Also, for certain celebs it’s their job to maintain their image – they have personal trainers, nutritionists, hair and make-up people. I’m thankful that I don’t have that kind of pressure – I’ll keep my job if I put on a few pounds and I have people around me that love me no matter what.

  6. I do not buy those types of magazines any more. I used to like Heat, and also Cosmo, but I found they got worse (or I lost patience with them)- one week they would be pointing out someones cellulite/ saying people were fat, the next week too thin, then going on about fast fix crash diets. So I just do not read them or buy them or pay them any attention.

  7. In case I seem hypocritical in my comment because I am one of “the media”, I want to assure people that my local weekly paper doesn’t Photoshop pictures! πŸ™‚
    This is a brilliant post… I can’t see why that magazine would do the Photoshopping on someone who’s so stunning anyway. As you say, she has a very slim waist so why make it smaller so it looks unrealistic?
    I think that is definitely very irresponsible because pictures like this are lying to impressionable people by implying that this figure is attainable when it isn’t.
    There should at least be a law making magazines print a decent-sized disclaimer on any altered image but the editors should have more responsibility and morality anyway!
    I don’t take any notice of pictures like this in relation to what I look like – but maybe we all do subconsciously because the number of pictures like this builds up a subliminal impression – not good!

  8. Ahh I LOVE this post!! the media has SUCH a crazy influence…I used to always compare myself when they printed about celebrities weight, sizes and measurements.. I don’t do it anymore but I know there are SO MANY impressionable young girls especially who do.
    I do read those type of magazines, and I think they’re fine as long as you don’t take them too seriously and most importantly are happy in your own skin. πŸ™‚

  9. Oh the media.. i can’t believe the photo shopped Kate. It’s so unnecessary! It has a huge effect on people. I stay away from that kind of stuff.

  10. This is a very important post. I glad you covered this topic! I’m sick of the media brain-washing people into becoming something they’re not. So what if somebody has a few extra pounds? Big deal. They are probably perfectly healthy just the way they are.


  11. This is an awesome post. I think the media influences us into thinking the thinner the better and this is just so wrong and completely dangerous. We should be happy in our own skin and not worry so much about the numbers πŸ˜€

  12. The Teenage Taste

    Great post Jemma! I hate how the media portrays an “ideal” to women and girls that just isn’t realistic or even possible! Kate Middleton is pretty thin to begin with…why must they make her appear even slimmer?!

  13. stuffedsillysarah

    well said πŸ™‚ x x

  14. GREAT post Jemma!! That is shocking how Grazia photoshopped Kate!! Her waist looks ridiculously small there!! That’s part of the reason I don’t read magazines like that (and cos I can’t afford it! :P) but it IS a really bad message they’re sending out!!

  15. What a great post. I’ll be the first to admit that when I was younger I was totallyyy brainwashed by magazines, but thankfully I now realize that all of that is BS. You are gorgeous by the way!!!

  16. I was exactly the same when I was younger. I thought because all of these celebrities were all so slim and tiny of the magazine covers that is how everyone was supposed to look including me. Not anymore though. I hate to think what effect the magazines are having on the youth of today.

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