Exciting news!

Hey lovely people! 😀

I hope you have all had a super weekend! For me the weekend has been really boring: work and studying!  Although I’ve planning to live it up next bank holiday weekend to make up for the lack of fun filled times on this one.  However, I have just come back form dinner with my Dad, which was lovely as I hadn’t seen him for a while.  Especially since my Dad told me that he’s going to take me to Florida in November for Thanks Giving!!!  I’m beyond excited already!  I’ve never stepped foot on American soil before and I can’t wait to spend some time with my family.  We will hopefully be making a pit stop to Chicago too, to visit my cousin.  Wooooohooooooooooooo! Excited much?!?! HELL YEAH!  So I will take that as my weekend highlight right there!

As for foodie highlights over this weekend there has been a few…

Breakfast on Friday was a scrum-didli-umptious (love that word!) avocado green protein smoothie and a slice of amaranth and quinoa rye bread topped with almond butter and morello cherry jam.  The avocado in the smoothie made it all thick and creamy.  I also added hemp protein powder, kara coconut milk, water, romaine lettuce, maca powder and honey.

A tasty salad is always a foodie highlight for me and this didn’t disappoint. This lovely plate of goodness included mixed salad leaves, spouting alfalfa seeds, edamame beans, millet, steamed string beans, cherry toms and goats cheese.

So tasty! 😀

Dinner last night was a lovely stir fry made using smoked tofu, edamame beans, yellow peppers, hispi cabbage, spring onions, mushrooms, a small sweet potato and some pumpkin seeds.  I also added peanut flour, rice vinegar, soy sauce and sweet white miso for a quick and delicious sauce.

I managed to find some time to cook the rhubarb that I got in my veggie box.  Thanks so much for all of your suggestions.  The most popular suggestion was to stew it or make a compote with it- so that’s what I did!

Laura has an amazingly simple recipe for a rhubarb compote.  To the mix I also added some cinnamon and ginger, but didn’t have any oranges so I left those out.  As a rhubarb virgin I was eager to try this, so for breakfast this morning I had the compote on top of some Rachel’s organic vanilla yoghurt, dried cranberries and some Lizzi’s granola.  Holy yum!  This was good.  It was almost like eating dessert for breakfast.

Another fab breakfast to mention was an amazing bowl of oatmeal…

…made mixing oatmeal, chia seeds, hazelnut and almond rice milk and topped with dried cranberries, raw coconut, omega mixed seeds and dark chocolate dreams. 

I have such a busy week ahead!   The annual School of Life Sciences Postgraduate Symposium is being held on Thursday and Friday this week. It involves the efforts of literally all of the lecturers, professors, master and PhD students to showcase their work. As a first year PhD student you just go along to check things out.  In the second year you present your work in the form of a poster.  And in the third year…

in the third year…


…a presentation to the entire department.  A 17 minute talk followed by and excruciating 3 minutes for questions from the audience.  I’m in my third year.  I’m giving a talk.  I don’t want to do it!

It’s not necessarily the talk that freaks me out as you can rehearse the presentation until it’s practically tattooed to your brain, it’s the questions after.  The questions will most probably come from the most brainiest of academics ever and feel more like a cross questioning.  And there I will be at the front of the lecture theatre with a few 100 faces staring back at me quaking in my boots, but alas it has to be done

What was the foodie/event highlight of your weekend?

Does speaking in public freak you out?

Well I’m off to dig out my passport 🙂 and to have a  check over my presentation :(.  Have a great week everyone!



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19 responses to “Exciting news!

  1. Your salad looks amazing, I don’t like most cheeses/dairy products in general but LOVE goats cheese! Good luck with your presentation, I hate public speaking but have had to do it a lot more this year and am slowly getting used to it. I don’t think I’ll ever stop finding it terrifying though! x

  2. The Teenage Taste

    I love public speaking. My teachers actually have to tell me to stop when I am doing a presentation. I’m such a nerd.

  3. wonky_monkey

    That salad looks lovely!

    I don’t mind public speaking – it’s part of my job, and I used to be a lecturer, so I’m fairly used to it. The three things I’d say are:

    Prepare (tattooed on brain is right!!)

    Think about the sort of questions you might be asked (hard to do though, I know).

    Structure the presentation to head off as many questions as you can at the pass, and/or structure it so you can guide the sort of questions that will be asled.

    Good luck!!

  4. ohh, that is very exciting!!
    food highlight….hmmm, raw chocolate cake (:
    and I am not that great at public speaking!! So probably not the best person to give you advice!
    Have a brilliant week x

  5. stuffedsillysarah

    Ooh, which PhD are you studying? Very exciting about America – love visiting relatives over there… hope to fly over within the next year too x x You’re gonna love it 😀

  6. yayyyyyyY!!!!!!!!!!! for Florida!!!! I HATE public speaing – put me in a tutu and let me dance but speak??! hell, no way!!

  7. Woop for your trip – brilliant! And I randomly thought something was “scrumdidliumptious2 today for the first time ever – weird!
    Good luck in advance for your talk and try the old confidence trick of imagining the audience in their underwear; could be worth a go 🙂

  8. That is SO exciting!! You lucky girl!!

    Public speaking doesn’t really bother me- just picture them all naked, haha! 😛 No seriously you will do GREAT Jemma! 🙂

  9. That’s so exciting about Florida!! What part are you going to visit? I have family all around there and have been to just about every corner since they move so often. You’ll love it regardless, especially in the fall. Can’t say it’s the best place to be in the summer, but it’ll be nice in November.

  10. I took a public speaking class last semester, It’s like my worst fear! I’m really glad I did it though, it was actually a speech class so I got to pick some cool topics like nutrition and other things I was actually interested in! Just remember that nobody is really watching you and judging you as much as you think they are.


  11. Yay you’re coming here to Florida how fun!! 😀 Love the yummy oats btw 🙂

  12. Yay for holidays!!! SO exciting!
    I hate public speaking- I never mind in front of the children, but as soon as there are teachers or worse parents in the hall then I find it really hard. But I have to get on and do it as it’s part of my job!

  13. That is so exciting about Florida!! One of my best friends lives there! Your edamame salad looks deeelicious 🙂

  14. Very exciting news about the trip to the states, I bet your buzzing! Glad you liked the compote, I have a few batches in the freezer!

  15. czechvegan

    You dinner and breakfast look divine!
    The event highlight of my weekend was a birthday party for my friend! But not much of a tasty food was included 😦
    Speaking in public had always been my nightmare until I got used to it by long term praxis 🙂

  16. Yay to Florida! I had a good weekend my date 4 being the highlight : )

    I hate public speaking my mind goes blank, I go bright red and crumble into a ball! hahaha x

  17. My race and my pizza were the two highlights of my weekend. By the way, can you come cook me that stir fry? It’s drool-worthy.

  18. I’m very jealous that you’re getting to go to the US – I’ve never stepped on American soil either.

    That salad looks amazing – I love edamames 🙂

  19. I’m SO jealous of your trip!! you’re gonna have such an amazing time!! 😀
    Public speaking doesn’t really freak me out tbh..I’m kinda terrible at telling stories though cos I lose my train of thought mid-sentence!haha.

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