Friday Feature: All about protein

An old fashion view is that protein powders are only used if you want to become big, strong with hulking muscles.  It is reasonable to say that body builders have relied upon the consumption of protein powders to help them in their quest of increasing their muscle mass whilst training.  However, protein powders are not exclusive to body builders and or for those looking for gigantic muscles.


Numerous studies have shown that by consuming protein powder on a regular basis can have many health benefits:

  • improve your immune system
  • aid the healing process of wounds
  • enhance the look of your skin
  • improve muscle strength and growth

Since our muscle tissue is made from protein, hence we need to ingest high levels of protein to promote muscle growth and repair.  The need of protein by the body is just as important as it’s need for water.   Protein powders are a great and easy source of protein, especially for those following a vegetarian or vegan diet.

The production of protein powders are based on six  main sources: whey, egg, soy, pea, hemp and rice.   These sources of protein are then made into a powder which can then be used to make a protein shake, in baking, cooking or to make protein ice cream.

The idea of protein powder is for it to be used as a dietary supplement as you would vitamins capsules, due to it having an abundance of nutritional benefits.  One of which is stabilising your blood sugar levels, which for me as a sufferer of a blood sugar disorder I like to use them.  Of course with all things of this nature there is a daily recommendation in relation to how much should be consumed.

A few months ago the very generous people over at Pulsin’ sent me a large bag of their Hemp Protein to try:

I received this when I first started to experiment with protein powders so I wasn’t sure what to expect in most part I have been adding it to all of my green smoothies…

My first experience with protein powders was with Pulsin’s own pea protein isolate which doesn’t really have any distinct flavour.  After reading many blog posts that mentioned hemp protein the general consensus seemed to be that it had a particular grass like taste.  I was worried! However, after using it I was really surprised as I couldn’t actually taste the grassy nature of the hemp, that was all lost with my numerous add ins. 

Hemp protein is enriched with 21 essential amino acids, which have various functions in the body.  It aides healthy digestion, boosts energy levels, reduces cholesterol, improves your metabolism and provides the body with the important vitamins and minerals required to achieve a sense of well-being and a healthy balance in the body.  Hemp is a natural protein source and Pulsin’s variety in particular is free from nasty chemicals and additives, which some processed protein powders can contain. 

I was generally impressed with the hemp protein by Pulsin’.  It blends really well into my smoothies and at £4.49 for a 250g bag it is remarkably cheaper than many other protein brands on the market.  The fact that it is a cold pressed raw and vegan product makes the price even more amazing. The hemp protein is also sustainably grown in the UK without any pesticides-another bonus!

Pulsin’ Hemp Protein is available from their online store and as they are my blog sponsors if you enter “celeryandcupcakes” at the checkout you will receive 10% off.  You can read my previous review of the Pulsin’ bars here.

Have you tried Pulsin’ Hemp Protein before?

Are you a fan of using protein powders to supplement your diet?

What are your favourite ways to use protein powders?



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14 responses to “Friday Feature: All about protein

  1. I only really started using protein powders about 6 months ago and up until then I definitely saw them as something for bodybuilders and the huge tubs of them in Holland & Barrett totally freaked me out lol! Now I am in love with them and use them everyday! I mix vanilla whey into my breakfast for muscle repair after the gym but the Spiru-tein ones are AMAZING (as you know :P) to just make big desserts with loads of toppings! yum yum! I also bake with them and make protein pizzerts, muffins and cookies!
    I haven’t tried the Pulsin’ Hemp one before though!

  2. Awesome post, thanks for the info! 🙂


  3. I’ve ordered some Pea Protein isolate form Pulsin’ and it will be the first time that I’ve tried any powders. I’ve always thought that I get enough protein from food sources, but I am curious about using powders.

  4. Great post! I used to think like you say at the top, especially about the huge H&B tubs as Kabocha Fashion said! But am coming round to this way of thinking… they’re great for smoothies but so much else too…

  5. Hello!

    Wonderful post, as usual!

    I do have one question, but first I’ll admit that I’m trying to put on weight via muscle gain after some eating ‘issues.’ One thing I’m always lost about is how many grams of protein I should be taking in each day. Answers vary from person to person, but if you or anyone reading could answer my question, I would be terribly appreciative!

    Best wishes,

  6. I adore protein powders: if I had the funds I’d collect them like most women do shoes. I’ve used them for years, well before I read blogs or they were ‘cool’ 😉

    I started with Nutiva’s Chocolate Hemp shake, which has a more delicate flavour than most hemp proteins, then became addicted to Sun Warrior after trying to find a more protein-dense protein powder (sounds odd but Nutiva has half the actual protein per serving that SW does) to help with my running injuries. I had achilles tendonitis at the time and heard protein was good for repairing muscles/tendons and helping them heal. I had huge problems with soy as well back then so I was basically only getting protein from chickpeas and lentils occasionally: I really needed the powders!

    My latest love are Vega’s Smoothie Infusions (particularly the chocolate one) but they are SO expensive that I don’t think they’ll be a regular feature for me.

    Those H+B tubs are scary aren’t they 😉 I think they’re that size as some kind of test so that only people with manly muscles can lift them hehe.

    And sadly the one protein powder that I really can’t ‘do’ (besides regular Vega) is pea protein: it must just be me but the texture it makes things seems downright bizarre, and this is coming from a girl that can mix Sun Warrior into a paste and just eat it!


  7. I’m a big fan of protein powders, especially because I don’t eat meat – they’re a quick, easy, and delicious way to make sure I’m not lacking in the protein department. I add them to my oats and cookie dough balls, and make frostings and smoothies out of them. Nothing too crazy for now. Eventually I want try baking with them, I just need to find some good recipes 😀

  8. I loveee protein! I’ve recently switched over to adding more protein to my diet..and I used to think I’d have to just eat a ton of eggs or beans to do so, but I’ve been finding a lot of creative ways to use powder now. It’s my favorite!

  9. I’m a huge fan of protein powders and have been using them even before I was blogging! I much prefer the soy, hemp and brown rice based protein powders I use now over the whey ones I used to use. My faves are sun warrior, spirutein and the new good hemp ones I have been sent to try. I do think you can get adequate protein in a veggie or vegan diet without supplements if your not an athlete, but I do know how much I benefit from the added protein in my diet for recovery from exercise 🙂

  10. I definitely used to think protein powder was just for big muscle men!! I think that’s the general feeling about friends are kinda freaked out when they see it in my kitchen!haha!
    For now I just love adding it to my smoothies, porridge and making protein cookie dough balls…yum 🙂

  11. Thank you for this post, so interesting and i recently had a bad experience with flavoured protein powder.
    Maybe something fairly flavourless like the Pulsin’ one is what i need – i already love their raw brownies (sooo good).
    Hope you’re having a good weekend 😀

  12. I really want to make protein ice cream! I like protein powder in my smoothies. It adds such a good texture!

  13. I tried Bob’s Red Mill’s Hemp Protein Powder, but I wasn’t a huge fan of it. It kinda had this gritty texture. It’s possible I added too much, though. Or maybe I should try a different type. I love the idea of getting a protein kick just by adding some powder! 🙂

  14. Raindrops2000

    Protein Ice Cream, will have to try to find a recipe for that. Sounds interesting!!

    I would be concerned about why hemp protein would not have a natural nutty flavor to it? Is it pure hemp that the company is using? I work closely with the people who make the hemp products that I sell and for it to be pure, it should have a nutty flavor. I never noticed a gritty texture either? That would be the brand you use.

    For hemp protein that is pure go to

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