Jumping on the bandwagon

Can you believe that I’ve never actually done a What You Ate Wednesday (WIAW!)  Pretty crazzzzy huh?!?!  I love reading about other peoples WIAW and felt left out in the cold, so I thought I would jump on the band wagon and join in the WIAW fun. 🙂


What I Wore Wednesday…

OOTD: Nautical jacket, River Island; batwing vest, H&M; vest top, H&M; flared jeans, Warehouse; wedges (not in pic!), Sole; charm necklace, French Connection; beaded vintage bracelet, Accessorize.

What I did Wednesday…

Today I decided not to go into uni, but instead I joined Alfie in Oxford to go with him to some house viewings that he had arranged.  I had such a great time, Oxford is super pretty and full of deli’s, boutiques, patisseries, coffee shops, bursting with history, amazing architecture and gorgeous parks…it’s just darn beautiful.  It was my first ever trip to Oxfordshire and I love it already!

All going well we could be relocating here or in a nearby town…fingers crossed! 🙂

What I Worked Wednesday…

This morning I was up bright and early to go for my usual mid-week run.  I went on a new route to spice things a little bit and ran 5.08 miles in 52 minutes.  I’m actually quite chuffed with this pace as it’s an improvement on Sunday’s run, despite the drizzly rain and wind. 😀  I completely missed my beloved Spin Core class though, but I did do some ab and core worked based on my spin core class.  Those ab exercises sure do hurt!   

What I ATE Wednesday…

Smoothie time!!!  This green smoothie included a banana, raspberries, blueberries, spinach, maple syrup, hemp protein powder, xanthan gum, water and oat milk.  This tasted amazing, especially when topped with Kashi cereal, Hershey’s chocolate syrup and crumbled coconut butter.  Perfect! 😀

For lunch I packed the leftovers from the yummy salad that I had for dinner the night before minus the avocado and a shredded whole wheat wrap.  I love this salad and the falafels.  I so have to come up with my own recipe for falafels…yum!

Later for some afternoon house viewing fuel I snacked on two chopped carrots and some peanut butter…

The sun was shining bright and there were so many gelato stores around, so I also couldn’t resist this:

Mango Sorbet!  This tasted like a hot summers day in a far away place- it was divine!  Obviously you can see from the pic that I couldn’t wait to get stuck in before finding the opportunity to take a snap.

Since I got home really late all I wanted to eat was another green smoothie.  This one contained spinach, blueberries, a banana, xanthan gum, hemp protein powder, ground flax seeds and topped with a peanut flour sauce, Hershey’s chocolate syrup and omega mixed seeds. 

That is all!

Happy WIAW everyone! 😀

What was the best thing you ate today?

Have you visited any new towns recently?

*Don’t forget to enter my Nakd Bar GIVEAWAY!!!*



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40 responses to “Jumping on the bandwagon

  1. ahhh I love your outfit Jemma! And I so want to visit the UK especially after pictures like these 🙂

  2. Woohooo!! Congrats on your first WIAW! 🙂
    Ahhh I LOVE Oxford!! I had an offer to do Law at Oxford Uni and I was simply in love with the place but then I changed my mind on the course I wanted to do…
    Mmm mango sorbet is my FAVE! So refreshing in the summer.
    Best thing I ate today was my blueberry muffin mess yumm!!

  3. Loving the WIAW! And loving the look of that mango sorbet too…
    I’ve never been to Oxford but it looks stunning (wonder why they changed Grove Street’s name though!) Brilliant if you get to live there; the city looks great and I’ve heard the countryside is beautiful too 🙂

  4. Coincidentally, the best thing I’ve eaten today has been the two cocoa delight Nakd Bars I’ve just been chomping on. Although I’d rather have green smoothies for lunch and dinner. And a mango sorbet would have been lovely if the weather hadn’t been so drizzly here today.

    I’d love to go to oxford: it looks like such a cultural haven and wonderful architecture too.

    Stunning outfit, but then again I’ve yet to see you wear anything that isn’t.


