and so Autumn comes…

Hello lovely people!  I hope you are all enjoying the weekend, a long weekend for everyone in the UK!!!  It was great reading all of your thoughts on my last post- all very interesting and insightful.  I haven’t replied to them all yet but I will do in due course- PROMISE!

OOTD: Floaty paisley print top, Pink Soda @ Urban Outfitter’s, flared jeans, Topshop, wedges, Sole, brown skinny belt, Zara, art deco earrings, Accesorize.

The end of August is here and boy doesn’t the recent drop in temperatures reflect that fact.  I think summer has finally said it’s final good byes and Autumn is on it’s way my friends, it’s sad but true.

So long summer fruit laden bowls drowned in soya yoghurt with granola and cereal and lashings of PB.

Instead equally yummy bowls of hot oats topped with frozen summer fruits that I’ve stashed and saved in the in the freezer will fill the void, again with lashings of PB and lots of Jasmine green tea.

Banana oats made with water, homemade cashew nut milk, topped with strawberries, blueberries, plain soya yoghurt and smooth peanut butter…perfect!

To make the cashew nut milk I used exactly the same method that I used to make my almond milk.  I left 1 cup of cashew nuts to soak over night in 4 cups of water.  Once soaked I blitzed them up in my blender and then poured the liquid through some cheese cloth to remove the pulp.  The pulp can be used to make cookies, granola and other wonderful goodies.

Although nothing will stop me getting my green smoothie fix!  This particular one included an apple, spinach, cucumber, hemp protein powder, sunflower seeds, water and xanthan gum sprinkled with omega mixed seeds and shredded coconut…simple but fabulous!

Salads in most part will become less and less…

…in their place will be lots of warm and comforting soups full of goodness and warmth.

Carrot and Lentil Soup with the addition of some mild curry powder with a swirl of plain soya yoghurt, pumpkin seed butter and omega mixed seeds.

Lots of warm vegetable stews and curries will be consumed served with whole grains for many delicious hearty and stick to your ribs meals.

Thai green curry made with a store bought Thai green curry paste and coconut milk made with broccoli, sugar snap peas, butternut squash, chestnut mushrooms and courgettes served with brown rice.

Of course I will also be experimenting in the kitchen and trying out new recipes too like this curried Tofu scramble that I adapted from Gena’s recipe.  My version of the recipe still needs some fine tuning, but I will be posting it later this week as I loved the idea of scrambled so much- I want more!!!  I served it with spinach and steamed broccoli…yum!

I’ve also been experimenting and discovered a Cheat’s Caramel Mousse by mixing a pot Alpro Soya caramel dessert and mixed it with 4 tbsps of plain soya yoghurt.  This makes a much lighter and voluminous dessert, which is great served with a chopped apple and buckwheaties.

Oh and a Cheat’s Dark Chocolate Mousse is also amazingly delicious, especially when topped with strawberries, blueberries and pecan and treacle granola. 🙂

I’m actually really looking forward to the seasonal produce that Autumn has to bring and all of the lovely warm flavours like kabocha squash, pumpkin and cinnamon for instance.  Seeing all of the leaves on the trees turn oranges and reds. Cosy evenings in watching movies always seems more appropriate in the Autumn that the Summer too.  Also, browsing all of the new seasons collections in the shops is also a must and I cannot wait!!!

I have a great long weekend planned with Alfie.  I’ve decided to take a break from the gym and running until Tuesday so I didn’t go on my usual long run this morning.  Instead I headed over to Bicester Village to hit the shops and was spoilt to a lovely meal in Marlow.  Tomorrow I’m hitting up London for the Notting Hill Carnival with our friends.  We are going extra early so I can have a mini shopping spree in our beloved Whole Foods.  Actually it wasn’t on the agenda, but I managed to twist Alfie’s arm, being it an essential part of any food bloggers trip to London and all :)!  And of course the amazing bloggers meet up in Manchester on Tuesday.  I can’t freaking wait it’s going to so amazing to meet everyone!

I hope you all have have a great week lovelies!

What are you most looking forward to about the Autumn?

Are you going to miss anything about the Summer?

How did you spend this weekend?



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33 responses to “and so Autumn comes…

  1. Lenna (veganlenna)

    I am looking forward to seeing all the Autumn colours and to wearing Autumn clothes 🙂 But I am going to miss all the Summer fresh produce 😦 Your meals look amazing as usual, especially that soup!

