A lil’ appreciation

Hey y’all!! I can’t believe it’s Thursday already.  This week has just flown by for me- how’s the week been for you?!?!

Today marked the end of my PB fast.  Do you remember?  That insanely awful poem that I wrote and I was giving up PB for at least a week.  Well I managed it and haven’t touched a spoonful of the stuff or any nut butter in fact.  It was actually quite tough at first as it is something that I eat regularly in large quantities, but I persevered and it got much easier towards the end. So…

Did I miss PB?  Yes

Could I ever live without PB?  Hell no!

Am I about to dive into the nearest jar of nut butter to make up for my fast? NO!

In fact I have learnt a lot about my eating habits during this short term PB fast.  I’ve now realised that my portions are a little out of control when it comes to things like nut butters, dark chocolate dreams, granola etc.  Things that I love and tend to eat in some sort of excess.

It got to the point with PB especially that I would eat it and not really appreciate it because it was something that I would eat so often and I knew that I could go right up to the cupboard and get some. By cutting PB out, I realised that I really not need as much as I was eating before and that just having enough to satisfy any cravings (I have those often) is enough. 

I do love PB!!! 😀

Since I’ve been so busy and holed up at uni preparing a talk that I’m giving next week (eeeek!), my eats have been pretty much what has been to hand and easy.  Breakfast yesterday was a huge bowl of my Home Mixed Muesli (recipe to come) with Kara coconut milk topped with Rachel’s Organic coconut yoghurt and warm berries.

Since I was breaking my PB fast today, obviously it had to make a small appearance in this morning’s bowl of oats…

I mixed 1/2 cup of oats with Kara coconut milk, cinnamon, mixed frozen berries and drizzled it with maple syrup and 2 teaspoons, yes just 2 teaspoons, of smooth PB.   Two teaspoons is a lot less than my previous 2 tablespoons and a few finger portions, but it was enough to calm my cravings!  😀

Lunches have been straight from the freezer:

For dinner last night I made a super speedy tomato and vegetable stew.

Seriously this took me less than 25 minutes to cook and it tasted amazing!  Into the saucepan went a lot of veggies that I needed to use up such as mushrooms, butternut squash, asparagus, courgettes and half an onion.

Also two grated garlic cloves, dried mixed herbs, balsamic vinegar, tomatoes, tomato puree, black eyed beans, a tsp of agave nectar all made this extra delicious.  I served it with steamed hispi cabbage ribbons and crunchy bites.

Despite being super busy I’ve found time for some dessert too…

*Chocolate and Nana Shake*

  • 2 cups of crushed ice
  • 1 banana
  • 2 tsps of organic cocoa powder
  • 4 dates (or just add some sweetener)
  • 100 ml of vanilla rice milk (or any other milk alternative)

This was really refreshing after a long day! 😀

Dinner tonight was a garlic and ginger stir fry with broccoli, pak choi, mushrooms, spring onions, soya chunks and soba noodles.  I made a sauce from some yellow chilli and ginger sauce, sweet white miso, soya sauce and rice vinegar.

Exercise has been great over the past few day to help clear my head.  I’m still trying to keep everything low impact so yesterday morning I started with some free style yoga and some ab and core work.  in the afternoon I headed over to the gym to attend my first ever Spin Core class.  Guys this class is badass!  Seriously my body has never known so much pain!!! The class involved 30 minutes of full on sprinting on the spinning bikes and 30 minutes of core and abdominal work with weights.  At one point the resistance was up by 7  full turns and we were still expected to sprint!  We were only allow a 4 second break between each 20 sets of the core workout too.  Sometimes, well actually a lot of the time I had to take a sneaky break- definitely the hardest variation of spinning I have tried yet!

It was so challenging!  I loved it and want to go AGAIN and AGAIN!

This morning started with Yoga for Runners and I’ve just got back from my first Body Pump class!!! 😀 Trying out these new classes whilst my knee heals has been great.   They are lower impact on my knees and I also get a great workout- two pluses!!!

