Lusciously Raw and Munchy Seeds Blog Sponsor Giveaway!

This month I was delighted to announce that the amazing people at both Lusciously Raw and Munchy Seeds are my blog sponsors for this month.  Both have supplied some awesome goodies which you my lovely readers have the opportunity to win!

The main prize…

A mixed box of raw goodies courtesy of Lusciously Raw worth an amazing £35!

The prize will include:

  • Vanilla Almond Macaroons
  • Chocolate Ginger Macaroons
  • 3 x packets of biscotti, including Pistachio & Cacao, Tropical and  Date & Coconut
  • 3 x packs of cookies – Oatmeal, Raspberry and the new Lemon Cookie
  • Goji Berry Cookies

Please visit their online shop to view pictures of the featured prizes.

Also one runner up will recieve a 500g tub of Crunchy Bites and a 200g tub of Vanilla Pumpkin Seeds from the lovely people at Munchy Seeds.


To enter all you have to do is…

  • leave a comment on this post stating what it is you would like to see more of on Celery and Cupcakes
  • tweet about this giveaway ensuring that @celery_cupcakes is in the tweet
  • subscribe to the blog or become a follower on twitter
  • link back to this giveaway in your own blog posts

Each action counts as a separate entry and please leave a comment for each one as I wouldn’t want to miss one out when I count them all up.  The giveaway will end next Sunday 24th July with the winner to be picked using the random generator and announced on Monday.

This particular giveaway is only open to UK readers only– HUGE apologies to my international readers!



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91 responses to “Lusciously Raw and Munchy Seeds Blog Sponsor Giveaway!

  1. allthingswholesome

    wow this is a fab giveaway, and its nice for UK people, I end up reading about the giveaways only to America or Canada, and I get a little sad inside. haha So im definitely going to take part. 😀
    I think I would love to see more posts about you, you seem like such a wonderful person, but it would be great to know what makes you unique, your little quirks and things people would suspect.
    i’m going to tweet about this, and link it in with my new post now. 😀

    I hope you have a wonderful day.

    Love Jess.

  2. Great giveaway! I would just like to see more of the same from you on your blog!

  3. I already follow the blog and via twitter!

  4. These look great! I like your blog as it is… sorry if that’s not helpful! But I like the way it’s a mix of everyday stuff and great food pictures 🙂
    Hope you had a great trip!

  5. And I Tweeted – twice, as I forgot the link the first time 🙂

  6. Sarah

    I would like to see’ A Day in the Life’ type of post’- I always find them really interesting! Oh, & I love recipes,

  7. What an exciting giveaway 🙂 Those raw things look really interesting. I like your blog as it is (is that a cop out?)- I like the food photos and your lovely looking breakfast and lunches. 🙂

  8. Oooh yay! I love giveaways. Hmmm i LOVE your blog already but i think if i wanted to see more of anything it would either be fashion (you have great style in outfit photos) or maybe examples of grocery shops? I’m nosy like that 🙂

  9. I already follow on twitter 🙂

  10. Oooh yaaay a giveaway!! Hmmm I do REALLY love your blog already but maybe some more recipes? I love collecting recipes 🙂

  11. I already subscribe of course 🙂

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  13. allthingswholesome

    I subscribed and tweeted 🙂

  14. i wud love to see a VLOG!!

  15. I’m totally copying Carrie and saying i’d love to see a vlog! 😀 but just more of the same cos I love all your posts!

  16. I’m already sub’d of course!

  17. Ive just stumbled across your blog and YAY for uk reader giveaways!!! they always seem to be over in the US and our poor little island suffers!
    Those raw goodies look amazeballs, i am checking out their website right now 🙂

    I would love to see more about YOU! day to day living, eats, recipes, stuff you like to do etc…

    Ill def be reading from now on 🙂

  18. The raw goodies look amazing!
    I’d just like to see more of your life, I love reading your blog!

  19. I follow your blog on bloglovin 🙂

  20. Awesome giveaway 🙂 I love your blog as it is, but maybe I would like to read some more about your fitness routine. “Keep it up” as my school reports always used to say!

  21. Amazing giveaway! I love your blog how it is but would like to see more outfit posts as the ones you’ve done in the past have been fab 🙂

  22. I follow via Twitter 🙂 x

  23. i follow you on twitter

  24. i love your blog and would like to see more of your fab recipes.