  2. cute outfit!! Im going to definitely miss all the summer berries! but I actually cant wait for cosy and comforting foodslike that soup you had! oh and heaping/ pouring cinnamon on to everything!

  3. I’m looking forward to the holidays..the food, family, crisp air, going’s all so fantastic!

  4. Love your top and belt! I adore autumn, its my fave season. I can’t wait to snuggle up in jumpers and boots and eat squash!

  5. I’m going to look forward to everything pumpkin! Pumpkin flavored things are the best! 🙂 and also I love the crunch of the leaves when I walk outside!!

  6. It is so cold here now! I love the idea of adding yoghurt to the alpro pots- esp the dark chocolate one which is my fave.
    I do like autumn when the days are bright and crisp, but not the soggy damp ones. I love going for long walks when you have to wrap up outside, and coming home to a warm cup of tea, or some homemade soup.

  7. And PS where do you get cheesecloth from? I really love the idea of making my own nut milk and also using the pulp for crackers. I might have to check out lakeland 😉

  8. I’m kind of sad that summer is ending too, but Autumn is my favorite season so I’m looking forward to it. I love the seasonal foods and warming spices, and the fashion is just to die for – I can’t wait to bring out my chunky sweaters and knee high boots 😀 But I’ll miss the sunshine and the fresh summer produce for sure.

  9. I actually love the chill in the air as the season changes, crisp leaves under foot and the smell of Autumn I can’t wait! I’d say I’ll miss the sun but as we’ve barely had any there’s not much to miss! x x

  10. I’m sad that summer is ending, I’ll miss all the lovely fresh berries and watermelon and other seasonal foods. But I love fall’s seasonal foods, so it’s okay – time for squash & pumpkin season! And warm coffee drinks of course. Fashion-wise, I can’t wait as well. I’m a big fan of fall and winter fashion – boots, layers, large comfy sweaters and things. I think the pros outweigh the cons 🙂

  11. buttonss - Cherie

    I dont know why, but I just cant eat hot oats with frozen fruits!!
    Last time I did it, I just ended up picking off all of the fruit and eating the oats.
    That soup looks to die for, gosh girl, do you know good food or what!! Everytime I finish reading your posts I’m starrrrving 😛
    Im so sad in Australia kabochas are soon to be going out of season. So I’m stocking up and freezing some, especially freezing puree for pumpkin oats!!

  12. My mouth is watering yet again from reading your posts. I can’t wait for yummy soups, chilis (and fresh cornbread!) this fall!

    LOVE love love love that outfit!

  13. that carrot lentil soup has my mouthwatering, holy cow!
    Anywho, i’ve said it time and time again, but i am absolutely thrilled autumn is on it’s way! ❤
    Tis my favorite, and i can't think of very many things i don't like about it.
    Farmer's markets loaded with autumn produce, chunky sweaters and scarves–oh i just love it!

  14. Autumn is my all-time favorite! What is not to love?? So excited for all of the autumn food and pretty colors.


  15. Your first picture got me excited for fall fashion, and then you reminded me about all the delicious fall vegetables that will be in season and now I’m super ready!!!

  16. i am strange and have ate winter stews in the summer. I just prefer warm food to cold food, I even toast my sandwiches when I get chance. Do fruits freeze well? I worry the would come out all mushy, I must admit I will miss a juicy necterine. I reall hate the end of summer, colder evenings, less daylight. But is nice to have a change of wrandrobe and hopefull hunt down some kabocha squash that ive heard so much about!

  17. Love your outfit Jemma! And your hair 😉
    I love Autumn too! One of my fav seasons! Its so so cozy when it is dark and cold outside, and drink tea and watch Gossip Girl 🙂 And eat pumpkin, yes 🙂

  18. that carrot and lentil soup looks amazing.. one of the few things I look forward to for the cooler seasons.. comfort food! 🙂

  19. OW OW girl! lookin good!! i love your breakfast makes me miss oats…but i gotta have my smoothie fix before summer is over!

  20. Wow, I love the look of the dark chocolate mousse! Very nice. I do love summer, but this year I’m sort of looking forward to the chilly weather and keeping snug on the sofa with blankets 🙂 In the UK we’ve had no summer to speak of anyway, so nothing to miss!

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