All dressed up with two places to go!

They say that all good things must come to an end…

…and this weekend Alfie said goodbye to his class mates at their graduation ball.

Outfit for the evening: black 3/4 length beaded cocktail dress-Butterfly by Mathew Williamson at Debenhams, beaded clutch bag-Dune, earrings-a gift from India.

Everyone was dressed to impress and determined to see med school out with a BANG and welcome their new lives as doctors with a MASSIVE celebration!

But, with every ending a new journey beckons…

Out fit of the day:

Yes!  I went for the Zara dress!!!!  Thank you so much for all your help with making the decision.  I love this dress!! 🙂  My shoes are from Faith and earrings are from Swarovski. I also wore my new cardigan that I picked up on my recent shopping trip as a cover up…it’s so cold right now…brrrrrrrrr!

The grad ball and the wedding were both amazing.  I felt so privileged to be allowed to experience the beginnings of both new and exciting journeys with my friends.

Well I’ve had some spectacular food this weekend, most of which I didn’t cook!  BONUS!  Saturday started with a yoghurt bowl made using Rachel’s vanilla yoghurt, Lizzi’s granola and some rhubarb compote.  As  breakfast was quite late and I was going to eat a decadent 3 course meal at the grad ball I snacked on fruit throughout the day.  At the grad ball I ate:

Two cheese arancini, parmesan crisp with basil oil

Baked fillet of salmon, topped with herbed crumb, lemon and parsley butter

Marbled chocolate torte with orange anglaise

This meal was amazing!  I especially loved the chocolate orange torte.  I must try and recreate a healthier version of this at some point.

Despite eating pretty healthy before the grad ball meal I did find all the buttery and creamy sauces a little bit heavy as it was not what I normally eat on a regular basis.  So. this morning I made a simple cookie dough green smoothie:

Spinach, one banana, 1 scoop of cookies and cream protein powder, oat milk, water, xanthan gum, maca powder, lucuma powder, acai berry juice and ground flax.  Toppings included goji berries, Kashi Go Lean Crisp, omega mixed seeds and a white chocolate dreams PB sauce.

At the wedding there was a large array of Chinese foods to nibble on and a very tasty wedding cake to dive into.  We didn’t stay very long to eat so I talk a small selection of sushi and some cake.

Tonight I made a vegetable pasta dish consisting of whole wheat fusili, mushrooms, broccoli, butternut squash, olives, fennel and a courgette in tomato sauce.  I’ve just snacked on some yummy baked apples topped with cinnamon and a few squares of Plamil’s dairy free orange and dark chocolate.

I’ve had the most amazing weekend of celebrations, but I am quite happy to spend the rest of the night on the sofa relaxing and watching movies.  All this celebrating lark is tiring!

Have you got any celebrations or parties coming up? How did you spend the weekend?

Have a great week everyone! 🙂



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28 responses to “All dressed up with two places to go!

  1. Oh my goodness girly WOWW – you look simply STUNNING in both outfits!! And YAAY you chose the GORGEOUS Zara dress! ❤ And I love love love your new coat..very jealous!
    Looks like you've had such an amazing weekend, I wish mine had been half as exciting haha! I just spent mine at the gym, shopping and baking – the usual really..

  2. u loook GORGEOUS!! i LOVEthe zara dress- looks fab on u!! YES i got a big celebration/party this weekend~!

  3. You look fabulous in those pics, that coat is gorgeous and the Zara dress was totally the right pick. Glad you had such a good weekend!

  4. You look so gorgeous 🙂
    Glad you had a lovely time.
    I did have a lovely weekend too- running, cooking, bowling (although I am awful!) BBQ with family. All good. I do have my cousins’ wedding coming up in July- no idea what to wear for that- I am terrible at dressing up!

  5. You look amazing!! LOVE the outfits! and you guys are such a cute couple 🙂
    Celebration next weekend when my exam results come out!! Well, party anyway, whether I’ll be celebrating or not is another story!haha!

  6. Awwwwww you look so pretty! I have my personal training reunion at the end of the month which I can’t wait for! x x

  7. You are beautiful 🙂 And I LOVE the Zara dress!!! So so classy! I’ll make a “Jemma’s Special” superfood recipe 🙂

  8. Sweet Potato Sarah

    You look so beautiful! And the bride looked completely stunning 🙂
    Wow that chocolate torte sounded amazing, almost as much as the tasty pasta…mmm

  9. stuffedsillysarah

    wow, I love that Zara dress – will have to check out their new collection 🙂 x x

  10. You look STUNNING! And that bride’s dress – wow! Dream dress right there 🙂
    My weekend was spent attempting to avoid the rain – I failed miserably!!

    Just a side note, but I emailed my swap partner and she never replied 😦

  11. Wow, what a weekend!! Congratulations to the newly weds, too!

  12. I LOVE your white Zara dress! You totally pull of that style. Absolutely beautiful!

  13. Wonderful pictures: I particularly love your first dress, which is just stunning!

    I agree that socializing takes it out of you…last Saturday I was more tired from chatting with people all day than from my tough race on the Sunday. Hope you enjoyed some quality couch time 🙂


  14. You look so cute in both outfits!! Love the second dress. Adorable!!

  15. that white dress with the blue flowers is sooo pretty! you look beautiful Jemma~I loved seeing your week on pictures.

  16. looks like a really fun time!! What kind of protein powder do you use? cookies and cream??? I need to try this pronto 🙂

  17. My weekend was not NEARLY as exciting as yours! You looked beautiful and LOVE that Zara dress 🙂

  18. You all make such a handsome couple! I look at your food pics so much that I forgot how knock-out pretty you are!

  19. You look gorgeous! Glad you had a fun time 🙂

  20. You look absolutely stunning in that Zara dress! It’s a great shape on you. The grad ball pictures are so lovely too — you guys are a cute couple 🙂

  21. You look so cute in the bag loving pic! 🙂 x

  22. Wow – talk about some great parties, eh?? They both looked so pretty & a ton of fun.

    Just found your blog via Chocolate Covered Katie – love it!

    As for parties for me…I have a 90th birthday party to go to just outside of Boston in a couple of weeks!

    Have a good start to your week.

  23. Lenna (veganlenna)

    You look so PRETTY in your lovely dresses and all dolled-up! 🙂 Good choice with that Zara dress, you look like really chic:) That dark orange chocolate isn´t bad either, I have to say 🙂

  24. You look so pretty! I LOVE the dresses you wore. And that wedding cake looks to die for, anything topped with strawberries MUST be amazing.

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