A new PB!

Hello lovelies!!!  I hope you’ve all had an amazing weekend! 🙂

I’ve had a pretty awesome weekend for many different reasons.  Today being the best day as everything is finally booked for my Florida trip for Thanks Giving!  Yayyyy!  I’m so  freakin’ excited!!!   I cannot wait! 

Today was also amazing as it started with a great 10 mile run completed in 1 hour and 43 minutes.  I only actually had 9 miles on my running plan, but I still felt really strong so I carried on.  The best thing is that this is a new PB!!!  I’ve knocked 3 whole minutes off my last 10 mile run of 1 hour 46 minutes.  I’m so happy with how my running is coming along and how much I have progressed. 🙂 

Well after that run I was aware that I  needed a lot of calories and a celebratory  jam packed green smoothie seemed perfect…

*PB & Jelly Green Smoothie*


  • 1 punnet of strawberries
  • lots and lots of spring greens
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 2/3 tsps of peanut butter
  • coconut water
  • 100 mls chocolate soya milk (optional-I just had some that needed to be used up)
  • ice cubes
  • 1 tsp of lucuma powder
  • 1 tsp of mesquite
  • 1 tsp of maca powder
  • 2 tsps of ground flax
  • 2 tsps of xanthan gum

This smoothie was amazing!  I thought I would jot down the recipe for you and for me to refer back to as I will be definitely be making this again.  Toppings included a peanut flour sauce, Hershey’s chocolate syrup, carob coated raisins and some Dorset Cereals muesli. 

Other heavenly eats over the past few days have included a delicious bowl of Rude Health Apple and Cinnamon granola, rice milk, topped with a punnet of strawberries and a dark chocolate dream sauce.

This tasted sooooooooooo good!

Creamy and voluminous oats made using 1/4 cup of oat bran, 1/4 cup of oats, 2 tbsps of Apple and Blackberry Compote, pea protein powder, maple syrup, 1 cup of rice milk, 2 cups of water. All topped off with shredded coconut, pecan nuts and carob coated raisins. The oats were so velvety and using the oat bran and oat mix made it a lot lighter on the stomach than a regular bowl of oats.

A tropical green smoothie in a bowl.  This included mango, pineapple, a banana, ice cubes, water, lucuma powder, mesquite, maca powder, ground flax, hemp protein, acai berry juice and xanthan gum.  I over loaded on topping as this was a dinner and dessert in one- organic dried mango, dried cranberries, Kashi cereal, lots of coconut butter and cacao nibs. 

Dinner on Friday night was a really lovely and wholesome plate of Italian Inspired Green Lentil and Pearl Barley Risotto.

This is my own recipe and I cannot wait to share it with you all!!!

Friday nights dessert was also a highlight of my weekend…

…Peanut Butter Cup Protein Ice Cream.   This really was divine!  I loved it!  I mixed chocolate soya milk, PB, ice cubes, pea protein, xanthan gum and topped it with some crushed Reese’s PB cups.  My belly was very happy after eating this. 😀

Not only have I had some amazing eats this weekend, but my postman has been delivering some amazing stuff.  The lovely people over at Juice Master have sent me two Juice in a Bar and The Juice Master recipe book to review.

I’ve already been flicking through the recipe book and it looks amazing!

My Race For Life pack finally arrived ahead of my 10K run in a few weeks time.  It seemed almost perfect that it arrived his weekend after my 10 miler this morning.

My Foodie Blog Swap arrived!  I tore the box open as soon as I realised what it is was.  My swap partner was the lovely Serena over at The Teenage Foodie.  Thank you so much girl!  I love everything you packed is right up my street.  The Vanilla and Almond Agave Granola sounds to die for and all of the bars and nut butters…geez! I cannot wait to try everything! 😀

My awesome dad bought me some supplies to take with me for my Florence trip too.  I don’t think he had any idea what he was paying for, but a girl needs to home comforts when she’s far away from home.

What foodie comforts do you take with you when you are going away?

What did you get up to this weekend?

What’s the best thing that you ate over the last few days?



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36 responses to “A new PB!

