The Break Up!

It’s a sad day my friends.  The time has come to stash it away, lock up the cupboards until I am in a more favourable state of mind.  When I can resist the jar of peanut butter calling my name.  PB is like my form of crack.  There I admit it! 

“My name is Jemma.  I’m a PB and nut butters in general addict!”

Yes its true, it’s true. I’m an addict and it has come to the point where me and my good friend PB have to break up or take a break at least for a while.  It’s going  to be a challenge and hard, but it has to be done.  At this poignant time I thought it would be a good opportunity to pay tribute to my friend PB…

An Ode to PB

It was sometime late last summer when we first met,

I imagined it was another grocery shop, not knowing what I would get,

In went the veggies, fruit and household stuff,

But my basket looked so dull it just wasn’t enough,

On to the next aisle full of marmalade and jams,

And there you were sitting all shiny on the stand,

You looked at me I looked at you,

I was instantly hooked that much I knew,

As I edged forward I felt the butterflies rise,

Smooth or crunchy-what a choice, my oh my!

I made my choice and crunchy it was,

I couldn’t wait to get you home to get that lid off,

Deliciously good,  it was meant to be,

So in I went for my next spoonful smiling with glee,

Cashew, almond, brazil nut butter too,

Too much! No more!  I’m addicted it’s true,

This is not goodbye nor is it farewell,

Just a short break my beloved friend, but I fear it’s going to be HELL!

Tut! Tut!  Such poor usage of Shakespeare’s iambic pentameter and rhyming couplets.  😀   My English teacher, Mrs Hunt, would be so ashamed. 

My eats have been tasty despite the lack of PB.  Yesterday for breakfast I tried to replicate the super food smoothie that I had a few weeks ago in Leamington Spa in green smoothie form:

I mixed pineapple, frozen blueberries, frozen raspberries, a banana, spinach, rice milk, water and xanthan gum and topped it with vanilla pumpkin seeds, dates and Dorset Cereals low fat flakes.  This was good and very refreshing with all of the berries and pineapple.

Lunch yesterday was leftovers from the butternut squash risotto I made for dinner last night.  For today’s lunch I had what was pretty much a platter of veggies and fruit in the form of cabbage wraps filled with roasted butternut squash, bean sprouts and some crunchy bites, raw carrots and fresh pineapple.

As you can probably tell, I do love my veggies and fruit!

Today’s breakfast was another green smoothie- I seem to be craving them at the minute!  For this one I blitzed up spinach, spring greens, 2 pears, frozen strawberries, coconut, lucuma powder, ground flax, mesquite, chocolate soya milk, water and xanthan gum.

Damn this was good!

Dinner last night and tonight was a reinvention of my Healthy Chilli, vegetarian style.

Now that I eat virtually no meat anymore just fish now and then I thought it was time to adapt one of my favourite dishes to my new eating preferences.  It was really easy and i followed my original recipe exactly, except rather than adding turkey mince I used red kidney beans and cannellini beans with some extra veggies.

I will definitely be making it this way forever more!

My workouts the past few days have included some free flow yoga in the morning as all of muscles were so tight followed by some abs and core work.  In the evening I headed to the gym for a cardio session consisting of a 30 minute hill climb on the cross trainer and 30 minutes across the sci fit, adaptive motion trainer and the bike.  Tonight I headed to the gym for my spinning class, 15 minutes of my 10K plan and an upper body workout.  I felt great after today’s spinning class-I’m still in love with it!

The next week or so is going to be interesting without any nut butters, but fear not I have just placed an iHerb order that consists mainly of PB & Co and Artisana products.  OH YEAH!!!

What is the one product that you are addicted to right now?  Could you ever give it up for a little while?

Writing poetry is hard, but I liked the rhyming thing the most,

Now I must go, but I will be back tomorrow for a Friday Feature Post!

(Ha!  Lame I know :D)



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16 responses to “The Break Up!

  1. Oh my gosh that’s gonna take allottta willpower!! I’m definitely addicted to peanut butter too! I actually nearly went all day today without it, but just HAD to have some with a banana a little while ago 😉

  2. I have to say I am feeling exactly the same at the moment, I feel like my nut butter addiction is getting out of hand 😛 So I am trying to reduce it aswell.

  3. What?!!! You are one strong woman, I don’t have it in me

  4. I am addicted to my oats+spelt flakes+wheat germ combo I eat for breakfast and God no! I couldn´t give it up:)) The chilli you posted looks great!

  5. haha kudos to you! I’m lovin’ nut butters too–like cashew butter and naner almond butter! 🙂

  6. Obviously you can apprechiate I also have a long standing addiction to green smoothies too 😛 But yes, pb is amazing – at the moment I’m trying to break my coffee habit after NYC – just for a couple of weeks then I’ll be back on it!

  7. Haha! Your ode is too funny! I don’t think I could live without Greek yogurt even for just a couple days!!

  8. Unfortunately resolving to give things up only makes me want them more, and then end up eating an entire jar in one go. The only way I can overcome addictions is to ban whatever it is from the house!

    I hope it’s not a reflection of feeling bad/out of control/wanting to lose weight or anything appearance-related, because honestly I aspire to look and eat like you.

    Thanks for commenting to me even though my last post was so awful.


  9. Haha – I love the poetry!

    I’ve temporarily broken up with frozen yoghurt … but I emphasise the TEMPORARY part.

  10. Love the poem 😉 Im sure it will be hard, nut butters are what I live for! I cant go a day without it!
    Good luck:D
    I order from iherb ALL the time too. I think they have so good prices. I live in Norway, and this contry is seriously expencive! Love Astisans butter!

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