Guest Post: Nicky @ Kabocha Fashion

Hello my lovely readers!  I hope you are all enjoying this fine Thursday evening.   Whilst I’m away I’ve let my blog be taken over ( 🙂 ) by some amazing bloggers.  First up is the wonderful Nicky!!!  This girl is amazing and truly inspirational!   So sit back and enjoy Nicky’s guest post and beautiful photography…then right on after reading this head over to her blog cos’ its crazy good!

Hey lovelies! I’m Nicky from Kabocha Fashion and I’m honoured to have been asked by Jemma to do a guest post whilst she is in the beautiful Florence.  I have read Jemma’s blog for a long time now because I simply love her attitude to life. Whilst she enjoys exercise, she truly values every aspect of life and the other things that bring her happiness.

I think it’s really important for all you wonderful people to realise that exercise is not the only thing that brings happiness to our lives. It’s so upsetting to hear when people are injured and can’t exercise until they recover which means resting, that they think that there is nothing else to make their lives happy and they become depressed. Similarly, it is difficult for people in recovery who can’t exercise, when they read blogs because they become ‘trapped’ in the idea that exercise will bring them happiness and they become depressed that they are not allowed to.

By all means, yes, exercise makes us happy.  The endorphins our body release from exercise feels great. But overall, it is only a small part of our lives that bring is happiness. It is actually the little things in life, all added up that make us happy on a day to day basis.

These could be things like:

The smells created from baking, being able to share your creations with family and enjoying them yourself knowing that you created them…

Reading your favorite magazines with a nice cup of coffee and some yummy biscuits!

Receiving flowers from a loved one…

Painting your nails a bright color for summer…

Receiving a package – even if you did pay for it for yourself…we all deserve to treat ourselves from time to time!

Fresh seasonal fruit…

The beauty of nature…

Dipping cherry flavored raisins straight into a jar of Dark Chocolate Dreams!

…and then dipping your finger straight into another jar of peanut butter…

Calling a loved one for a chat to catch up on any gossip…

Getting some bargains in the sales!

These are just small things that can make your day a little bit happier. And there is no exercise involved.  Exercise is not happiness. It is a way of keeping us healthy, but if we are not able to exercise, it is still possible to stay healthy by staying happy.

What are the small things that make your day happy?



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11 responses to “Guest Post: Nicky @ Kabocha Fashion

  1. Thanks for the great guest post some fab ideas for happiness. My cats make me happy on a daily basis, and also treating myself to coffee although not on a daily basis as too expensive lol. Xx

  2. Aww Nicki’s too cute! 🙂 BARGAINS all the way! 😀

  3. Aww Nicky 😀 Such a fabulous and happy post – thank you for making me smile! Some other things that brighten my day are quiet mornings that include oats, coffee, and blogs, baking in a warm kitchen on a cloudy day, smiles from a stranger, feeling strong and healthy, chocolate, hugs from loved ones, curling up with a book… yessss, life is good 😀

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  5. Great guest post! You are really right about exercise – there is so much else to right. I’m sure that you are an inspiration for a lot of people reading this post!

  6. Elle

    Nicky, this is so sweet! Seeing the sunrise makes me happy, along with lovely bowls of pb and puffin covered oats. 🙂

  7. i am wearing the EXACT same color on my nails!!!!!!! haha that makes me happy

  8. I can never find PB puffins…I should take a cue from Nicky and order some =)

    Great guest post! two of my favvvv ladies in one place! yay!

  9. I love this post! I get really happy when I see a dog that is having a whale of a time in the park that I can see through my bedroom window.

  10. Lovely guest post! I actually have a ‘happy’ list full of the little things that make me smile, like red lippy, breton stripe tops, receiving parcels, having a fridge full of veggies, so many lovely little things 🙂

  11. I love this. Such a happy post 🙂

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