Almond and Basil Pesto and 7 Links

Woaaah! Where did this week go?! I can’t believe that it’s Thursday already.  The weather is pretty amazing in my part of the world today.  I hope it lasts until the weekend as I have some fun things planned.

So far this week I have enjoyed a shed load of delicious eats including lots of green smoothies.  It seems that I’m still making it up to them after not having one for an entire week whilst I was away, but hey I’m not complaining.

Frozen blackberries, a banana, spinach, vanilla rice milk, water, lucuma powder, maca powder, mesquite, hemp protein powder, xanthan gum and guar gum.  Toppings included dried apricots, raw shredded coconut, cacao nibs and Rude Health apple and cinnamon granola, amazing!

This green smoothie was so rich and creamy because of the avocado half that I added to it.  Other add ins included spinach, water, ice cubes, double fudge crunch protein powder, lucuma powder, mesquite and xanthan gum.  I also had this with some gorgeous frozen cherries and a super fruit juice in a bar.

This bar tasted great and had the same dense texture as a Nakd bar, but was much more moist and tangy.

I did manage to tear myself away from my awesome green smoothies though as yesterday I was craving for a yoghurt mess.  A mix of vanilla soya yoghurt, a chopped apple, blackberries, black currants, PB puffins, vanilla, almond and agave granola and a huge helping of white chocolate wonderful made for one amazing bowl of heaven.  I’m really enjoying my soya yoghurt and haven’t missed normal dairy yoghurt at all. 🙂

Lunches have mainly been tasty salads.  This one consisted of curly lettuce leaves, yellow peppers, pompadino tomatoes, olive tofu, sprouted beans and lentils drowned in a tahini and sweet chilli dressing.  I made the dressing using tahini, sweet chilli sauce, red wine vinegar, water and dried mixed herbs, it really tastes fab!

Although yesterday I did break the salad trend for lunch.  Instead I had some sabra garden herb hummus with organic rye bread that I picked up to try with raw carrots and raw red peppers and grapes.  This was a simple mix of ingredients but it really was amazing.  I loved the rye bread too!

Being totally inspired by the amazing food that I experienced in Florence the other night I made bowl of whole wheat fusilli pasta with a mix of spinach, green olives, red pepper, mushrooms, red onion and courgette rounds.  Whilst in Florence I stumbled upon a beautiful shop that was full of dried pasta, wines, fruit conserves, cured meats, cheeses, chocolates, sauces and pesto…a foodies paradise!

After having the opportunity to taste a lot of the sauces and pesto’s in the shop I was dying to try out some of my ideas for some homemade pesto inspired by some of the delights I tried in the shop for my pasta dish.  After experimenting with the recipe this past week or so I think I have finally perfected it and it’s ready to post up on the blog to share with you all.

*Almond and Basil Pesto*

Ingredients  (vegan)

  • 1/3 cup of almonds
  • 2 cups of fresh basil
  • 1 clove of grated garlic
  • 1 tbsp of yeast flakes (optional)
  • 2 tbsps of canola oil (or your favourite olive oil)
  • water
  • seasonings to taste

To make the pesto first place the almonds in a food processor until they break down into a crumb and then a paste. This may take a few minutes to depending on your food processor.  If your food processor requires a little bit of help then add a few tea spoons of water to help it along a little bit.  Next add in the basil, oil, grated garlic, seasonings and yeast flakes and process until well blended.  To find your desired consistency add a little bit of water each time making sure to stop and test the texture of the pesto as you go along. 

Viola!  Serve and enjoy until your heart desires.

This pesto literally takes just a few minutes to make.  It has such a creamy texture compared to regular pesto’s because of the addition of almonds and it’s also vegan.  So far I have only tried it with pasta, but I think it would be great in a salad dressing, with vegetables and simply spread on some bread as a quick snack. 

I don’t think I will ever buy pesto from a shop EVER again!!!

I’ve been tagged twice by the lovely Laura and Nicky to join in the fab 7 Links that is doing the rounds in blog land at the moment.  It’s such a great idea so I’m more than happy to take part.

  • Your most beautiful post – most probably my body image post BE YOU! LOVE YOU! 