  1. Oh my goodness – so much to comment on haha!! Firstly, a huge huge well done on your run! All of your breakfasts sound SO yum!! I especially like the sound of the tropical one because I’m lovin’ tropical flavours like mango and pineapple at the moment.
    I can’t wait to see your recipe for the risotto. I love making risottos with barley, it’s definitely one of my fave grains.
    And peanut butter cup protein ice cream?! Um YES PLEASE! 🙂
    And WOW, you got so much in your blog swap – you lucky girl!!
    When I go away I always make sure I take plenty of bars, dried fruit and I make up bags of granola too 🙂

  2. Wow congratulations on your PB!!!! That’s amazing! You’re going to rock the Race for Life :).
    All your food looks so yummy too! And so does your foodie blog swap. Such a great idea of yours :).

  3. Yay for the pb- well done! And I am glad to see another seed stacked lover! 🙂

  4. PS and Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! about Florida!!!!!

  5. Super-huge-massive congrats on the run! I bet that felt sooo great 😀
    I bet you’re getting so excited about all your amazing trips, Florence AND Florida? SO jealous…
    I don’t usually take any foodie things with me when i go abroad because i’m a sucker for trying new things but that does sometimes go wrong… I once ended up with a plate of rabbit pasta and i just couldn’t eat it 😦
    Looks like you’ve been getting some great stuff in the post too, really interested to hear what you think of the juice book.
    Glad you had a good weekend!

  6. Ahh well done on your run!! I’m always in awe when I hear the distances and times that people can do…wish I could have the motivation but I get bored WAY too easily!!
    You have me drooling with the PB cup ice cream…I’m making that as soon as I get my new protein…cant wait!
    Love all your blog swap goodies! When I go away I always have some bars and little baggies of cereal with me, just in case! 😀

  7. I always pack food with me when I travel… especially for those first few days where I’m learning about a new place and I’m not sure what kind of stuff I can find at the stores there. My favorite things to take are nut butters, bars, cereal, trail mix, and homemade goodies.

  8. Congrats on the PB 🙂 Weekend eats and your blog swap goodies look fab!
    The juice bars look interesting – looking forward to your review.

  9. Congratulations on your run! I can’t wait to read your review of the juice bars, definitely something I’d purchase if I knew they tasted good!

  10. I always like to have some bars with me, hanging out with the bay was good and training my fab clients : )

  11. Congrats on the run!!! That’s awesome! And those runs where you just keep going because it feels so good are the best 🙂 Good job!

  12. Well done on your new PB, that’s awesome!! And loads of luck for your race for life x

  13. ee congrats! ❤ omg and where in FL? I used to live there =) miss it so!

  14. PB cup protein ice cream?! SWOON!!

    CONGRATS on the 10 miler! You go girl 😀

  15. Wow that protein ice cream looks SO good! I’ve never tried using pea protein. Is it more like rice, soy, or whey protein?

  16. Peanut butter – always! I know you can buy it in pretty much every country but I religiously love Morrison’s own brand wholenut PB & nothing really compared. Other than that, nothing really. Although I always have to find a supermarket when I’m away & buy a shedload of fruit or I get a bit antsy! Hehe.

    The PB protein ice cream sounds YUM, wish I could make some right now. I’m thinking I’ll have to start getting all of these protein powders & xantham gums & actually start making them.

  17. first of all you are the smoothie in a bowl queen! how about a smoothie tutorial for all of us newbies?? haha. Also I always take bars with me so I’ll always have something nutritious with me. This weekend I had an amazing smoothie made with that new chobani yogurt (champions!) 🙂

  18. Wow! You got all kinds of goodies. They all look great. You know what else looks great, that protein ice cream. Yum.

  19. Ha ha, I’m such an idiot – I thought the blog title meant a new peanut butter and that you must mean the Justin’s one in your swap 🙂
    Looks like a great parcel and I love the photos of the risotto, it looks gorgeous in the sunlight.
    Great news about your Florida trip – and the Florence one and bless your dad, how lovely of him to get you those 🙂

  20. The protein ice cream may be the most delicious looking treat I’ve ever seen! I HAVE to get some protein powder!

  21. vivoir

    a ‘protein’ recipe and not a speck of protein powder in sight! oh please help me with my latest post? i need some inspiration!

    also loving the Nakd bar and Larabar haul… pining for Larabars… and Nakd bars for that matter. need to accrue some savings to indulge in these again!

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