WIAW…a snap shot of Florence!

Happy WIAW lovelies and to the amazing Jenn for organising another fab link up party!  She has to be the best party host in blog land right, eh?!


I just got back from beautiful Florence yesterday I thought this week’s WIAW would be the perfect opportunity to show you some of my favourite snap shots that I took whilst I was wandering through the city exploring.  

As it was so hot and sunny I decided to keep my outfits pretty simple and non-fussy and I managed top take a few OOTD pics to share with you all:

OOTD: orange strapless top, H&M, khaki utility shorts, Warehouse, orange paisley print head scarf, H&M, swallow drop earrings, Topshop.

OOTD: white and green diamond strapless top, H&M, olive green 3/4 length trousers, H&M, brown suede wedges (my faves!), Sole.

OOTD: nautical stripped dress, Mango, black basic vest top, H&M, thin brown waist belt, Zara, brown suede wedges, Sole.

Florence_2011 424

Florence_2011 423

Florence_2011 529

Florence_2011 641

Firenze 347


I have a gazillion more pictures to share with you, but I think I will save them for another time.  However, the gigantic Lindt Chocolate store near the Duomo most definitely deserves a mention.

This place was huge so I was in chocolate heaven.  They had the standard flavours that we can get in the UK, such as orange, mint, chilli etc.  Well I call these flavours standard because they also stocked some gorgeous flavours that I have never even heard of or would have thought of putting together in chocolate.  Of course I wanted to buy every unique flavour in the store, but I did show some restraint and picked out the ones that sounded most delicious to me. 

Lindt Excellence Chocolate 99% dark chocolate, Lindt Passion Chocolate caramel and fleur de sel, Lindt Passion Chocolate orange and pistachio, Lindt Hazelnut Delux dark, Lindt Creation cherry and chilli, Lindt Creation chocolate mousse, Lindor orange fondant dark chocolate and Lindt Limited Edition dark chocolate with coconut and biscotti.  I cannot wait to start getting stuck into these amazing flavoured chocolates. 

I also picked up some other Italian treats such as panaforte which is a cake made from dried fruit, nuts and cacao, a mix of Lindt chocolate truffles for Alfie and some gorgeous looking Italian biscuits from a cafe called Gilli for Alfie. 

I really wanted to pick up some pesto and pasta sauces too, but my suitcase was already rammed full.  I have brought home some amazing pesto ideas though which I am looking forward to trying out and posting up on the blog.

I’m still high from actually going to Florence. It’s such an amazing and exciting city and I’m in love with all things Italian right now.  Hopefully, I will be going back to Italy next summer and explore Italy some more- such a beautiful country!  It’s just full of so much culture and the food is amazing.  I have a future post lined up with all of the restaurants and all of the delicious food that I ate during my stay.

Don’t forget to check out and enter my amazing giveaway.  Also I was given the amazing opportunity to have Celery and Cupcakes featured on the Channel 4 Food website, so go check that out too.  🙂

Have you got any holidays planned this summer?

What are you favourite cities to travel too?

Do you prefer beach or city breaks?



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29 responses to “WIAW…a snap shot of Florence!

  1. Florence looks like such a beautiful city! Lovely photos and I love that stripey dress that you’re wearing, it’s so summery. x

  2. Wow, Florence looks so beautiful and so do you!
    I love all your outfits, so cute and summery 🙂

  3. Wow – you took some gorgeous photographs! I love your outfits – perfect for the city I think.
    I prefer city breaks – I don’t like lying on the beach. I do like relaxing somewhere warm though.

  4. Wow what beautiful photos. I would love to visit Florence, but I think all Italian towns are so pretty.
    I like a city break as I never sit on a beach and sunbathe- I like to see things on my holidays 🙂

  5. Wonderful photos, Florence looks fab! It takes me back to when I got married in Italy, so beautiful. It looks like you had a great time, hope the conference went well. Love the chocolate stash!

