Hey guys!

Happy Hump Day! I’m so glad that is the middle of the week.  Friday can’t come quick enough for me.  I’ve been going over my presentation over and over and now I’m tired of it already.  I’ve also been staying up late reading research papers so I can tackle any question directed at me.  My days have been the same every day and eating and sleeping have been the only exciting moments of my week so far- very repetitive.

Thus, my eats have been kind of same-y, just like my days. 

Breakfasts yesterday and today have been green smoothies.  Tuesday’s smoothie consisted of mixed frozen berries, a banana, hemp protien powder, mesquite, ground flax, romaine lettuce and honey.

I had a little bit more time to spare this morning so a smoothie in a bowl it was.  In the mix was mixed frozen berries, a banana, spring greens, peanut butter, hemp protein powder and ground flax.  Toppings included a choccy seeds, pumpkin mix and a peanut flour sauce.

I love green smoothies for a quick, easy and satisfying breakfast in a bowl or to go.  These have really been getting me through my early starts as a great energy boost.

Lunch today and yesterday has been the same but equally yummy salad…

This monster salad was made with mixed leaves, watercress, yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes, courgettes, and smoked tofu.  I made a simple dressing using tahini, red wine vinegar and water. 

Tahini in a salad dressing ROCKS!

Last night for dinner we found the time to eat out at a restaurant as Alfie sat his final med school exams yesterday.  He’s been eating sandwiches for lunch and dinner for the past 3 weeks, so the he desperately needed some real food!  I had a lovely plate of linguini in a schezwan sauce served with prawns, scallops, sea bass and tilpalia. It was divine all of the different sea food was amazing!

Tonight for dinner was straight from the freezer…

Mediterranean Bean and Vegetarian Sausage Stew, followed by half a papaya topped with organic strawberry frozen yoghurt, coconut and dried mixed fruit and nuts.


My workouts have been a saviour this week as a break from work. Yesterdays workout was an awesome yoga session from my MTV yoga DVD, abs and core work and an upper body workout.  This morning I went for a short run and managed 3.7 mile run in 38 minutes.  I took it slower than normal as it was my first run outside for 10 days, but it went really well and my knees felt great.  Tonight I headed for the gym for a great spin core class.  I’m in love with these classes at the moment! We did 40 minutes of sprints and 20 minutes of core work with dumbbells.  I really got a serious workout in this class.  Body Pump is tomorrow and I can’t wait!!! 😀 Wednesday and Thursdays are most certainly my most favourite workout days right now.

Well I’ve got to get back to the books, have a great week everyone! 🙂

What are your favourite go to meals when you don’t really have time to cook? I think mine would have to be green smoothies, salads or even a sweet potato with baked beans.

What’s the last recipe that you whipped up in the kitchen? I’m dying to get back in the kitchen to do some proper cooking again.



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13 responses to “Eat.Sleep.Repeat!

  1. My easy meal is a bean chilli with sweet potato, or a cheats meal of fresh bought spicy tomato soup with added kidney beans in a sweet potato. Yum.
    That papaya looks so good.

  2. My go to’s are usually smoothies or yams/toast with nut butter, or hummus+refried beans, and oh! with avocado+cheese…:D

  3. woo ur smoothie is GORGEOUS!! oh please. all my meals are ready in a pinch! lots of salady type things and wraps and oats= YUM!

  4. Smoothies!!!!! Easy and yummy every time! x x

  5. That smoothie looks incredible and SO pretty!! I’m excited to get back in the kitchen and do “real” cooking too 🙂

  6. stuffedsillysarah

    I love grains and polenta as they can be prepared so quickly… and anything with tahini in/on it 🙂

  7. I get super lazy and make a sandwich when I don’t want to cook anything lol I’d make a smoothie but then I would be starving 30 minutes later 😦

  8. I don’t think I need to tell you I agree on the green smoothies! They are my fail safe go to meal when I need something tasty, easy and nutritious. I think after last nights salad I may be making more use of the ready cook grain packs. At the moment I’m trying to eat through my stash of stuff in the freezer before I have another big cooking session, but I always seem to be making soups!

  9. Oh your smoothies look fantastic. Too pretty to drink 🙂

  10. When I have no time to cook I’ll make like a pb & j with some raw veggies.
    Or a frozen veggie burger!

  11. my go to meals are also green smoothies and salads (:
    ooh, haven’t had papaya for aaages, really fancying one now! xxxx

  12. That smoothie looks so cool!! I’d have a ton of fun eating that thing.

  13. beans on wholemeal toast – i had it today!

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