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  26. I have linked to your giveaway on my blog 😀

  27. Ash

    I would love to see more of your food shopping, I just love it when I see other peoples grocery shopping! Sad, but it reallly interests!

  28. I think I already follow the blog/twitterishness…

  29. And I’d like to see more Green Monsters on Celery and Cupcakes: your combinations are always really original and inventive 😀

  30. What an amazing give-away! Both products I haven’t tried, so super exciting! I can’t say there’s anything else I’d like to see on Celery Cupcakes: I think you’ve got everything covered!

  31. Sam

    Oooh – I’d love to enter if I may, please..the prizes look so yummy!!
    As for what I’d like to see more of on your blog..I’m gonna go with – whatever YOU want and feel is right; after all, it’s YOUR blog to use as you wish and I’m sure I (and every other reader) will love whatever you post & listen to whatever you fancy sharing & saying, floats your boat!! 😉 hehe!

  32. Sam

    (I’ve tweeted about the giveaway! <3)

  33. Sam

    …aaand, I already follow you on Twitter (of course!! :-P) x

  34. I would love to see more of your day-to-day life 🙂 Love your blog as it is though!!

  35. I love your blog as it is, but if I had to suggest something, more yummy recipes!!

  36. Debs

    Brilliant Giveaway!

    I’d love to see more outfit posts! or as other people have said – vlogs!

  37. Rebecca


  38. Rebecca

    i tweeted!

  39. Rebecca

    You’re already on my google reader!

  40. Candy

    I’d love to see your beauty routine as you always look gorgeous! xx

  41. Candy

    I’m already a subscriber! x

  42. yey for a giveaway in the UK I have just tweeted I already follow your blog.

  43. Oh and I would love to hear more about you, what you enjoy doing to relax and of course anymore yummy recipes

  44. Bronagh

    I’ve always wanted to try those Munchy seeds but they seem quite expensive in the shops. Fingers crossed for this fab giveaway then!

    One of my favourite things about Celery&Cupcakes is the recipes you post, so I’d love to see more of them on the blog. I’m always drooling over your fab foodie photos and having the recipe to accompany them would be brilliant 🙂

  45. Bronagh

    And for entry number 2, I already subscribe to your blog 🙂

  46. Ohh great giveaway! I always love seeing your salad ideas, they always look delicious!

  47. I think your blog is great! If i had to choose one thing i’d say maybe a day in the life post about what its like to be a mad scientist! 🙂

  48. I already follow on twitter.

  49. vivoir

    i’d like to see more ideas about other ways to get a boost… a weekly song perhaps? pick-a-tune tuesday or something. you know the song that always, always perks you up? i’d like a shout out to find out everybody elses

    mine? steve harley & cockney rebel, (make me smile) come up and see me. oooh and starlight by muse!

  50. vivoir

    also tweeted 😉

  51. i follow u on twitter already 🙂

  52. i tweeted about the giveaway 🙂

  53. i subbed 🙂 can’t believe i hadn’t already!

  54. and last but not least…….how about a vlog! that would be cool….maybe some more fashion posts – i think you’re really stylish!

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  56. Ok, I would love to see more recipes. But I love your blog anyways so whatever 🙂

  57. krystal

    Ooh, great giveaway Gemma!! I already love your blog to death…but if I had to chose something it would be to read more about you and whats going on in your life!

    ps…Florence looks amazing, cant wait to read/see more about it!

  58. I follow you on twitter and subscribe to your blog x

  59. krystal

    And I already subscribe!

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  61. And I have now blogged about it, phew! x

  62. Pingback: Italian Inspired Green Lentil and Pearl Barley Risotto « Celery and Cupcakes

  63. I’d like to see some more fab recipes please x

  64. Great giveaway! I love your blog! I love seeing about your day to day life, but I guess I especially like seeing your recipes as all your food looks so great 🙂

  65. I already follow you on Twitter 🙂

  66. And I just tweeted!
    Hoping to get time to write a blog post tomorrow morning, so will let you know if I remember to mention the giveaway in time!! 🙂

  67. Claire

    I’d love to see recipes!! 🙂 Thanks!

  68. How sad that I cannot take part of the giveaways because I am in Mexico, but keep the great work. I think that you are doing just fine!! (Maybe if you can include video posts, it will be great!)

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