Munchy Seeds Review

All the way back in March I was lucky enough to meet the lovely Lucinda of Munchy Seeds at the Vitality Show.  Following our meeting she sent me an amazing selection of seeds to review for the blog:

Coming in eight different varieties this seed haul included full size tubs of Vanilla Pumpkin, Chilli Mix, Omega Sprinkle, Pumpkin Mix, Choccy Seeds, Crunchy Bites and pour out bags of Vanilla Pumpkin, Omega Sprinkle, Chilli Mix and Pumpkin Mix.

I’ve practically used these seeds on every type of meal, from stir fries, salads, green smoothies, oats and even dessert.

Seeds are so good for you!  They are bursting with vitamin E and healthy mminerals, however in most cases they are not the most interesting of things to eat.  Munchy Seeds produce a range of blended seeds that have been roasted in expertly mixed spices and sauces to make a tasty and nutritional snack.  Some varieties are sweet, spicey and savoury- so there really is something for everyone in this range.

Munchy Seeds are certified vegetarian, vegan (except the Choccy Seeds) and gluten free.  Each pot is full of a mix of seeds ranging from pumpkin seeds, rapeseeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, linseeds, oats, hemp seeds and apricot kernals.  Their unique blend of seeds has earned them the Great Taste Gold Award in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

I think these make a great and healthy snack and I can honestly say that I have really enjoyed using this product.  They are very versatile and cater for a variety of different tastes buds.  It’s such a great way to spice up any simple stir fry, salad or dessert.  The Vanilla Pumpkin, Chilli Mix, Crunch Bites and the Belgian chocolate covered Choccy Seeds were my favourites.  Other flavours in the range include the Munchy Granola, Cajun Mix and the Original Mix.

You can pick up a 250g tub of Munchy Seeds for around £3.50, which for a product that I use quite regularly I would be happy to pay.   Munchy Seeds are available to buy in Tesco’s, Waitrose, Booths, Lakeland and online at Ocado and from the companies own online shop.

Have you tried Munchy Seeds before?  What did you think?  What flavour appeals to you most?



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14 responses to “Munchy Seeds Review

  1. Those seeds seem neat!! I’ve never had them before. Love how you used ’em!!

  2. These look so tasty! I love the idea of adding seeds to stirfries, i always see it in chinese restaurants but i’ve never thought to do it at home, talk about a d’oh moment!
    How much are the small packets at the bottom of the top picture?

  3. Never heard of them but I would REALLY like to try them! Nuts and seeds and like my favorite things these days! I love your beautiful photos, you make me jealous! 🙂


  4. I don’t really use seeds much but I love the seeds in Dorset cereals. I think I might have to pick some up, I bet they’d be great on salads!

  5. I love to put needs and nuts on everything, tastes good and does good to the body 🙂 I have never seen this brand in Norway though, guess we dont have them.
    Your homemade museli looks so good!!

  6. I’ve seen these around in the shops. I love seeds, but I don’t use them enough. I love spicy seeds, yummy 🙂

  7. These look yummy! I’m not a fan of plain seeds, so I’ve started making seed butters. With all the seasonings, these look tasty!

  8. They look lovely. I have loved adding food doctor seeds to my dinners for some crunch, flavour and nutrients. The choccy seeds sound lovely.

  9. Hi! Yeah, I love Munchy seeds, although I haven’t had them for a while. The Chilli Mix is my fave 🙂

  10. I haven’t tried these yet, I must give them a try after this review! I love adding seeds to meals to perk them up a bit. The flavours and varieties sound great 🙂

  11. Never had the, but they sound amazing, especially those pumpkin vanilla ones!

  12. I love the chilli mix, I often put them on my stir fries. I love the vanilla pumpkin seeds for when you need something sweet and want to avoid the biscuit tin!

    I bought a few pots at the Vitality Show too (I believe I was their first customer of the day!) and the chocolate coated ones are TO DIE FOR!

    I must order some more …

  13. I’ve never tried the munchy seeds as the only variety that isn’t available where I live is the one that appeals to me the most: vanilla pumpkin!

    But to me your recpies with the seeds look even more gorgeous than the seeds themselves, particularly the stir-fry and the smoothie.


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