My knee is feeling much better now too!  The swelling has gone down and the tightness has all gone.  Although I don’t think I will do any running again until next week just in case. 😀

Well I can here a a few squares of Vivani mango dark chocolate calling my name- so I’m off for a few squares of that and a night of rehearsing my presentation.

Have you ever given anything up food wise and learnt anything from it?

Have you tried any new fitness classes lately?

Have an amazing Friday everyone! x



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32 responses to “A lil’ appreciation

  1. aHH i could not do that! serious PROPS to you! in face i may NEED to since you realized how u rly dnt need it that often!

  2. I don’t think I have had nut butter for a week as well :S travesty! Like you I think I was going a bit overboard with it, and not really appreciating it. I do miss it a lot though, will have to restock my supplies 😛

  3. Nut butter is a blessing and a curse! I LOVE it but do realize that eating anything in excess is not super healthy for me! My alternative is to use PB flour for things which I enjoy the flavor of PB in and the real deal for things that I enjoy the flavor AND texture of PB…it’s been working like a charm!

    I am currently in the midst of a gluten-free week to see how my body will react…it’s neat to challenge yourself sometimes!

  4. Glad your knee’s feeling better and brilliant for doing a pb-free week – and not diving straight into it! I keep meaning to give up chocolate for a week for the same reason so I appreciate it more, but it doesn’t seem to have happened yet 🙂
    I’m trying Zumba for the first time on Saturday – can’t wait!

  5. So glad you brought pb back into your life!! And I love body pump- it’s such a challenging class. That dahl looks awesome too btw!

  6. I’ve tried to give up nut butter…It is saving my life though and I don’t know if I could do it. Good job for you, it looks like you realized what you needed to realize!

  7. czechvegan

    I love the spinach dahl and lentil soup you posted, my favourite meals 🙂
    Lately I´ve tried a fitness salsa class, which was ok, but I wasn´t too “head-over-heals” for it 🙂

  8. All of those dishes looked healthy and delicious! Great mix of sweet and savory; the vegetable stew looked like it would be hearty enough to stick to the bones, and the shake would cure any sweet tooth.

  9. I’m currently not drinking coffee and out of all foods I think coffee and sugar (I guess you could say I gave up meat and dairy too but I don’t think of them in the same way if you know what I mean?) I learned a lot giving up those – even though I eat hardly any sugar or drink a lot of coffee I can still feel it when I avoid them for a while. Makes me wonder what others who have coffee and sugar all the time are like!

  10. ooh yay for no more lack of pb!! I would literally go INSANE without my nut buttas!! 2 tsp sounds like such a skimpy portion, but it doesn’t look all too terribly small on your oats…which look fab btw!

  11. Aw I’m glad you’re back to having your PB! It’s only natural that we eat more of what we enjoy though…everyone does it! I wouldn’t deny yourself or cut down on it if that’s what you genuinely enjoy. You’ll probably find in time that you’ll find a new obsession anyway! You only live once I say so why limit yourself?! I eat kabocha in excess..like a whole one everyday. But I’m not going to stop myself from eating that much because it’s what I love!!
    So glad to hear that your knee is better! I know how rubbish you feel when you’re injured so it’s good to see improvement and feel back on form!

    • My knees are wayyyyyyyyyyy better. Although I’ve been exercising still, it’s all been lower impact stuff rather than running. I think that has reall helped and lots of yoga. I don’t think I could ever give up PB forever. It was great to challenge myself though.

  12. I gave up dessert for over a month last year- I can’t remember why, but it was so dumb, because as soon as I let myself eat it, I went way overboard!

  13. I love body pump classes! and i seriously feel like i need to add PB to my oatmeal because literally everyone does it! only if it melts and gets all gooie though!!

  14. I was already hungry and this post didn’t help. Your eats look so yum.

    Also, I also am a PB fiend. It’s just so good on everything.

  15. Yay glad you are loving the new classes 🙂
    I have recently got into those yoga downloads and they are really good.

  16. I have given up chocolate a few times, don’t normally last long at it though! But it does make you realise how dependent you can become on things.
    Well done with all your new classes. I’ve just tried BodyPump and I love it! I missed it this week but I think I’m going to start upping it to twice a week. I love feeling so strong!

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