  5. Jemma, you are too cute! YAY for WIAW! I love your smoothies, they always look so pretty! Best thing I ate today… well right now I’m eating a huge bowl of fage yogurt, + blueberries and it’s SO good!

  6. The falafel recipes on my blog are stellar =) just sayin’! hehe! Though I get batty in the ktichen and “wing it” with them all the time — such a fun versatile food! Happy WIAW love!!!! I’m so so so excited for your first WIAW! =) Welcome to the parrrtay! ❤

    The best thing I ate today was either my croissant or my guacamole!!! YUM!

  7. Yipee for WIAW! Love it! The best thing I ate today was a chocolate muffin yogurt mess with caramel pudding… got hit by a serious chocolate craving in the afternoon, and it always feels good to knock those out 😀

  8. 1 – you look gorgeous! 2) you make the best smoothies 3) love the nautical jacket 4) be my personal chef?! 😉 your blog is one of my faves for sure

  9. Cute outfit! Looks like SUCH a fun day, I want to visit England so badly!!! Glad you jumped on the WIAW bandwagon!

  10. I’ve never done a WIAW post before either… so before today you weren’t alone 🙂 I love your pictures… but mostly that jacket! It’s so cute 🙂

  11. The best thing I ate was a MANGO!! I love mango. And the grilled chicken I had as part of dinner was amazing, too. I haven’t done WIAW, either!
    Your smoothie looks AMAZING!!

  12. What a fabulous Wednesday!! And girl, I LOVE your outfit! You are gorgeous! 🙂

  13. Lenna (veganlenna)

    Oxford is sooo beautiful city! I have been there once and I fell in love with it immediately! I like your outift of the day, so stylish!
    And congrats on joining the WIAW movement :))

  14. I love mango sorbet so much- it is soooooo good.
    The only thing I have eaten today is porridge with bleuberries, which is scrummy!

  15. Oxford looks so pretty! Best thing I ate yesterday was a fab green smoothie of course 😉

  16. Emma

    i LIVE in Oxford 🙂 And it is wonderful……we will have to get together and run if you move here!!!!

  17. That’s so exciting that you may be moving to Oxford, I’ve never been there but it looks beautiful! I work in the Mr Simms in Chester! Did you go in?
    You look glowing in that picture, love your outfit!

  18. Good work on getting your pace up — you’re making really consistent improvements, right? Beautiful pictures of Oxford too. I love that city

  19. Your pictures are absolutely fabulous…goodness, everything just looks so beautiful! Green Monster Smoothies have never looked better 😀

  20. Your outfit is awesome! I love the jacket. All your food looks awesome too. The mango sorbet sounds & looks sooo good.

  21. Bronagh

    Beautiful photos of Oxford! I only live a few hours drive away so should really take a day trip sometime this summer – it looks like such an interesting place with loads to see and do. Loving all your summery eats in this post too – your falafel salad and mango sorbet in particular 🙂

  22. Thanks for showing us the wonderful pics. They’re great, especially the one of you… and that one of the ice cream. haha 🙂

  23. LOVE your outfit!! Looks like you had a great day, lucky the weather was good!!
    Mmmmm mango sorbet…:P

  24. you are beautiful 🙂
    My sister will probably be moving to oxford in the autumn for univeristy, it’s lovely there!
    Your smoothies look so good, as usual! x

  25. I LOVE that nautical jacket! It looks so good on you 🙂

    I’ve only been to Oxford once quite a while ago, but it looks very pretty and I’m sure that it would be a nice place to live.

  26. vivoir

    yes oxford looks gorgeous… yes the smoothie looks delicious… but I do believe that one thing in particular nailed this post for me. CARROTS & PB!!! Everyone says I’m a complete weirdo for always pairing these two! Pretty much every day for the past 2 years…ahem… creature of habit, much?!

    You legend!! 😀

  27. That mango sorbet looks delicious! I love treats like that on a warm day 🙂

  28. Love your outfit x x

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