WIAW…A Bloggers Day Out

Happy WIAW all! I hope you are all enjoying today’s party.  I celebrated my WIAW in style yesterday by meeting a whole host of my favourite bloggers in Manchester.

Peas and Crayons

Before heading out to catch my train I fitted in an awesome cardio workout at the gym which included a 5K run on the treadmill doing speed intervals.  I then 30 minutes in total on the cross trainer, step machine and bike for a 1 hour work out plus abs and core work.  It was great to be back in the gym again after a the weekend break. I felt really refreshed afterwards so I think my body really appreciated the break. 

My post workout breakfast was a lovely Beet and Carob green smoothie.  This included  1 small raw beet root, a banana, spinach, mesquite, carob, hemp protein powder, maple syrup, guar gum and xanthan gum. I love the beet and carob flavour combination…yum! This was so good I actually made the same smoothie again this morning after my run- 5 miles in 47 minutes and 7 seconds!

After making myself look somewhat presentable I headed to the station where a nightmare ensued with the ticket machine.  The stupid machine only printed out my return journey tickets which I didn’t realise until I reached my platform.  This meant I had to run back to the ticket office where there was a long queue (typical!) and sort out the little issue of not having the tickets for my out bound journey.  All this meant that I missed my train, putting me an hour behind schedule.  I was really upset at the time, but I made it to Manchester to meet up with the most loveliest girlies!

We headed to a lovely vegetarian restaurant called On the 8th Day for lunch where I had a lovely dhal curry with rice:

They also had a lovely selection of cakes, juices and milkshakes on offer too.  Laura and Jess tempted me with the raw deal that included a delicious green juice and a raw energy ball.

After lunch we headed upstairs and raided the health food shop.  I couldn’t really justify buying anything since I bought so much form Whole Foods the day before. But a health food blogger will always be a health food blogger who just cannot resist interesting and new products:

Raw chocolate mulberries, raw camu camu berry powder, apricot kernels, Fruitein sachet.

At one point we were discussing the joys of sabra hummus over lunch and basil tofu over cocktails.  It was completely surreal, but it was great meeting with people where it seems normal to discuss these things.  This is what I love about blog land! It’s just full of so many amazing people who share similar interests and passions and I truly believe that I have made some fabulous friends. 🙂

From left to right: Laura, Ffion, Laura, Sarah, Emily, Ali, Leigh, Jessica.  The lovely Sarah was doing the honors of being photographer.

But sadly it was time to say good bye and catch the train home.  I picked up an amazing super wholefood shaker salad and edamame bean salad at Marks and Spencer’s to eat on the train. 

And it was most certainly time for dessert when I got home where I mixed an Alpro soya dark chocolate dessert with some soya youghurt and smooth peanut butter.  I topped this with some Dorset Cereals high fibre flakes and an apple was consume on the way too.  🙂

The bloggers meet up was the most perfect way to end the most fun filled weekend that I’ve had in a long time. I’m definitely looking forward to the next meet up!

Have you meet up with any other bloggers before?

What is the best thing you have eaten at this weeks party?



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61 responses to “WIAW…A Bloggers Day Out

  1. Lenna (veganlenna)

    I have never heard of camu camu powder, sounds interesting! 🙂 I am so jealous you great bloggers can just meet up and enjoy such an amazing time together 😦 There are a couple of bloggers in my country, but they are all circa three time older than me! Blogger-grandmas? 🙂

  2. Awww, looks like a great day! Wish I could have come! Next time.

    I’ve met up with Laura and would definitely be up for meeting up with other bloggers. There’s a couple of bloggers that are located near me.

  3. So glad you had a good time 😀 It was amazing to meet you!
    I bet the raw chocolate mulberries will be delicious.

  4. Gorgeous food 😀 I wish I was there!! It’s so lovely to see everyone together!! 🙂 x

  5. The Teenage Taste

    I’ve never met up with any fellow bloggers before, but I want to! Blogger meet-ups always look like so much fun! Glad you had a great time, Jemma!

