Too much intensity!

Thank you all for your lovely comments about my troublesome knees. 😀 I rested on Sunday and did my yoga DVD, and upper body workout and my abs and core workout yesterday.  Today I did a 30 minute hill climb on the cross trainer and 30 minutes across the sci fit, bike and step machine.  I also did some ab and core work.

My knees still feel tight.  There is still that constant heavy feeling when I walk, but they are feeling better.  Because this is the second knee injury that I’ve had in about six months, although not serious I think it was time that I got fitted with some proper running shoes.  It’s definitely a priority for next month.  Also I think doing to many high intensity activities in a row has also had it’s toll on my knees.  So form now on I’m going to alternate my workouts between high intensity (running/spinning/treadmill) and lower impact activities. 

As soon as my knees decide to sort themselves out my workout week will look a little like this…

MONDAY: 30 minute hill climb/cross country cross trainer workout, 30 minutes across the sci fit, adaptive motion trainer and bike, yoga for runners podcast.

TUESDAY: Yoga DVD, upper body workout, abs and core workout

WEDNESDAY: 4+ mile run abs and core

THURSDAY: Spinning, resistance workout, 15-20 minutes of my 10K plan.

FRIDAY: 10K plan, 30 minutes of intervals across the cross trainer, step machine and bike, core workout from Yoga

SUNDAY: Long run

The cardio and toning workouts will be spilt into morning and evening workouts to make them more flexible when I am pushed for time.


Breakfast on Monday and today have been smoothies to go…

My smoothies are so huge that my poor flask cannot contain all of it.  So a mug full and a bit more before I left home each morning plus my flask full has made my tummy very very happy! 😀  The mixed berries and pineapple smoothie contained a banana, mixed frozen berries, fresh pineapple, romaine lettuce, hemp protein powder, lucuma powder, rice milk, water and ground flax.  

Another green smoothie to go was for this morning’s breakfast…

This one included frozen mixed berries, carob powder, coconut, a banana pea protein powder, romaine lettuce, mesquite, maca powder, water and vanilla rice milk. Both were equally delicious! 

For lunch on Monday I made a style of Buddha Bowl that included mixed leaves, water cress, sprouting alfalfa seeds, millet seeds, crunchy bites and roasted and marinated chick peas. I made a simple and quick salad dressing using local honey, red wine vinegar and canola oil.

The chick peas were marinated in a sauce made from cumin, chilli powder, soy sauce, oyster sauce and rice vinegar.  This was my first experience of roasted chickpeas and I’m totally won over- they’re amazing!  Dinner last night was just leftovers from the vegetable stir fry with pineapple from the night before, but with steamed sweet heart cabbage rather than noodles this time.

Lunch today was a lovely butternut squash and red lentil soup that I made in a super speed time last night…

This soup was a total yumfest (not used that word in a while ;)). Considering it took little effort I was quite surprised.  I literally threw a whole butternut squash in the oven whilst I got on with some other bits and pieces.  The red lentils took less then 15 minutes to boil in some stock.  Then it was just a case of blending the skinned squash, lentils and some of the cooking stock together. Voila! 

Now on to the most random plate of food that I ever did see.  I’ve literally not long finished in the lab and wasn’t in the mood to cook so I decided to rustle up a snack plate…

A slice of toasted amaranth and quinoa rye bread topped with avocado nooch, grated carrots, sprouting alfalfa seeds sprinkled with dried fruit and nuts; marinated roasted chick peas and a sliced apple. 

Random it may be, but it was darn tasty! 🙂

Do you alternate between high and low intensity workouts?

What’s the most random plate of food you have ever ate?

Another completely random question but I received some rhubarb in my veg box and have know idea what to do with it- do you have any amazing recipes to share??!?!? 😀



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28 responses to “Too much intensity!

  1. great workout week! they are all very intense! i usualy do a day of running then the next day will be a level of the 30 day shred.. something with strength and something that isnt as long!

  2. wonky_monkey

    Rhubarb crumble! Rhubarb with custard! Or rhubarb sorbet or ice cream…

    It makes a really nice sweet’n’sour compote to go with savoury dishes as well; it’s particularly nice with mackerel!

  3. Wow your high intensity and low intensity workouts are intense!! Definitely need to rest. And I love that breakfast smoothie, it looks so refreshing 😀

  4. I love the look of that coleslaw/carrot pile – snack plates are great!
    It might be worth doing a bit of cycling for the sake of your knees; when my friend was recovering from a knee op, the doctor said cycling was best for it, even better than swimming, because of the lack of concussion…
    As far as the rhubarb goes, what about stewing it? It’s lovely with yoghurt on top; or put oats mixed with almond butter and apple sauce on top and bake for a healthy “crumble” – I do that with apple and it’s amazing 🙂

  5. Such a pretty pink smoothie! I love that you put carob in it. I want to try that!

  6. these workouts all sound like a sweat-breaker for sure. I love it. Just be careful Jemma and keep listening to your body! I know it’s sooooooo hard to do that 🙂

  7. Everything looks so good, and that smoothie looks so refreshing!

  8. i love chickpeas always

  9. Ahhh I just love chickpeas in every form, although I’ve never tried them roasted.
    I think it’s a good idea to mix up your workouts, especially because you don’t want to burn out before your 10k race.

    Good luck!!!

  10. Make my Rhubarb and Orange compote! Then make my Strawberry and Rhubarb smoothie 🙂 hope your knees get better soon x

  11. Although at times it may be difficult since you just want to go, go, go…your body loves you when you alternate with low intensity workouts/rest!

    I need to get on the roasted chick pea bandwagon, those look sooo yummy!! And I also need to get some rhubarb, I’ve seen so many recipes for it popping up 🙂

  12. I am ALL about high intensity workouts! Its so funny… I didnt get abs until I STOPPED running for ages on the treadmill and started doing weightlifting and super short but intense cardio workouts!
    Now I wont even step on that damned treadmill 😉

  13. Errign

    Most of the time, I do alternate my workouts between running, mountain biking, strength training and yoga. Lately though my knees and hips have been bothering me, so it’s been a slow process to figure out how I’ve been irritating them whilst running. I need to get fitted for new shoes too, as I’ve never done that.

  14. Sorry about the knees. I’m loving some chickpeas today too. I haven’t tried them roasted yet, but that’s on my list!

  15. That salad looks amazing. Maybe it’s because I have a chickpea obsession.

  16. Stew the rhubarb with some juice and some ginger- then have with yoghurt or on porridge- it is quite sharp but yummy. It also goes nicely in muffins (cook it first, then use a blueberry muffin/ other fruit muffin recipe and sub in the rhubarb, and add ginger again)

  17. I try to even my high intensity workouts with lots of yoga my thighs are killing at the mo, roll on tomorrows yoga session! x x

  18. Those marinated chickpeas looks delicious. What did you marinate them in?

  19. as usual – yum!
    I’ve never actually made anything with rhubarb! The most obvious thing is some kind of rhubarb crumble…oh! I did see this recipe yesterday, though, which is raw and looks interesting (:

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