I think this is the only party where there is no need for an invitation.  Everyone is invited to join to Jenn’s link up party! So let’s PARRRRRRRRRRRRRTAAAAAY!


What I Wore Wednesday…

OOTD : grey vest top, H&M, biege drape cardigan, Matalan, skinny navy trousers, H&M, leopard print ballerina pumps, Dune, waist belt, Zara, Russian doll earrings, Forever 21. 🙂

What I Worked Wednesday…

How was the weather where you was this morning?  I woke up to heavy rain and grey clouds…not pretty at all!  It did clear up a little and became a lot lighter so I took my chances and ran 6.21 miles in 1 hour 2 minutes.   The heavens opened again whilst I was out, so overall I was quite happy with my pace considering the weather conditions and the hills on my route.  I don’t usual like running in the rain, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought.  Although I did have to tackle a big curly afro when I got home. 😀 I also did some abs and core work.

Ironically the rain stopped after I got home to get washed up and changed.  The weather was playing tricks on me 😀

What I did Wednesday…

Ahhh just experiments…so I won’t bore you with the ins and outs of that! 

What I ATE Wednesday…

Breakfast this morning was a rehydrating post-run smoothie in a bowl.

The smoothie turned out to be this yellow green colour as I over did it a touch on the maca powder.   It included spinach, a nectarine, a banana, gala melon, coconut water, soya milk, lucuma powder, maca powder, hemp protein powder, ground flax and xanthan gum. All topped off with dried cranberries, carob coated raisins, coconut, omega mixed seeds and half of a crumbled raw breakfast biscuit.

Heaven in a bowl!

Clearspring’s organic soya ramean noodles made a yummy lunch with a side of raw carrots, steamed French beans and some hazelnut tofu.  I love these noodles, they make a great quick and easy meal and not full of additives and other nasties like some of the other instant noodles around.  And like always the pink lady apple tasted amazing…love, love, love pink lady’s!

Afternoon snackage was the biggest persimmon I have ever seen and a delicious Apple Pie Nakd bar…

…I swear this persimmon was the same size of my head!  I’m not doing to complain though as it means more persimmon deliciousness all for me. 😀

Since I had a huge batch of veggies from my  organic veg box it made perfect sense to make a stir fry for dinner tonight…

Broccoli, onion, garden peas, red and orange peppers, celery and a courgette and a sauce made using red Thai curry paste and coconut milk, fab!

Fresh strawberries and Green & Black’s maya gold dark chocolate requires no explanation except…holy yum!

Are you an all weather runner ?

What was the best thing that you’ve eaten at this weeks WIAW party?

🙂  I hope you are all having a great week!  🙂



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41 responses to “WIAW Party III

  1. The Teenage Taste

    Your eats look FABulous, Jemma! Pink lady apples are the best!

  2. Lenna

    I would be actually interested in learning a bit about those experiments you work on 🙂
    And those strawberries – they are looking so good! In my country, they are already out of season 😦

  3. i have those same earrings i think! very Cute outfit of the day!! and your eats look nummaaay. xxx

  4. Love your outfit, very classy 😉 I have just bought a persimmon for tomorrow, I’m disappointed its not as big as yours now!

  5. Your eats all look delicious and your outfit is very stylish I’m loving it! Bummer about the weather but sometimes running in the rain can be fun

  6. You are one stylish beautiful girly missus!! 🙂 Ahaha my persimmons are monster ones too – LOVE them!! 🙂
    Best thing I ate today were some of my cookies I made today! Pumpkin, maple and cranberry ones yum yum yum!

  7. I love your cardi! I have never eaten a persimmon, I will have to look out for one. Your food all looks so fresh and full of flavour!

  8. I’m totally not an all-weather runner. I’m impressed with your long run though! Go you!

    I’m also impressed with the super nutritious eats – no surprised, just impressed. 🙂 The best thing I’ve had lately is a mango. It was sooooo good this morning.

  9. I’ve actually never had a persimmon before, but I’m intrigued! Kind of the way I used to be intrigued in pomegranates before I had tried them. The weirdest thing I’ve had to eat today was a pickled baby eggplant. I bought a jar of them at the persian market down the road out of sheer curiosity (and being on sale) and I quite liked them!

  10. what do permissons taste like!? cuz they are so intriguing but i feel like they would taste like a tomato so im scared to try one!

  11. You are SO cute! I love that cardigan!

    Ok so now that we did the blogger swap I’m SO jealous of you UK Ladies and your Nakd bars! I had the pecan pie one and it was SO good!

  12. Love your outfit! Gorgeous 😀 I’m def. not an all weather runner… I can’t run in the heat or in the rain.. weather like that makes me take it indoors, because as much as I hate the treadmill, bad weather gives me an even worse workout. And the best thing I ate today was probably just a lot of chocolate lol… it was just one of those days.

  13. allthingswholesome

    Ohhh i bought a persimmon the other day, im yet to eat it, if im honest im not sure what to do with it. haha
    The best thing i ate was my salad, which you can check out in my latest post.

    I hope you had a wonderful day.

    love jess xx

  14. I got up this morning at 6.30am for a run and it was glourious … and hot! By 9am the heavens had opened and it poured down! Weird weather today.
    I love your outfit – great layering 🙂

  15. Mmmm dark chocolate!!!! I love your outfit. Unfortunately I dont have an H&M here in Austin TX. How do you eat a persimmon?? I’ve never seen or eaten one!!! I love your header. 🙂

  16. I also got caught in a torrential downpour yesterday — it was kinda fun! I much prefer that than the sunshine.

    Is that your garden? It looks lovely 🙂

  17. Wowzle, stunning jacket!

    Rain makes me miserable, but only when I stay indoors in it. I get headaches and sometimes full-on migraines in dull weather/conditions so running in it generally clears my head. And it’s really quite refreshing once you’re out there: I think it’s strange that we’re socially (and, granted, possibly biologically) slightly conditioned to have an aversion to the rain. Unless it’s acid rain, I don’t see the problem with a bit of water 😉 The only time I find it really horrible is when there is wind and COLD rain, that’s driving and gets in your eyes so you can’t focus. That’s the one time when I really hate being out in it, but it still beats being stuck indoors!

    P.S You’re getting so close to that sub 60 minute 10K I see. Great progress 🙂

  18. I loooove your shoes! ohmygosh! and I def need to try that chocolate =) Its all over blog land and I’m soooo bored of my usual that I haven’t had chocolate in ages. crazy eh?

    Happy WIAW Jemma!!!!! You party animal you! =)

  19. I love using left over veggies for stir-frys. I never get enough of them!

  20. Your sweater is gorgeous!! I love it 😀 Nad I love Green and Black chocolate…yum!

  21. That persimmon looks amazing – I’ve never tried one before but they keep popping up in blog posts so must be good! x

  22. Definitely not an all-weather runner. I am allergic to the rain & to the heat! (Haha.) Although I have raced in what felt like galeforce wind & actual hailstones before so if I can do that, I can do anything. It’s just an effort issue. I waited until the rain stopped today & ran, & actually the air felt really nice & less muggy so I’m glad I took the risk & waited.

  23. Wow, that cardigan is stunning!

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