  • Your most popular post – excluding giveaways and based on page view alone my Blending Blunder! post was the most popular where I discovered my heavenly Choco, PB and Nana Pudding.  My Cupcakes…no celery! post was also a hit with you guys too. 🙂

  • Your most controversial post – this would have to be my A Step too Far that I did for a Friday Feature Post.  It really touched a nerve with many of you.

  • Your most helpful post – my Running tips from an unnatural runner…

  • A post whose success surprised you – Would it be a cop out if I said all of my posts.  Ha! A lot of you seemed to enjoy my Look a Little Deeper… post.

  • A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved – ermmm I’m not sure!  Maybe my Drinks with benefits? that I did centuries ago now.

  • The post that you are most proud of – This one is easy!  My recent Race for Life 10K Recap 😀

I’m going to tag: Kate, Jess, Alison, Emma, Lilly to take part in the 7 Links fun!! 🙂

I’m currently making some improvements around the blog.  You can now follow Celery and Cupcakes on Facebook by clicking the “LIKE” button in the sidebar on the right hand side. Next up of the blog clean up schedule is the recipe page.  If you have any suggestions on the aesthetics of the blog them please feel free to let me know. 

Do you make your own pesto at home?

Do you prefer homemade pesto to shop bought pesto?

What would you put in your own homemade pesto?



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32 responses to “Almond and Basil Pesto and 7 Links

  1. That pesto sounds yummy and as you know I also made some of my own this week and will never go back to shop bought now! Mine is utterly delicious and contains pine nuts, basil and hemp oil 🙂

  2. Bronagh

    So weird, I’ve seen pesto on a few blogs this week and was planning to buy some on my food shop this weekend! I think you may have persueded me otherwise though, this looks so delicious and easy to make at home 🙂 Not sure my blender is up to the job but worth a try I guess.

  3. Does it make me a bad foodie if I’ve never had pesto before? ‘Cause I don’t think I ever have… Eep. It’s just that when I go for Italian dishes, I usually prefer tomato based sauces.

  4. Yum, thanks for sharing the recipe, I need some basil now! My last living plant died… I seem to have that effect on plants…

  5. The rye bread looks great. I think really good bread is so satisfying – totally underrated.

  6. jranolajoyce

    Love that pesto recipe!
    🙂 gotta try that!!

  7. I’ve never made my own pesto, but almond pesto is my favourite shop-bought variety. It sounds very easy to make, so I will have to give it a go at some point.

    Great 7 links as well 🙂

  8. mmm that pesto sounds really good. I love making fresh pesto, they are so many ways you can do it!

  9. My mom recently made a pesto and it was absolutely amazing. We use it a lot on paninis but have usually just used the store-bought stuff. Never again, though!

  10. The Juice In A Bar sounds amazing – I have to try that soon, I love snackbars but get bored of having the same favourites all the time.
    Thanks for the tag – it’s a great idea, especially for new readers who might not have read all of your posts. Definitely going to do it tonight 🙂 x

  11. I really enjoyed seeing some of your older posts 🙂

    I’ve never actually tried pesto! I recall having a tiny taste when I was quite young, maybe eight, of a pasta dish that my great aunt drowned in pesto as she did with everything (I swear, she would have made pesto ice cream if she could have) and I wasn’t keen, but it’s something I’d like to try now, particularly as your recipe looks so good.


  12. your eats look SOOOOOO good! Personal chef required!!

  13. Errign

    Yum – I love pesto. I haven’t made it in forevvvverrrr though! I am also super jealous of your smoothies, since I left my blender back home and I’m in NC for the summer & fall. 🙂

  14. Pesto is SUPER good! I love pesto on..everythingggg 😉

    thanks so much for the tag!! ❤

  15. I’ve only made homemade pesto once, but it was yummy! I really should make it more often. 🙂

  16. I love homemade pesto. It tastes so much more better than the shop bought variety. 🙂

  17. I have only recently started reading your blog, so I am glad you did the 7 links post! I look forward to blog-stalking a bit haha
    That homemade pesto looks wonderful! I have never made my own, but certainly want to give this a try 🙂

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