Which one?

Happy Monday! 😀

Did you have a good start to the week?!? I’ve been working on my presentation today.  The way I see it is that it’s only 20 minutes of my life and like some of you said the audience isn’t there to pull me down and criticise me.  I’m just going to grab the bull by the horns and go with it.  All I can do is give it my best shot, and if that isn’t good enough, well at least I tried.

Although I’m not going to imagine any of them naked or in their underwear when I give my talk.  Some of the academics are old men and ladies people…I mean come on..Ha!

For breakfast I had some super brain food in the form of chocolate and banana oats topped with PB…

This bowl of deliciousness included 1/2 cup of oats, ground flax, a banana, hazelnut and almond rice milk, organic cocoa powder and water.  As well as PB I also sprinkled on some pumpkin mix for some CRUNCH.

For lunch I bought a Tuna and Three Bean salad bowl from Marks & Spencer’s as it was on some promotional offer, so I thought why not.

I also threw in some cute apricots and a pack of omega sprinkle into the mix too.  The salad was lovely, but not amazingly. 

In the afternoon I headed to the gym for a workout to break up my day a little.  I did a 30 minute cross country workout on the cross trainer and 30 minutes on the sci fit, step machine and the treadmill, plus abs and core work. I did a short 10 minutes of intervals on the treadmill to test out the knees and they seem fine.  I’ve missed running so much.  All being well, I will go out on a short run on Wednesday morning, so I think lots of yoga and stretching is required for tomorrow. 

Just remembered that I forgot to post about Friday’s workout: 30 minute hill climb on the cross trainer and 30 minutes across the bike, step machine, and adaptive motion trainer, plus abs and core work.

Tonight’s dinner was a tasty and delicious Coconut Spiced Vegetable Soup…

This really delicious, especially with brown rice at the bottom of the bowl to soak up all of the soup.  I will blog about the recipe later this week! 😀

I have two weddings to go to this summer and I have know idea what to wear.  The brief I set out for myself is that I wanted something simple that is easy to accessorise and wasn’t too fussy.  Also, it has to be budget friendly as I have to buy an evening dress for Alfie’s Grad ball too.  So far I’ve bought two dresses that fit the brief perfectly:

Blue floral dress, Zara at £39.99

Printed strapless dress, H&M, £29.99.

I really love both dresses for different reasons: the Zara dress is rocking my favourite colour blocking trend and the second dress has the same print on it as a dress that I saw in LK Bennet for 4 times the price.  I can’t decide between the two, knowing me I will end up keeping both.

Which one would you wear to a Church wedding?

What would you accessorise each dress with and what colour would the accessories be?



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20 responses to “Which one?

  1. The dresses are both gorgeous, I am in LOVE with the first one!

  2. Oh my goodness, the one from Zara is stunning!! I’d keep the accessories very simple though because it’s a halterneck and the focus is definitely on the floral design. I’d probably go for a turquoise flower in your hair, a nice little clutch bag and simple heels but nothing too fussy. Just my opinion anyway 🙂

  3. I love the first one more, but then I am probably thinking about what would suit me, and I don’t like strapless ones generally. I also think the first one is more summery. But they are both pretty dresses.

  4. I like the first one too – I think it would really look fab on you. I think I would just keep accessories very basic as the dress is quite a statement piece as it is. You will look great!

  5. Love the yummy chocolate oats, they look delicious! And great dresses. I’m going to go against everyone else and go with the second dress 😉 I like the blue pattern, I think it’s very cute. I would accessorize it with a big watch and large earrings 😀

  6. Hmmm..that is tough. I love the first one for it’s simple color but the second one for the fact it’s strapless and has a nice fit. I still think the first one, though for a wedding since it’s lighter and more “summery”

  7. wonky_monkey

    I love both; if it was me I’d be choosing the Zara one simply because the floral pattern is so lovely. But I like the wavy blue one too. Awful decision. Best keep both.

    For the first, I’d wear classic red patent courts and a big striking bangle (which would both work with the second dress too!). I suppose the other option (also working with both dresses!) would be nude heels with a big bracelet in a contrasting colour – amethyst, cerise or even mustard…

  8. GAH I LOVE BOTH!! I think the second one is more appropriate for a church wedding but i love the first onemore!

  9. Both dresses are super cute but I would go with #1 and accessorize with gold accents…I like the nude shoes that are pictured as well!

  10. I have to say I love both dresses! I think the seond dress would be lovely with some statement shoes, maybe in lilac or baby blue, I think with the top dress I would wear it with nude or brown shoes and pik out the blue with either a bracelet, statement earrings or maybe something in your hair!

  11. Your oats look so perfect! And I lovelovelove both those dresses. I think I’d pick the second one for the wedding!

  12. czechvegan

    I love your “brain food breakfast”, looks so creamy! 🙂
    Those dresses are so cute! I would probably wear Number one for the wedding and save number two for some other occasion (a tea party, for example:).

  13. Faye

    Your breakfast and soup look delicious! I really need to start adding chocolate to my breakfast!

    Also, I hope your presentation goes well. I had to present some research at a big conference recently. I was a little worried too about questions, but by that point i felt like i’d been married to my topic for 30 years so when it came to question time i found that i was able to bulldose my way through most questions!

  14. Yum. All your meals look delicious!!!

    I love the first dress. Very fresh. Shouts spring. Love it.

  15. I really like the first one! It’s really unique. They are both purdy though! And I just love your eats! Everything looks so colorful and fancy.


  16. I love both dresses!
    But I’d role with second one for a wedding 🙂

  17. Both dresses are pretty, but I especially like the second one!

  18. I’ve never understood the imagining the audence naked thing – that’s not going to help me concentrate!

    I think both dresses are lovely and good for a church wedding. I love the blue one, but perhaps the other one is more summery?

  19. The Teenage Taste

    Both of those dresses are so pretty. You have a great sense of style, Jemma! However, I vote dress #2!

  20. Oh your oats look AMAZING!
    I like both of the dresses, but especially the first (:

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