Well the end of the month is almost here again and were are heading for June already.  I really don’t know where the time goes-with every month that goes by the time just seems to be speeding by at a faster rate…kinda scary no?!?!?

Overall May hasn’t been the most exciting of months for me, not with my injured knees and spending half the month preparing for my talk, however looking back I did find some notable highlights…

1.  This month has been full of lots of yummy breakfasts to get my days started off the right way:




2.  The weather at the beginning of the month was A-MEZING!

…although I don’t know what has happened to the weather now- I’m tired of the rain already! 😦

3.  I managed to live one full week without any nut butter…scandalous I know!


I don’t know how, but I did it! And I also learnt more about my eating habits too.

4. Totally inspired by Laura and Sophia’s ideas about blog sponsors, Pulsin’ became my first blog sponsors…

…and there is more to come! 😀

5.  I’m making my way to sunny Florida in November and I’m beyond excited!!!


Whole Food’s better watch out when I’m in town!

6.  Speaking of the US, I finally placed my order with iHerbs


…and it’s jam packed of Artisana, PB & Co, Kashi and Spirutein goodies. 

7.  I managed to get through my Symposium talk without stumbling and answered all of the the questions asked after my talk…


…this may not seem like a mean feat for some, but for shy ol’ me this is MEGA!

8.  Yesterday I managed to run my longest distance to date of 8 miles…


I found it relatively easy too, so next week I’m upping my game and hoping to reach 9 miles…eeek! 😀

9.  Foodie Blog Swap!  Thank you so much for everyone that has wanted to take part so far, but I need MOOOOOOOOOOOOORE people as there are a lot of us in the UK that are seriously jealous of your food goods in America. 

So leave me a comment below or email me if you are interested in taking part, then I will hook you up with someone. 

How was May for you?  What was the best thing that has happened to you this month?



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31 responses to “I *HEART* May

  1. May has been utterly tremendous for me, my visit to NYC, running my sub 2 hour half and just generally having a good month! Such great positivity in this post! Thanks for the name check with the sponsor love, its nice to be recognised when I’ve inspired someone and their blog! Hope you have an equally awesome June 🙂

  2. May has definitely been good to you!! Congratulations on the long run, too. That’s awesome!

    May has always been my favorite month..mainly because of my birthday. So I’d say that was the best thing to happen to me this month..21, woohoo!!

  3. Wow looks like you’ve had a good May except for the injury (grr!) and nasty uni work! I bet you’re excited for your iHerb goodies hehe 🙂
    May has been good for me – a lot of change! I moved into my new apartment which is the best thing I’ve ever done, finished uni woooh! got a new job and started to focus on my health and goals more. I’m hoping June will be even better!

  4. Still don’t understand how you did that nut butter free week!! :O haha!
    May for me was ok, mostly exam filled though! Bring on June and hopefully the nice weather will come back! 🙂

  5. i love this post!! what a great month! esp the artisana purchases!! 🙂 let us know how they are!

  6. YAAY your May looks AWESOME! Especially with that amazing PDR! 8 miles!! 😀

    I’m totally with you on how scary it is that its June! We’re halfway through the year already!! :O

  7. Fab post! Best thing in May? My man proposed 🙂 Best thing ever 🙂

  8. ooh and yep I’m deffo up for a foodie swap!

  9. I can’t believe it is pretty much June already too!
    Those pancakes look delicious 🙂

  10. czechvegan

    Your breakfasts are divine! Those spelt pancakes..hmmm:)
    May has been wonderful for me so far! I found a new job that I adore and that´s more I´d hoped for one or two weeks ago!:)

  11. Mmmm yummy recap! I need to try those chocolate spelt pancakes!! Congrats on the 8 miles, that’s awesome 🙂

  12. spoonfulofsugarfree

    I’m still staring at your pancakes. Seriously, WOW!

  13. Those pancakes look amaaazing, it’s been forever since I’ve had some. MUST make this weekend!

  14. Those pancakes look AWESOME! and so does that smoothie. It’s a must try recipe for me and congrats on the 8 miles and the speech that’s so awesome!

  15. May has been a bit of a downer for me what with missing the Edinburgh marathon and coming to a complete standstill with my thesis. Hasn’t been too good on the foodie front either, and cellulitis was/is no fun!

    Right, moan over. I think you coped fabulously with your May, and I wish I had the strength to push through pressure as successfully as you do (also I wish I could resist the lure of nut butters for a week…a day is hard enough!)


  16. runyogarepeat

    Congrats on your long run! Enjoy your artisana butters – I really wanna try coconut butter!

  17. congrats on the miles!

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