  6. Awww I LOVE Florence!! I bought a beautiful watch in this little shop by the Ponte Vechio when I was there a few years ago…want to go back so bad!!
    Those chocolate flavours look amazing! If that was me, they’d be nearly gone already…! 😛

  7. Oh wow, Florence looks absolutely beautiful! When you go back you should go to somewhere along the Almalfi Coast like Sorrento – truely stunning! And look at all the AMAZING chocolate you got, WOWW! I can’t wait to see some recipes inspired from your travels. That’s what I love about travelling, you experience so many new foods and it gives you new ideas to recreate. I get inspired everytime I go away, it’s so exciting to think there’s a whole world of food that we haven’t tried!
    Your outfits are so stylish too girly, you look gorgeous!
    I’m going away to New York next month and OMG I AM SO EXCITED!!! 🙂

  8. Wow, you’re an amazing photographer! And also…Perche No is the BEST gelateria in Firenze! Good pick!

  9. wow that looks absotelutely stunning I hope I can go there one day!! I love traveling 🙂 I don’t have any more vacations planned for the summer.

  10. Eee! Thank you so much for sharing all the shots of Florence 😀 It looks absolutely beautiful, and I NEED to go there someday. I’d also love to go to Paris, London, NYC, Sydney, and Egypt. Although it probably won’t happen this summer 😦 I might take a trip down to Cali though, and maybe hit up Disneyland, so fingers crossed!

  11. Jessica

    OMG this is just spectacular. All of your photos are so gorgeous. I hope you are having a fabulous time.

    I definitely prefer city breaks. Beaches are so boring after 10 minutes. Poolsides are even worse.

    I LOVED Moscow but didn’t have much time there and would really like to go back. Florence is going on my list too.

  12. beautiful pics
    beautiful place
    beautiful you!

  13. ahhhhh! Loved every part of this!! You’re really making me second guess about our honeymoon now! haha! Greg and I talked about it and it seems like it would either be France or Italy, but we’re leaning to France? This sounds wonderful though.

    I love country and all, but I’d love to visit great historic and famous cities as well.

  14. Thanks ever so much for sharing these pictures: beautiful scenery, beautiful outfits and amazing food (some of those chocolate flavours boggle my mind!)

    Not that I’ve ever been there, but I’d imagine NYC would be my dream city to visit. Beach or city, as long as there are sites to see and ways to keep active I’d be a happy camper (well, not literally, camping is the one type of holiday I’d never be happy with!)

    Lovely to have you back 🙂


  15. Aww your pictures are wonderful! And I love that Mango dress, it is just perfection.

    That Lindt shop is amazing! I wonder how many you would of bought if you hadn’t shown restraint 😛

  16. I’ve been to florence isn’t it amazing???? beautiful pictures looks like an amazing time! and p.s cuteeeee outfits 🙂

  17. Goooorgeous photos!!!! and I pretty much want every outfit you showed here! =) lovely! of course the foodie photos have my heart too =) Happy WIAW!!!!

  18. Lenna (veganlenna)

    OMG, thanks for those pictures, they are completely amazing and now I am really jealous!! :)) I wish to go to Florence one day 🙂 And all your clothes is so nice and chick!

  19. These pictures are so beautiful! I’ve never been to Florence- all I’ve seen of Italy is Rome 🙂

  20. Such beautiful pictures! I love city breaks more than beach breaks I think, there’s always so much to see. Love the mango dress too, it looks fab on you!

  21. Welcome back! Looks like you had an awesome time. Love the photos and your outfits! And all that Lindt chocolate, amazeface. x

  22. I’ve been to Italy, when we went travelling round Europe a few summers ago. It was fab, loved it! We went to Milan, Rome and Bologna. I would definitely recommend Bologna. And now I want to go to Florence!!

    I don’t mind what I do so long as it’s a break! Hopefully I will be able to go away in September before my crazy final year of uni starts!

  23. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Love the pasta so pretty! x x

  24. Wow, Florence looks beautiful! You certainly did well with the fab choccy haul!

  25. Wow all of your photographs are amazing Jemma. Florence looks like such a beautiful place.
    I love your chcocolate haul Lindt is actually amazing, it just melts in your mouth.

    Have fun. Love Jess xx

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