Friday Feature: A step too far…

So my last Friday Feature Post focused on the effect that the media can have on body image, but how about the impact of your own family?



Say what?!?!?

Yes you did hear right- the poor girls mum is giving her botox and she’s only 8 years old.  Not only are the physical implications huge but the psychological implications are also a worry.  I feel so sad for the little girl.  At such a young age she thinks that botox makes her look more pretty and even more upsetting is that the mum doesn’t even realise the possible long term effects injecting her daughter could have. 

What was your reaction when you first saw this?

Just because the little girl wants to have the botox do you still think that makes it OK?

Has anyone in your family influenced your body image?



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28 responses to “Friday Feature: A step too far…

  1. This is absolutely ridiculous! People like that shouldn’t be aloud to have children…I think its a disgrace.

  2. WHAT?!?! Why?! This is totally insane!!!

  3. runyogarepeat

    This is so wrong! The little girl probably thinks she needs botox from her mom, which is going to change her view on natural beauty even when she’s older. It’s kinda sad.

  4. God this sort of thing makes me feel sick. I’ve seen similar in the papers and what worries me most almost is that the girls will think their parents only love them if they look “good” and that looking older is “bad”. That bit about “pretty and beautiful – the nice words” – just wrong.
    Not only will this poor girl end up with a ridiculous paralysed forehead like her mum – and possibly worse as no one yet knows what the long-term effects of Botox could be – she’ll be irreparably psychologically damaged. I’m glad social services are stepping in, just hope it’s not too late x

  5. Someone needs to call child protection services…like now…This is just really disturbing and wrong on so many levels. What kind of message are people trying to convey here? 😦

  6. oh my gawd, I heard about this (and watched the video!) and I think it’s absolutely RIDICULOUS!! What an awful mother having her child get botox…my mom wouldn’t even let me highlight my hair until i turned 16. that crazy lady!

  7. Oh my word that is awful. I think I was so lucky, because my Mum never commented on my looks- I was never given makeup or stuff like that and I was taught to be happy with myself, and confident in my own skin. Even now I have friends who would not even go to the shops without makeup on, and I feel sad for them a little because I think they look fine without it. I know that is only a little issue compared to the baby beauty queens and stuff, but it still shows how our society is still hung up on looks so much.

  8. The Teenage Taste

    That is terrible! I can’t believe little girls are now getting botox. I don’t care if it helps win pagents or not…it’s crazy!

  9. I’m really lucky that my parents have always been really supportive of me and told me I’m beautiful no matter what. I still struggle with my body image despite that, so goodness knows what a mess this girl will be when she gets older!

  10. Errign

    That is so, so, so wrong! I cannot believe that. Even if the little girl wanted botox (but, first of all, how does she even know what botox really is?!), her mother should have definitely said no!

  11. I used to love doing beauty pageants, but we never got into any crazy stuff. This is just nuts. I don’t care what the kid wants; parents should be wise enough to make more appropriate and authoritative decisions!

  12. This is totally awful! I can’t even watch the whole thing!

  13. Ugh, I heard about this on Friday. It seriously disgusts me. I can’t believe that her mom would do that. Seriously terrible

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