  6. Glad you enjoyed yourself, was lovely to meet you in person, looking forward to the next meet up!

  7. Errign

    Aw, that looks like such a fun day out! I’ve only met one other blogger before, Ashley from Healthy Ashley because we go to run club together every week 🙂

  8. I’ve never met up with other bloggers before–but that sounds so fun!
    your salads look great too 🙂

  9. It sounds like such fun- I would love to do it- hopefully next time.
    Gosh choosing my best thing is tricky- it must be something from PB and Co I think- maybe the white chocolate wonderful on the multigrain thin. But it is tricky coz I loved it all 🙂

  10. Nice stuff!! never tried camu camu but it looks awesome! cute blogg found it through peas and crayons and finally linked up my WIAW too!

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  12. looks like such a fun trip with yummy food! im gonna make that carob beet smoothie today! 🙂

  13. The best thing I ate yesterday were the raw kale chips I bought at the 8th Day Co-Operative shop: divine 🙂

    Was lovely to meet you: you’re just as stunning and charming in person as you come across on the blog!


  14. kabochafashionista

    Aww sounds like you had such a lovely day (when you finally got there lol!) and with such amazing girlies and yummy food! That raw ball sounds so good! I so wish I could have come..I definitely definitely have to meet you one day 🙂
    And of course us foodies always have to buy new things when we go shopping hehe! 😛
    I have met Laura and Emma before because they are local to me, they are both such lovely girlies!

  15. yolie @ practising wellness

    That looks like so much fun! It’s wonderful to see that there are so many UK bloggers out there, I love it! 😀 Your beet smoothie looks so vibrant and healthful – and detoxtheworld does amazing products – I just posted about their almond butter today! 🙂
    Hmm…best thing I’ve eaten today? My dinner, grilled salmon and heaps of green veggies – it’s my favourite meal ever, and I always savour it because it doesn’t come cheap! That and the tea-infused smoked salmon I had a lunch – such a delicious variation! ❤
    Take care, m'dear!

  16. wow looks like you all had a great day, so jealous. manchester is a bit far for me. come down south lol. that curry looks lush I can just all picture you all with your cameras ready to get a good foodie pic:p

  17. You’ve got a thing for apricot kernels haven’t you?! I’ve never tried them, are they good? Looks like an awesome day 🙂 love the colour of that smoothie too, will definitely have to try putting beetroot in mine.

  18. Ooooh it looks so much fun! I’d love to go to a big blogger meet up, would be so amazing so spend time with lots of like minded ladies 🙂

  19. That blogger meet up looks like it was so much fun! I would love to meet some of my fellow bloggers, but I don’t think I live close to any of them 😦 I seem to be kind of on my own up here, so the only chance I’ll probably ever get to meet others is if I travel down to the States. Definitely something to look into when I’m planning my next vacation 😀

  20. Awwwwwww looks like a fab day, I love blogger meet ups its fab hanging out with like minded foodies! x x

  21. Wow your pictures make me so hungry! I feel like we have very similar eating styles – especially the chocolate, berries, and granola! yum! I’m following you so I can see more of what great things you come up with. Great blog! 🙂

  22. Aww that is so nice you got to hang out with all of those wonderful people!

  23. The blog meet up looks like the best! I would love to meet all of you lovely girls one day! For for now, Im stuck in Norway 😉
    Everything you ate looks dlicious too! Dalh is one of the best things I know! I have a recipe that I love, but I havent made it in forever! Need to change that soon:)
    Best thing I ate today was actually a homemade trail mix of walnuts, apricots, figs and dark chocolate!

  24. It was so lovely getting to finally meet! This was my first time meeting other bloggers. I am definitely up for doing it again!

  25. FUN! I wish I could have a bloggy meet up! Best thing I ate today was my sweet potato with cottage cheese and almond butter 🙂

  26. It seems like every blogger that got the train home stopped at M&S en route! Nothing like M&S food to brighten up the day.

    It was lovely meeting you, bring on the next blogging meet!

  27. What fun!! I’m so jealous that you guys got to meet up! Best thing I ate today was kabocha squash, of course 🙂 and I love M&S!! I’ll be there a whole bunch this coming year in London!

  28. I love blogger meetups! Sorry about the train mess- I get really nervous when I travel on public transport. Something always goes wrong!

  29. I’ve never been to a blogger meet up! I am dying to, though. I have to find some other eager fledgling bloggers in NYC…

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  31. Looks like you bloggies had such an awesome time! Love the look of that curry! no better combo than shopping, cocktails and food! id love to do a meet up with like minded bloggers one day!

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